Matt Nagy = Lovie Smith: Jordan Howard traded to the Eagles.


This smells just like Lovie Smith. It’s getting rid of players because they are simply not “his guys.” And of course, Ryan Pace is the puppet while the fraud, Matt Nagy, pulls the strings. We saw it with Thomas Jones after the Super Bowl loss in 2007. We saw it with Greg Olsen after the Packers beat them in the NFC Championship in 2011. It’s happening again.

Jordan Howard is gone. Matt Nagy feels he isn’t “his guy” and wants different players to fit his system.

So, what he’s what he’s letting everyone know is that he doesn’t want to practice common sense while coaching his team. He wants to be stupid and pass the ball when it’s 2nd and inches. He wants to keep passing the ball if the team is up two touchdowns just like the game against the Dolphins this past season. He wants to keep calling pass plays so the team blows the game.

This is a tire fire in progress. Fuck Matt Nagy. This guy is a scam artist and it’s going to be even more exposed this coming season. I never wanted him to begin with because of his inept failures with the Chiefs as the offensive coordinator. And nothing has changed since.

Remember, if a team is going to get rid of a player, they better replace them with someone as equal or better. I doubt it’s going to happen here because everyone in charge is a fucking moron. The Bears won 12 games despite Matt Nagy.

Watch and see. The fraud of a head coach is going to get a five-year extension sometime soon just because Michael McCaskey thinks the arrow is pointing up. If “pointing up” refers to “pointing up someone’s ass,” then sure.

3 Responses to “Matt Nagy = Lovie Smith: Jordan Howard traded to the Eagles.”

  1. Dave Says:

    This trade points a huge accusatory finger at the Bears offensive line. The Eagles whose head coach was Nagy’s mentor thinks he can use Howard, but we can’t? Obviously he thinks either his student can’t coach, or our line can’t block.

  2. chucky Says:

    Off topic………I would just like to extend a huge “FUCK YOU” to one Mr. Pedro FUCKING Strop, who it would seem is trying his goddamnedest to follow in the footsteps of legendary fuck wad Kevin FUCKING Gregg. Straighten out your fucking cap you goddamned loser. Then find another fucking career. One where I’ll never have to see your sorry fucking ass ever again.

  3. dvxprime Says:

    Losing two of three to the 2018 worst team in baseball Tex-ass Rangers. Not just Strop but the rest of the bullpen. Darvish and Hamels weren’t that great either.

    Motherfuckers…here we go again.


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