Still not impressed: Bears 41 Bills 9


I know. Some of you may roast me for this. But this game dragged on. Once again, Matt Nagy made this game harder than it should have been. “But, they won by 32!” Nathan Peterman may not be an NFL quarterback, but it appeared he may have had a chance to make this game competitive. Thankfully, some blown calls went in the favor of the Bears.

Penalties – Way too many in this game. It extended drives and ultimately, allowed the Bills to score a touchdown late. The Bears were the only team to not yet allow a rushing touchdown. Until today. Unless I am missing something, discipline isn’t part of playing for this team. Players who commit constant penalties need to have a seat. And yet, Nagy has the same players out there the next play or whatever. Inexcusable.

Charles Leno Jr. – Three false start penalties. This is part of the problem. Sure, it didn’t factor in the result. But it made scoring points harder.

Defense – If the defense just scored points today, the Bears still would have won. Everyone contributed (even to the penalties). Five turnovers total, I believe. Eddie Jackson made up for his idiotic penalty last week with a scoop and score in the second. Kyle Fuller had another interception. Even Leonard Floyd got in on the action with a pick-six.

Mitchell Trubisky – There was an interception thrown that was unnecessary. I could easily throw that on Nagy since all they had to do was run the ball. But here I was during the whole game waiting for something to change the course of the game. It’s the Bears, after all. They’ve blown big leads before. I was waiting for it.

The Bears remain in first place for yet, another week. Checking the standings, it appears that not even ten wins will guarantee a playoff spot. This is very important for the Bears and it seems that their only path to the playoffs is to win the division. The next three games are against the Lions (twice) and Vikings. If the Bears don’t win at least two of these games, I’m not liking the chances of getting 11 wins. Those Lions are up first at home.


2 Responses to “Still not impressed: Bears 41 Bills 9”

  1. Dave Says:

    I suppose I come from the “A win is a win” school of thought, and a blowout win can be quite the confidence booster for the upcoming division games. That said, the game was sloppy on both sides of the ball. 3 false starts on one player is inexcusable. Some of the pass interference calls were questionable, like the one in the endzone. I’m pretty sure that receiver was just breathed on and then tripped over his own foot. Defense was pretty great otherwise.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    They have to clean up the penalties for sure. And it’s good that you have that mentality. Those two blown leads against the Packers and Dolphins still chap my ass. The Bears would have been running away with the division had those games been won. They have a chance to gain even more ground next week with the Vikings having a bye and the Packers having a tough time playing defense.

    Just to add more shit on top of this season, the NFL decided to flex the game in two weeks against the Vikings to Sunday night. So, not only do they have to play seven hours later than originally scheduled, they still have the Thanksgiving game four days later in the afternoon. Talk about bullshit. The Bears must win these next two games in order to maybe “spare” a loss on a short week with everyone beaten up.


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