Point the finger at everyone; not just the kicker.


It’s been difficult the last ten days getting over what happened on that Sunday evening in Chicago. For the first time in eight years, we saw the Bears in the playoffs. We were also waiting 12 years for a return to the Super Bowl. And for some of us, we still have yet to see the Bears win it. It sucks.

All this past season, I have bitched about how Matt Nagy is not calling plays to the strengths of this team. I strongly believe he is solely responsible for two of the four losses in the regular season. The first being the season opener against the Packers. Instead of running the ball on certain plays, especially late, it’s these idiotic passes that end up costing the team. For the game against the Dolphins, same thing. The Bears are up two scores and seemed to have had another touchdown if it wasn’t for an awful call by the referees. But none of that would have mattered if they had just ran the ball instead of passing. So, what happens next play after the penalty? A throw in the middle of the end zone with double coverage. Interception. Dolphins come back. Awful.

Then, this playoff game arrives. The defense couldn’t stop the Eagles on that last drive. The offense was just out of whack the entire game. I also felt Nagy wasn’t helping the team much either with some awful play-calling.

But none of it would have mattered because the Bears had the chance to win the game on the final drive. Mitchell Trubisky did everything in his power to give the team a chance to win. Then, of course, the kicker misses the kick. Yeah, I know it was blocked. But, he could have kicked the damn thing higher. It didn’t help that he had 147 other kicks during the year hit the goal post.

A lot has changed in ten days. Vic Fangio left to be the head coach of the Broncos. Assistant Ed Donatell joined him. Of course, that kicker also shows up on National Television to talk about how he is blessed and all that.

But what really pissed me off is that this past week, Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy are doing their year-end press conference. Thankfully, I missed most of it simply by forgetting it was going on. Catching the “highlights” of it proved that I was happy I didn’t see the whole thing. Kareem Hunt, who was the idiot cut by the Chiefs, was brought up as a potential free agent signing. Of course, a bunch of people are now talking about how great this could be for the Bears. Nagy tells the press that he doesn’t talk about football with Hunt and instead, just asks about what’s going on.

This is just another reason to dislike Matt Nagy and this franchise. They are seriously considering signing someone who is violent and hits women. And trust me, I am not some “PC” police officer. This is an issue that has to deal with our society. Nobody who puts a hand on a woman should be allowed to play in the NFL, especially for my favorite team. That goes for any sport as well. Fuck Kareem Hunt and fuck the Bears if they are actually considering signing this fuck wad.

Here we are again, Bears fans. Another offseason with no Super Bowl parade in downtown Chicago. Another offseason where so many questions with very little answers. What do you think the Bears should do come draft time and free agency? Discuss.

3 Responses to “Point the finger at everyone; not just the kicker.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Evidently, the Bears have real short memories. I have two simple words to refresh everybody’s memories.

    Ray fucking McDonald.

    OK, maybe three words. Fucking morons.

  2. dvxprime Says:

    //sighs, takes deep breath…

    Okay first it starts and ends with Cody Parkey. I’ll say it one more time: he should have been gone after the Lions game, after his four missed place kicks (2 FG, 2 PAT) cost the Bears eight freaking points. Simply put this is the NFL in 2019, the Land of Zer Slack.

    And that brings me to my next point: the Bears need to get rid of th culture of stupid that has been hanging around this place since the last two-three seasons of Lovie Lee Smith.

    Can’t do much for Ginny or Georgie-Boy McCaskey, except keep her 90-ish year old puss of the TV screen during the games; not even the opposing fans want to see her ugly mug (that’s what we’re supposed to have cheerleaders for!).

    Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy? Their respective NFL careers are tied to the development of one Mitchell Trubisky. You can’t look at him compared to his QB peers of Sam Darnold, Patrick Mahomes, and whatever the fuck his name is in Cleveland, and NOT wonder if Ryan Pace really fucked up for drafting Trubisky when better QBs were available.

    Snatching Khalil Mack was a game-changing coup for Pace, but he needs to do better in the draft and free agency. Since the NFL is a quarterback’s league now (and a pocket QB’s league at that!), the Bears need to sign a top notch CB or safety in free agency or draft some immediate impact D-backs in the draft. Preferably DBs who can turn around when the ball is in the air and swat the pass away without drawing a forty-yard pass interference penalty.
    The Bears could also use an immediate impact tight end, either draft one or sign one. One more good wideout?

    Nagy miracles his way to a 12-4 record as a rookie head coach, but if he wants to be a veteran head coach, he needs to be a much better game planner and play caller. He’d better make something productive out of Trubisky really quick-like; he’s already done two years on the Bears and he’s still not a 300 yd/3~4 TD QB.



    Lastly, the Bears need to build a lot more discipline. The Bears can’t keep having 4th quarter meltdowns on defense because they’re tired and/or racking up stupid penalties. The offense needs to be much better unmoving the chains on third down and staying own the field. Khalil Mack is no good if he’s gassed in the fourth quarter.

    That’s all I’ve got, over to you, Fro Dog…or chucky…or genre buster…Yet? Yeti are you out there?

    Also, welcome back Code Red!

  3. Fro Dog Says:


    As implied in the post, Trubisky put them in a position to win. He’s done that for the most part all season. So, I don’t think he’s the problem.

    It’s more Nagy not putting the entire team in a position to win. When it’s 2nd and 1, RUN THE BALL. Just sneak it over and start a new set of downs. Instead, it’s pass all over the place or some stupid trick play. Enough of this fancy shit. Win the game and do it with basic fundamental play-calling.

    Obviously, if Parkey makes that field goal, maybe none of us are talking about this right now. But sadly, we are.


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