….go Cubs go?


My frendts: the Cubs are making my head hurt.

So, what are the issues with this 2019 Chicago Cubs team? And, why can’t they win on the road?








18 Responses to “….go Cubs go?”

  1. chucky Says:

    Dude, you’re lucky. Last nights game made me start bleeding from both eyes. What’s wrong with this team, you ask? Two things. Pedro FUCKING Strop, and a goofy, bullheaded manager who insists on throwing this goddamned mental fur ball out there to lose fucking games. Beyond that, it’s not a bad team. Not great, but not too bad.

  2. chucky Says:


    This entire bullpen is a goddamn dumpster fire. 2 out, bases loaded, 0-2 count on a fucking guy who is 0 for 2 with two strikeouts. What does Kinsler do? Walks in the tying run. Next batter? Go ahead single. Game over. This season can’t end soon enough.


  3. genrebuster Says:

    Bullpen? FUCKING dumpster fire!!!

  4. dvxprime Says:

    Not merely the bullpen, but the starters have shit the bed more than a few times this year (looking at you, You Darvish).

    That being said, it was good to watch win a Nationally Televised Baseball Game…even if it was the Little League Classic.

    That being said, what the absolute fuck was up with the uniforms? The Cubbies and The Burgh? Childhood nicknames instead of your real name on the back of the jerseys? Also, nothing like losing 7-1 in front of the kids while basically ripping off the Astros’ 80s uniforms.

  5. Erniesarmy Says:

    What are the issues with the Cubs? Try this one for instance:

    Theo Epstein on Brandon Morrow who is not coming back!
    “He has a significant injury history, which makes it a calculated risk. When you sign someone like that, you know you’re going to get quality when he’s out there but there’s a risk of not getting the quantity.”

    Morrow saved 22 of 24 games in the first half of 2018, but that’s all the Cubs got for their $21 million.

    “He has a significant injury history,” and yet you signed him! $21 million for 24 games. Way to go genius, Morrow is laughing all the way to the bank on Theo’s dime. That’s what’s wrong with the Cubs. Like that terrific trade of Lou Brock for Ernie Broligo in 1964.

    This organization is simply stupid and everybody in baseball knows it.

  6. chucky Says:

    Hey Ernie, remember the day Oakland kicked the shit out of Jon Lester? He made some bullshit comment after that game about being better the next time. Four runs in four innings. Is this his idea of “better”?

    Oh fuck, look who Maddon just put in……Kevin FUCKING Gr…..err, I mean Pedro MOTHERFUCKING Strop. Maddon, if you’re already giving up on this game just put in Caratini. Hell, he can’t do any worse than that fucktard Strop.

    And what the fuck is up with these ugly as uniforms? White names and numbers on white uniforms? For fucks sakes, who is thinking these ugly uniforms is a good idea? Somebody really needs to get repeatedly bashed in the head with heavy mining equipment, and the sooner the better!

    Goddamn, I’m really starting to hate this team. #fuckthecubs.

  7. Erniesarmy Says:

    Chucky my frendt, I repeat what I said above,

    “This organization is simply stupid and everybody in baseball knows it.”

    That is why I gave up on this team a couple of weeks ago. The Cubs season is over.

    Unless, and until, this organization finds a clue and fires Maddon (you can bet Maddon had something to do with those uniforms today), this is Cub baseball for the foreseeable future. Ever since the W.S. in 2016 they have regressed to the pitiful bunch you see today. Guess who has been their manager?

  8. chucky Says:

    Ernie, I’m not entirely sure if Maddon is responsible for those uniforms. Washington’s road uni’s are pretty fucking putrid too. If that’s their standard roadies, somebody in Washington’s front office needs to be kicked in the nuts and then disemboweled with my wooden cooking spoon.

  9. Erniesarmy Says:

    If Washington is wearing the same type, then you’re right. I take back what I said. I’m not watching the game, so I was not aware of the uniforms today.

  10. chucky Says:

    They’re all black, with like charcoal gray numbers and names. As far as baseball uni’s are concerned, they’re really bad. Bleh.

  11. genrebuster Says:

    Maddon did lead them to a WS after 108 years of futility, my frendts..but, I digress! hahahahahaha

    chucky, do you have sufficient wooden cooking spoons and heavy mining equipment on hand?

    I’d like to see Strop flushed…am I imagining this, or has he never been reliable?

  12. genrebuster Says:

    Quintana…2 hits and a walk in 1st inning…might be a long afternoon.

  13. Erniesarmy Says:

    Genre, love ya my frendt, but you are letting 2016 blind you to reality. The reality is this team has digressed every year since 2016 under this guys leadership. The hitting has gotten worse and the pitching has gotten worse. They will not make the playoffs this year, which is a blessing. That’s the only way Theo will let Maddon go.

    I would prefer they hire Joe Girardi, but I will take anyone over Maddon at this point.

    Theo is going to have to get off his butt this offseason and start ridding this roster of the dead wood! Jon Lester, Addison Russell, Cole Hammels, Kyle Schwarber, Pedro Strop, and Jose Quintana would be a good start. This team is on the wrong track, and it will take someone with an eye for real baseball talent to begin the process of getting this team back to where it was in 2015 and 2016. I’m not convinced Theo Epstein is that guy, but I am willing to give him another chance. However, I am convinced that Joe Maddon must go! #firejoemaddon!

    I am so looking forward to football season!

  14. chucky Says:

    And once again, the Scrubs piss away another fucking game to the goddamn Washington Expos. Three straight at home, where they’re allegedly invincible. When will this fucking season end?




  15. chucky Says:

    WHAT THE FUCK? Why is Maddon putting Pedro FUCKING Strop in the game in the top of the 8th with only six run lead? That isn’t nearly a big enough lead.

    Fucking moron!

  16. Dave Says:

    Can we talk about this Nico Hoerner kid? Damn! Toughest out to get in all of baseball in the last 7 days!

  17. genrebuster Says:

    Kimbrell is really great.

  18. chucky Says:

    Genre…..great at what? Losing games?


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