11 years.


I know I haven’t posted much at all the last few months. I’ve had the excuses of being bored and just being pissed off at Chicago sports. All of that is true. This past summer, I’ve also been very busy and dealing with a lot from work.

But as I signed in this morning, I was given the notification that it was the anniversary of this website. It started on the first of August 11 years ago. Wow.

Again, a lot of this has been repeated. But damn. This website, albeit with a very small crowd these days, is still around. I can remember having 20 or more on an active discussion when it was started. We’ve seen people come and go. From Irish Yeti’s stats all the way down to Jimmy D.’s love for red heads, it’s been here. We can’t forget about Chucky’s rants about wanting to saw someone’s arms off either.

If I tried naming a bunch of you to thank, I am sure I will forget some. But I have I thank Genrebuster for posting when he can. He’s a good man.

I know the Bears started training camp last week. I’ve been wanting to post something about that and maybe I’ll get to it eventually. But for now, feel free to post anything you would like in this thread. It can be about things from the past that was discussed on here or anything now.

Even if you are someone who just comes by to laugh at what any of us say, thanks for reading.  For the ones who still post on here, I thank all of you for the support. You guys are all great people that I can call friends. I still wish we all can get together sometime soon. For crying out loud, we’ve been trying to do this for the last decade. Let’s try to get on this. God bless you all.

– Fro Dog

20 Responses to “11 years.”

  1. Erniesarmy Says:

    I would love to come out there and meet you guys, but money is an issue. Anyway, Happy Anniversary, Fro, and may this site continue for many years into the future. I don’t think the Cubs have a shot this season (not until they change managers), but Kyle Hendricks is a legit MLB pitcher. Unfortunately, one guy cannot make up for the ineptitude of the rest. Oh well, like Genre always says, “Tick-Tock”

  2. chucky Says:

    Thank you to all of my fitness frendts who have allowed me to rant and rave about all this insane bullshit commonly referred to as Chicago sports.

    And Fro, thank YOU for allowing me to get crazier than an outhouse rat in a burning meth lab overall the bullshit we as fans have been subjected to. And thank you for your patience and understanding when I had some personal issues.

    And for the record, I never said anything about sawing off someone’s arms. Now if meant that I wanted to disembowel someone with a wooden cooking spoon while I kicked them screaming from a helicopter after I locked them in a portable toilet and set it on fire, then bashed them in the face with a piece of heavy mining equipment, then Ok. I might have said something like that.


    Here’s to the next 11 years!

  3. chucky Says:

    Fro….don’t know if you’ve this yet, but Handsome Harley Race passed away today. Really sad about this one. He was 76, and somehow I can’t help but think it’s too soon.

    RIP big man. You will surely be missed.

  4. dvxprime Says:

    The internet, especially in regards to sports has gone downhill the last 11 years. SI has too much SJW (and I’ll stop there), Fox Sports and others like them fired all their writers and now their sites are just video clips from their shows (can we say YouTube, y’all). 670 the Score’s blogging hasn’t been the same since That One Guy left ( he won the Score’s blogging contest and ended up staying there for just over five years). Even many of the sites on this website’s blogroll have mostly gone dark.

    Fro Dog and Genrebuster…thank you for being here and thank you for being you.

    Happy Anniversary, and keep the Fire and Passion going!

  5. Erniesarmy Says:

    Come on Fro, fly the flag: “FIRE JOE MADDON!”

  6. dvxprime Says:

    Matt Baffoe!!! That was That One Guy’s name!

    If the Cubs lose this series to the Brewers, I second Ernie’s emotion.

  7. dvxprime Says:

    Sooo…after losing 6 of 9 to the Giants, Brewers, and Cards, they sweep the Brewers.

    A ray of hope, or a big-ass prick tease? We shall see…

    When does the NFL regular season start?

  8. Erniesarmy Says:

    Cubs took a 6-2 lead into the 8th and the leaky bullpen gave up 3 runs in the inning and they squeak by 6-5. There is no way this team goes anywhere in the playoffs (if they make the playoffs) with that horrendous bullpen. And I still say Maddon is a dunce when it comes to managing a bullpen. That 2016 seventh game of the W.S. told me how clueless he is managing a bullpen, and he’s done zilch to change my mind since. Fire Joe Maddon!

  9. Erniesarmy Says:

    Hey Chucky! Your buddy, Lester, is pitching a gem today! 11-0 A’s in the 4th! LOL!!!Yeah, this team is going all the way! LOL!!! Hey, where’s Irish Yeti. I could use some comedy gold right now. “Lester? Oh, yeah, he’s serviceable.”

  10. chucky Says:

    Ernie, what I want to know is why did fuckin Maddon leave Lester in for four fucking innings to get goddamned shelled for 11 fucking runs? I know the bullpen is a fucking dumpster fire, but this just fucking bullshit!!! Jesus bleeding fucking goddamn shitballs. For fucks sake, put in Caratini. Who knows, maybe he can get the closers job. Craig Kimberly-brel landed his useless ass on the IL……for knee inflammation! Shoot the fucking thing up with cortisone and stop crying like a fucking pussy you little bitch. Goddamnit Ernie, I’m really starting to hate these fucking bastards!

