Preseason Meatball Thoughts: Cut/Trade Chase Daniel? Andrew Luck retires. Bears 27 Colts 17


I admit, I was paying half-attention to this game being at work and later, at home cooking dinner and doing laundry. I did, however, catch the first part of the game where Chase Daniel was out throwing incomplete passes and getting sacked. Later on, the defense kicked ass by scoring more touchdowns than the offense did. Then, Tyler Bray came in and lead the Bears to a touchdown.

I try not to make too much out of the preseason. Of course Daniel sucked in this game. All I can think about is how awesome Caleb Hanie was in the preseason back in 2009 and 2010. We all know that went when he started games in 2011 after Cutler broke his thumb. That was a really shitty time.

Want something great? Eddy Pineiro nailed a 56-yard field goal!

Want something stupid? Matt Nagy is a dumbass and didn’t let Pineiro attempt another field goal later on from 58 yards. So, what is supposed to be a time for this guy to get all the kicks in as possible, Nagy decides to be a dumbass and let the offense try to convert a 4th and a mile.

Okay, now on to the serious stuff. It was reported during the game that Andrew Luck was retiring. I saw his first career game in 2012 at Soldier Field. This is such a sad story. The guy has been snake bit with countless injuries in the last four or five years. He couldn’t catch a break and it broke him mentally. Shame on the fans in Indianapolis for booing him off the field after this game. The fans calling him “weak” or whatever else don’t have the balls to put pads on and play one of the most dangerous games in sports. If someone doesn’t have the desire to do something they once cared about, they shouldn’t be doing it. Fans taking off their jerseys and booing him are ridiculous.

The Bears finish the preseason this Thursday against the Titans. Also, Matt Nagy is a fraud.

7 Responses to “Preseason Meatball Thoughts: Cut/Trade Chase Daniel? Andrew Luck retires. Bears 27 Colts 17”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    “Physical toll on Andrew Luck through 6 NFL seasons:
    » Torn cartilage in 2 ribs
    » partially torn abdomen
    » a lacerated kidney that left him peeing blood
    » at least 1 concussion
    » a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder
    » and this mysterious calf/ankle issue that led to this”

    Damn, that’s a lot after six seasons.

  2. dvxprime Says:

    //hello? is thing on?

    Fro Dog, Erniesarmy, genre buster, Chucky, and everybody else here at Fire (Chicago-based team’s head coach and/or GM TBD):

    The site’s eleventh anniversary has come, been and gone, and the bears open the season next Thursday night against the Packers. A few observations:

    1) I caught some of the Cubs/Nationals game while watching a charity stand-up comedy event. The game was tied at 5 going into the ninth. The Players’ Weekend uniforms were the worst MLB uniforms I have ever seen…period. All black uniforms for Washington, including the team name. All white for the Cubs, including team name and logo. Oh, and top of that visual hot mess, Maddon went through EIGHT PITCHERS before the Cubs eventually lost 7-5 in 11. But at least Pedro Strop was left in the bullpen today.

    2) No idea what’s going to happen with the Bears this year. The Packers and Vikings have improved their rotes, while the Bears fumble-fucked their way trying to find a competent field goal kicker.

    3) Not sure if I want to re-join the office fantasy football league this year; I simply don’t have the patience to study on which RB/WR/TEs to draft, since most of them are unproductive, injured or suspended for some reason.

    4) Internet technology is supposed to be getting better, and soccer is supposed to be the most popular sport in the world. The American internet says otherwise on both sites. Fox Sports and ESPN shut down their soccer sites a few years back; the two international soccer sites I used to visit have become digital shit. Too many ads, too many videos, not enough information. I tried looking for season previews for the Mexican and English leagues…not a damned thing worthwhile for either.

    5) So, Andrew Luck retired. I wonder when and the other “woke” sports sites begin campaigning for a certain former 49ers QB turned social justice advocate and Nike spokesman. BTW, three years ago, said former QB was about a week from possibly being cut, the night before he pulled his publicity stunt-cum-con game.

    6) The Fucking Illini begin their football season this week. No guarantees that they’ll win enough to be bowl-eligible this year, let alone get back to any sort of relevance. Rather than hire a known coach from a Historically Black College/University who can turn limited talent into winners, the Fucking Illini’s first black head coach is one who failed to make the NFL playoffs in his last five years after going to the Super Bowl.

    7) Did the Bulls even think about hiring Tyronn Lue as their next head coach instead of sticking with the current retread?

