Three Stanley Cup Championships. Second all-time with wins as head coach. What a run. It’s very sad that it ended like this.

Ten years ago, I didn’t even imagine one championship by this franchise. As a fan, I was given three of them. Sure, there could have been one or two more. But that’s still amazing.

The Blackhawks fired the wrong person.

3 Responses to “Gratitude.”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    I remember when Joey Amalfitano (Cubs) and Neil Armstrong (Bears, after a 6-10 ’81 season) got fired. It stung, but it was an early life lesson: if you suck at your job, you can get fired.

    I remember when Lee Elia tried to light a fire under the Cubs. I remember WGN running his pre-season commercials. I also remember the Cubs firing him after a loss to Atlanta when some unknown rookie torched him for a couple of homers.

    I also remember the dark years when the Black hawks sucked ass and knowing things would never get better until Neil Wertz sold the team or was no longer the owner. BTW, I apologize for misspelling names but I’m doing this at lunch and I’m already late getting back.

    I also remember watching the Black Hawks’ Cup clinching wins and being glad that they were finally being winners after so long. IN a time where the Bulls and Bears were shitting their pants, Joel Quennevhlle was a MAN among men. This is what leadership looked like.

    I honestly thought the Hawks were good for one more Cup run two years ago, and then they got beat by fucking Nashville in seven games. I wanted so badly for him to put the Hawks back together and get the Cup back. And then there was last year’s collapse and the slow start to this year.

    Three Stanley Cups in six years. Real, no-shit leadership behind the bench. Will we ever see that again, as long as we live?

    Godspeed, Joe Quennevhlle…and THANK YOU.


  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Neil Wertz? Yeah, you were going pretty quickly. Bill Wirtz. But I get your point.

    Nashville actually swept them in 2017. They lost to St. Louis the year before in seven. Regardless, both sucked.

    Then, Stan Bowman traded Panarin. Horrible idea.

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    The Blackhawks have now lost seven in a row. We haven’t seen shitty hockey like this since 2007 or so. This is not looking good.


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