Sean Payton joins Matt Nagy in the “stupid department.”


When Drew Brees stepped back to throw on that first down this past Sunday only to throw an incomplete pass, I knew this was going to be a problem for the Saints. Then, on the third down throw, the “controversy” began.

Yet, nobody is talking about that. Everyone is talking about the phantom no-call on pass interference.

This just goes to show that a lot of coaches are just stupid. We saw it with Dan Quinn in the Super Bowl against the Patriots two years ago. We saw it with Nagy when he was calling plays with the Chiefs last year. And this year, Nagy in many different scenarios with the Bears. Add Sean Payton to that list.

Yeah, I know. Drew Brees is the greatest. He is. But two out of the three plays, they were pass plays that were unnecessary.

What did we learn today? In those types of scenarios where common sense should be displayed, it isn’t. This is why teams lose. The coaches beat their own teams.

Run. The. Ball.

2 Responses to “Sean Payton joins Matt Nagy in the “stupid department.””

  1. dvxprime Says:

    1) God alone knows WTF the NFL’s gonna do about the refereeing when they blow obvious calls like these. Literally helmet-to-helmet and not a flag even pulled out of their pockets.

    2) And, of course, it’s the biggest topic in sports for the last week because no pro or college football until next Sunday.

    3) Agree with you on run-in get ball. If your team can pass block, you can run block. Right? RIGHT???

    4) I think it was Brady who had an okay game in the divisional round but had a black dude named Sony run for 120+ yards before halftime.

    5) Train your offensive lines, NFL coaches. Even NFL legends like Tom Brady and Payton Manning can’t take the top of the defense if the opposing LBs put them on their backs.

    6) Can someone please explain how/why the fuck the Bulls traded for Carmelo Anthony then put him on waivers/released him the same day?

    7) Less said about the Black Hawks, the better.

    8) Hurry up spring.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Sony Michel is the name of the running back. He’s pretty damn good too. The two playoff games the Patriots played had Michel running all damn game. It’s amazing that teams still do that. Who would guess it?

    In the last 12 days after the game, I have yet to hear anyone talk about the first and third down where Payton called the pass rather than run. Crazy.


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