    8) When I jumped aboard this site a few years ago, I was also following Start Kyle Orton and the other Fire Everybody site. Code Red and Iggins! have long since graduated college and are (to my knowledge) married with kids, which reasonably takes away time from supporting an NFL stuck in neutral and not really going anywhere. Carl from Chicago and Dan from Madison no longer live in the midwest anymore, and I never got around to trying to find their Fire Everybody’s new site,

    9) The Red Stars will make the ladies’ league playoffs, the Fire and Passion are close to last rites’ status. I have no idea about the WNBA team from Chicago and I am just too lazy to look.

    10) Gentlemen (and any ladies lurking in this darkest corner of the internet), it is frustrating to see so much of the college and professional sports world moving forward, while Chicago, IL, the third-largest city in America seems to move backwards. I just wanted to say thank you to Fro Dog for keeping the light on for everybody here, and to everybody else for pitching in and still giving a damn and being MAD AS HELL AND NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE after all these years.

    Also, thank you all for putting up with my bullshit and these long-ass rants. My apologies for any protocol violations and lack of manners.

    //slow clap

    //off soapbox

    //we now return you to Major League Soccer’s Game of the Week…

  3. Erniesarmy Says:

    Nice one DVX! I’m from L.A. but have been a Cubs fan since 1964 primarily because of Ernie Banks and Ron Santo. I don’t know about the other Chicago teams, but the Cubs have been mismanaged for decades. And that mismanagement continues today after what we all thought was the end of that nonsense in 2016. Boy, were we wrong!

    I am convinced that the difference between organizations like the Yankees, the Celtics, the Dodgers, the Patriots, the Packers, and the Canadians versus the Cubs, Angels, Tigers, Clippers, and Browns is ownership. The Patriots were the Cubs of pro football until Robert Kraft bought them and quickly hired Bill Belichek. The Lakers were always behind the Celtics until Jerry Buss bought them and hired Pat Riley. The Yankees were an awful mess under CBS until George Steinbrenner bought them and hired Billy Martin. Ricketts appeared to have a few brain cells functioning in the beginning, now he’s not any better than the Wrigley family. Joe Maddon is not a long-term winning manager. He’s more a Mike Scosia type. Win one and that’s it. Theo was run out of Boston, now I know why. He has no eye for pitching.

    Organizations that succeed have an identity; e.g. the “Cardinal way.” They draft players that fit their scheme and bring them up slowly through their farm system. That team is always going to be a contender because of their smart baseball system and keen eye for talent. They pay their scouts well.

    The only identity the Cubs have is “Lovable Losers” and that identity is why they’re still hanging on to Maddon and players like Jon Lester. and Kyle Schwarber.

    The Bears and the Bulls have the same problem. The Bears used to have an identity, “Monsters of the Midway” and “Bone crushing defense” under Halas, now their identity is “soft” like Jay Cutler and Lovie Smith! The Bulls under Phil Jackson (Dick Motta too) had an identity of tough man-to-man defense and moving the ball looking for the open man. Now, their identity is like the Lakers, “give me the ball so I can shoot it from half court!”

    You must possess three things to be a success in professional sports: 1) An owner who knows who are winners, hire them, and pay them well. 2) A General Manager who knows talent (Jerry West with the Lakers and they forced him out!) 3) A coach who has a winning pedigree; look what Belichek had done for the Patriots since they hired him. In his second year (SECOND YEAR!) they win their first Super Bowl.

    That’s what’s wrong with the Bears, Bulls, and Cubs.

    Hey, how come nobody cares about the White Sox? Oh, that’s right, I forgot; South side North side stuff.

    Okay, I’m done, see ya.

  4. dvxprime Says:

    Right on, Ernie!!!

  5. dvxprime Says:

    So, we’re at Labor Day Weekend, official twenty-nine days away from the end of the MLB regular season…twenty-nine days for Joe Maddon to redeem the Cubs and save his Chicago Cub managing career.

    I know no one here sees it happening, but let me say it anyway:


    That is all.

  6. Erniesarmy Says:

    As I have been saying over and over again since the debacle against the Dodgers in the 2017 NLCS; Joe Maddon does not possess the leadership ability that enables a team to focus and win over an opponent of equal or greater talent. His teams do well against second-tier opposition, but when his teams run into stiff competition, they fold. Cubs could have had a nice win streak of six to eight games going into Labor Day week, but they choked as always losing 2-0 to the Brewers today. If their pitchers come through with a strong outing, then the hitters will fall asleep. This type of stuff has been happening under Maddon for years. I hope this will be his last!

  7. Sebastian Hawks Says:

    I wouldn’t put too much into 3rd string quarterback play. Remember about 25 years ago during the Wanstead years Peter Tom Willis came in and scored a touchdown during garbage time when the Bears were being blown out by the pitiful Lions on Thanksgiving? The next week on the radio it was one Meatball after another calling in and anointing Peter Tom Willis as the next Joe Montana.


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