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The floor is yours.

29 Responses to “Open thread”

  1. Erniesarmy Says:

    Cubs got a nice little winning streak going here, not le’s see if Madden can leave it alone. We all know he likes to tinker with line ups. I like the four man rotation, and it looks like the pitchers are comfortable with it too. Leave it be Madden!

  2. dvxprime Says:

    Good time for a quick Black Hawks/Bulls postmortem:

    1) Why should anyone here give a shit about President’s Cup winner Tampa Bay being swept by a Columbus Blue Jacket team that squeaked into the playoffs the last week of the season and had done jack shit in their brief playoff history? Because it means the “Hawks need to rebuild for a team that can build their depth and experience from October thru February, make their playoff push in March, then dominate in April thru June. Having All-Stars is nice, but a steady defense, a hot goalie, and timely scoring make all the difference come the playoffs, seeding be damned.

    Make it happen ‘Hawks.

    2) The Bulls future is less certain. First, how in God’s green earth did a team with a 22-60 record and the fourth worst record in the NBA be second in attendance? Shit like that just validates Fata$$ Jerry retaining GarPax to keep doing whatever shambolic BS they do in attempting to build an NBA team. If people in Chicago will bravo winter snowstorms to see a non-contending, completely non-relevant team, what incentive is their for management/ownership to improve?

    Second, how can the Bulls get better? Free agency? Nope. With sorry ass team leadership, a head coach no one really wants to play for (hello, Jim Boylan), six feet of snow in the winter and extortion-level taxes, the only free agents the Bulls will be signing are career journeymen and All-Star has-beens looking to scam one more contract and a chance to pad their stats before hanging it up.

    The NBA draft? Please. Aside from the fact the Bulls can’t even tank properly, the draft is a whopping two rounds, and most of the draft after the first four or five picks are usually stretches and projects. How many Bulls draft picks from the last four years are still in the NBA )by the skin of their collective teeth), much less still in a Bulls uniform?

    Goddammit, Cubs, White Sox and Fire (and Passion!).

    Rest in Peace, Alliance of American Football (and any kind of pro football in the spring).

  3. chucky Says:

    One thing I’d like to add:


  4. Erniesarmy Says:

    What an absolute waste of money Epstein used to sign Darvish. Didn’t he learn anything from that miserable World Series performance in 2017? Fire Epstein and Madden – who changed the line up like I knew he would. Bring in Joe Girardi!

  5. Erniesarmy Says:

    Chucky, here’s another genius signing by Epstein:

    “Morrow will not pick up a baseball for a little while, though the Cubs didn’t specify exactly how long that would be. This obviously pushes Morrow’s timeline back significantly and raises serious questions about his status moving forward this season.”

    “Status moving forward this season”? How about status moving forward any season! Another total waste of money that could have been used on a pitcher without a history of injury problems! Fire Epstein and Madden!

  6. dvxprime Says:

    The floor is mine?

    I’m calling Empire…today!

    //Checks (God help me I want my AdBlock back!)

    //Sees boxscore and recap of Darvish performance

    chucky, I second your emotion.

  7. dvxprime Says:

    The NFL Draft starts tonight? Well…shit.

    My two cents:

    Wideouts, a tight end, safeties and corners. Nuff said.

    If Ryan Pace drafts a KICKER I will personally drive to Chicago and personally KICK. HIS. ASS.

  8. chucky Says:

    DVX……relax, you’ll get your turn, right after I disembowel him with my wooden cooking spoon.

  9. dvxprime Says:

    Why are the Bears drafting TWO RUNNING BACKS when they need help in the secondary and at the WR/TE positions?

  10. dvxprime Says:

    Way-too-early Bears 2019 Draft Grade: B minus.

    An A for drafting two CBs to address a weakness in the secondary, and a young pass-catcher to offer a weapon to Mitch Trubisky. A D for drafting a second RB when they should have picked up another WR or TE.

    Pace didn’t draft a kicker this year, so I guess we can leave him alone, chucky.

  11. chucky Says:

    DVX……I still want to lock him in a portable toilet, set it fire, and then push it off a cliff.

    You want in?

  12. dvxprime Says:

    Chucky: talk to me after Week 8 this season.

  13. Cbears523 Says:

    The 2nd running back looks like a Cohen clone. Dude ran a 4.3 and he is a weapon in the return game. Look at new England you cant have enough stud running backs that can do it all

  14. dvxprime Says:

    Cubs sweep the Cardinals at Wrigley, seven straight wins.

