Quick reminder: Matt Nagy is a fraud.


As we approach the second preseason game for the Bears, I just wanted to remind all of you that Matt Nagy blew at least three of the five losses last year for the Bears.

I’m afraid to say that this year will be the same. It will be big leads that are blown because Nagy doesn’t understand that teams have running backs for a reason and that it isn’t necessary to pass the ball on 2nd and inches. In fact, it’s stupid if it happens.

This past January, we were all kicked in the nuts from Cody Parkey. Trubisky did everything he could to give the Bears a chance to win that game on the final drive. Sure, the defense should have made the stop. But at the end of the day, they wouldn’t even have been in that game if it wasn’t for the defense playing as well as it did despite Matt Nagy’s stupidity.

The chance to win a Super Bowl has never been greater than it is right now. It’s unfortunate that an impostor of a head coach is in charge.

Oh, let’s not forget about Ryan Pace. This guy still can’t figure out how to find a kicker. For crying out loud, this guy trades draft picks just to move up two spots or whatever. He outbids himself to draft players.

I’ll have some final thoughts on the Bears before the season mercifully begins in three weeks. I’ll be at the game against the Packers. I’m already anxious with the feeling that the Bears will have a 20-point lead again only to blow it in typical fashion. Then, Matt Nagy will tell everyone in the press conference that “this was a tough loss” and “we’ll grow from this and correct our mistakes.”


One Response to “Quick reminder: Matt Nagy is a fraud.”

  1. Erniesarmy Says:

    Fro, the Bears are getting stomped by the Giants tonight. Doesn’t look good for your team. But, it is only exhibition. Packers looked like garbage too. I guess we’re both in for a long season.


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