*CLING x 4*: Bears 34 Lions 22


Oh, that’s not even what pissed me off the most today. I’m going to continue roasting Matt Nagy and his idiotic decisions until, you guessed it, he stops making idiotic decisions. What should have been a breeze in the park with winning a game by 30 at least was getting too close for comfort late. Leads of 26-0 and 34-10 were damn near close to being blown. That’s inexcusable.

Cody Parkey – Okay, I won’t roast Nagy for this one. Parkey hit the goal posts four different times and all were missed. How do you do that? Eight points were left off the table. Something tells me that there will be auditions for a new kicker this week.

Matt Nagy – This. Fucking. Guy. In the last quarter, the Bears got the ball back up 34-10. Great. Just run the fucking ball and chew off some time, right? Wrong. Instead, Nagy has Trubisky dropping back near the goal line and it was damn near a safety. Jordan Howard didn’t get the ball much at all during the first three quarters. What happened? Did he bang Nagy’s wife or something? I mean, fuck. Up 24 and their airing the ball out? Stupid. Run. The. Fucking. Ball. Nagy is known for pissing away leads. And if it hadn’t been for the offense scoring on the first four possessions, I could be writing about the Bears losing in overtime.

Mitchell Trubisky – 23/30 for 355 yards and three touchdowns. He was money in the first half. More of this, please.

Defense – They were great the entire first half. Stafford was sacked six times. And after Parkey missed those two field goals in a row, I was scared shitless that they were going to fall apart. Instead, they stopped the Lions both times. I know they gave up the two fourth quarter touchdowns, but I am going to blame Nagy for that. That defense was gassed due to the stupid decisions of the head coach. The offense should have been out there most of the fourth quarter and instead, the defense is trying to catch their breath.

Next up are the Vikings at home on Sunday Night Football. God help us all.

7 Responses to “*CLING x 4*: Bears 34 Lions 22”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    …and sadly, I must join Fro Dog in the “glass half empty” department. I arrived at Buffalo Wild Wings with the Bears up 26-0, and left with the margin of victory at 12 points.

    1) Cody Parkey. Nuff ‘said.

    2) I saw at least three fourth-down conversions by the Lions in the second half. Dafuck? This is what happens when Khalil Mack is on the field for 35 minutes instead of 25 minutes (not actual time of possession, but you get the idea).

    3) Dafuck is up with the offense in the second half? The defense gifts you two turnovers and the ball in the red zone, and you get THREE FUCKING POINTS? REALLY?

    4) After the Lions closed within 26-10, I could honestly see this Bears team going full retard in front of the home Veterans’ Day crowd. If that had happened, Georgie-boy McCaskey should have taken the podium at the post game announcer and said…

    “…courtesy of the piss poor effort by this team at home on the day we honor our veterans, the players and the coaching staff will all donate their game checks for this week to the various Chicagoland charities. That is all.”

    And then I would have docked Ryan fucking Pace’s salary as well; he built this mess.

    Look, 7-3 is better than what I expected with a new head coach and a second year QB, but this team isn’t built to fight for a playoff spot. Too many leaks to be fixed on this club.

    Fake-ass 7 and 3 bunch of motherfuckers.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    You’re speaking too soon, my frendt. The Bears are 6-3. But, I am glad I am not the only who is pissed off after this game.

    That onside kick pissed me off too. Anthony Miller knocks the ball out of bounds? Everyone knew that was a penalty. Since the Lions were offsides, it was going to be a re-kick. But that ball was definitely catchable and he did nothing.

  3. genrebuster Says:

    “Of course (the coaches are) frustrated with me, but who’s more frustrated than myself?” Parkey said. “I mean, this is my job. This is what I’m supposed to do, and I’m missing out there. I’ve just got to trust in what I’m doing, and trust that my Lord and savior makes no mistakes. And for whatever reason that is, that was the day I was supposed to have, and I’m on to the next one.”

    dammit, leave the Lord and savior out of it, for Christ’s sake…

  4. Cbears523 Says:

    We are 6 and 3. We gotta give the bears some credit. They are getting better by the week. As long as they get into gear by the time playoffs roll around we will be fine. It ain’t how you start it’s how you finish. As long as we make it to the dance we have a chance

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    I get it. The Bears are 6-3. They have more wins at this point than they had all of last season. However, some of this crap that goes on during the wins need to stop. There was only one game this year that they played a complete 60 minutes and that was against the Buccaneers. I don’t expect every game to be 45-0, but they need to look good winning.

  6. dvxprime Says:

    Meanwhile in Champaign:

    Iowa 63, Fucking Illini 0. Only team in B1G play to be shut out today.

    Fire Lovie Smith. End of.

  7. Fro Dog Says:


    It’s a fucking nightmare. Lovie Smith has to go. It’s getting worse.

    And along those lines, the Bulls and Blackhawks are struggling big time. It’s really ugly. And history says that in the NHL, if a team is not in a playoff spot by Thanksgiving, they probably won’t make the playoffs.

    Time is running out.


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