    They’re back!!!! (for now…)

  15. chucky Says:

    God-fucking-damn you Pedro FUCKING Strop!!!! You are a fucking goddamned worthless bag of fuck. Are you pointing to the fucking sky again or don’t you want to give your GAWD credit for this half assed performance? Straighten your goddamned cap and get the fucking hell out of Chicago. Somebody really needs to bash your ugly ass face with a piece of heavy mining equipment you motherfucking HACK!!!!!!

  16. Erniesarmy Says:

    Chucky!! How did you like that performance from our “serviceable” closer, Pedro the Strop? 0 innings, 3 walks, 1 hit, and 3 runs given up. Boy that Madden sure can pick em! “Straighten his cap”? Oh, no, Madden likes his boys loose and goofy like him.

  17. chucky Says:

    I didn’t like it Ernie. I fucking hate Strop. Always have, always will. He’s a goddamned head case, and he’ll always be one.

    I got something that goddamn piece of shit can fuckin service. Fuck him.

  18. Erniesarmy Says:

    Chucky, I’m with ya all the way. Even when he was just a set up man I always knew he was either hot or cold, mostly cold. He’s been inconsistent his whole career and should never, ever, be a closer!!

  19. Erniesarmy Says:

    Chucky, my frendt! Bryant with a walk-off in the ninth, 5-2 Cubs over the hapless Marlins. But take a look at the Cub bullpen when Madden keeps Strop on the bench where he belongs; 0 runs, 1 hit, 0 walks, and 6 strikeouts in three innings! Lester did a fine job giving up 0 earned runs. Maybe we’ve been wrong about Lester. Oh well, long ways to go, right bro?

  20. chucky Says:

    Maybe Ernie. I’m not nearly as down on Lester as I was in past. Strop on the other hand, I wouldn’t hand him the ball if I had a 20 run lead. I will never move from that.

  21. chucky Says:

    And now we won’t have to see Mr. crooked cap for while as he has landed on the10 day IL for a “hamstring issue”/general suckage.

    Buh bye loser.

  22. chucky Says:

    Three motherfucking outs. Is that too much to ask for? It is for Steve FUCKING Shitshack. Evidently Shitshack is vying to be Pedro FUCKING Strops goddamned replacement. Epstein better get some fuckin’ bullpen help fast, because this bunch of assfucks are blowing way too many saves.

  23. Erniesarmy Says:

    Agree with my frendt, Chucky, this Cub team isn’t going anywhere with that bullpen. And if the Cubs can’t find a way to beat Milwaukee (already down 3-0 in the 8th today) they can kiss the playoffs goodbye for this year. Fire Joe Madden! Hire Joe Girardi!

  24. Erniesarmy Says:

    Cubs finally take care of the Brewers 2-1 in 15. This was a signature win. One of those wins you fold it up and fit it into your billfold to take out later in August and September when you need a reminder of how good you are and how good you can be. Now they know they can compete with Milwaukee.

  25. Dave Says:

    And then they win again in prime time! Lester’s ERA getting low! Also nice to see Bryant in more of a 2016 form. We need a closer, then I might start feeling good about them winning another World Series!

  26. Erniesarmy Says:

    Cubs do need a closer and another starter. I don’t trust Darvish. This is only May, they have a long way to go.
    Hey, what happened to Genre?

  27. chucky Says:

    Fucking, goddamn Cubs bullpen shitting the fucking bed…..AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Goddamned Edwards is fucking mental fur ball! Cut this fucker loose already!!!!!!!

  28. chucky Says:

    Here we go again……

    FUCK YOU BRAD FUCKING BRACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Erniesarmy Says:

    Like Chucky said, this Cub team has no chance of doing anything in the playoffs – if they even make the playoffs – with that bullpen. Plus their starters aren’t exactly blue ribbon quality either. They just don’t have the pitching to compete with the Dodgers, Brewers, Cardinals, and certainly not the Astros. Quintana couldn’t hold onto a 2-0 lead. Now it 3-2 Reds in the 6th with a rain delay. Edwards is a minor league pitcher and that’s all he’ll ever be. Send him down and let him stay down! Theo spent all his money on broken down over the hill pitchers, and now he’s got nothing left. I’m not putting them to bed for this season just yet. I want to see what Theo does at the trade deadline. If he’s smart, he will let loose some of those position players he’s been hanging onto for some pitching, especially bullpen pitching.


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