    There, I feel better now!

  11. Erniesarmy Says:

    Chucky, the only thing I’m looking forward to at the end of this horrible season, is the end of Joe Maddon’s tenure as manager of the Cubs. What a glorious day that will be. Bye bye Joe. And maybe Theo should follow him. This team is in total meltdown.

  12. chucky Says:

    Ernie, you need to check this out. This is fucking hilarious as hell.

    From Cubs.com

    Good news, bad news for Cubs’ bullpen

    Kintzler joins Kimbrel on injured list, but Strop returns

    By Jeff Arnold

    39 minutes ago

    “CHICAGO — As if the Cubs’ bullpen needed another injury. A day after closer Craig Kimbrel was placed on the 10-day injured list, right-hander Brandon Kintzler joined his teammate with inflammation in his right pectoral.

    Kintzler left Monday night’s 6-5 victory over the Athletics with the injury and was placed on the injured list before Tuesday’s game. Like Kimbrel, who is out with right knee inflammation, Kintzler is not expected to miss significant time.

    The Cubs’ bullpen will have Pedro Strop back, however, as the right-hander was activated from the 10-day injured list. The moves come a day after manager Joe Maddon was forced to use Rowan Wick, Steve Cishek, Kintzler, Kyle Ryan and David Phelps to close the win after starter Kyle Hendricks limited the A’s to one hit over 6 1/3 innings.”


    I won’t torture you with any more of this tripe. I have no idea who this douchecopter is, but evidently Carrie Muskrat is no longer writing for mlb.com. Not that she’s any loss. If he thinks that Kevin FUCKING Gregg…….I mean, Pedro FUCKING Strop is “good news” he’s just as fucking ignorant as Muskrat.

  13. Erniesarmy Says:

    “The Cubs’ bullpen will have Pedro Strop back!” Wait…wait…let me catch my breath…you said “Pedro Strop back” Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…I can’t breathe…and you seriously see that as good news? Ha Ha Ha Ha…where’s Yeti, I need a “serviceable” bag to punch!

  14. chucky Says:

    And I need a “serviceable” highball Ernie.

  15. Erniesarmy Says:

    Tonight’s loss to the Reds 5-2 is a perfect example of why the Cubs are going nowhere this year.

    1) You have to be able to win on the road, and they have proven they cannot win on the road. They had the bases loaded with no one out in the eighth with Rizzo up to bat and got ONE lousy run! Are you kiddin me!
    2) You have to be able to beat playoff type pitchers. Trevor Bauer is that kind of pitcher, and he simply shut down the Cub bats.
    3) You have to come up big in games like this. No way are the Cubs going to be able to pound a playoff team 11-5! Their pitchers have to come through in clutch games and Darvish fell flat…again, just like he did with the Dodgers.

    I continue to lay much of this on Maddon. He is the manager, and he hasn’t been able to get this team to have the heart of a champion since 2016. That embarrassing debacle against the Dodgers in 2017 is just one of many examples of his inability to motivate this team. This game tonight is another. This will be his last year, so I can look forward to his ouster after the season. Maddon has long ago outlived his usefulness.

  16. Erniesarmy Says:

    10-0 Phillies in the 3rd. Can I see a show of hands of those Cub fans that think they should re-sign Maddon for 2020? Hello? Anybody? Buehler? How about firing Maddon now? Okay, okay, you can all put your hands down and sit down! Fro: “Fire Joe Maddon” must be raised. If you could do it for Dusty and Lou you can do it for Crazy Joe.

  17. chucky Says:

    A goddamned 4 fucking run lead going into the ninth, and the motherfucking bullpen completely shits the goddamned bed.



  18. Pie in the Sky Says:

    How many games has this team blown 8th and beyond? I swear at least once every week…

  19. Erniesarmy Says:

    Been a Cub fan since 1964. After 2016 I thought the days of “lovable losers” was finally over. I was wrong. The fact that this organization still lacks an identity and the will to make tough decisions still hovers over Cubdom like a stinky cloud from burning oil drums. Maddon should have been fired after last year.

    I’m done, See you guys during football.

  20. genrebuster Says:

    Gentlemen…and the rest of you, it has been my pleasure to be involved with this site for all these years.

    I sincerely apologize for being mostly “absent” lately, and for quite some time, but will make a real effort to resume posting more…even as I head into a particularly busy time of year.

    I had hoped to connect with Fro on my recent visit to Chicago, but it didn’t work out.

    It would be great to organize a “Fire Dusty Baker” confab in Chicago at some point, before too much time passes. I’ll discuss in advance with Fro and we’ll be in touch and see what’s possible…

    tick FUCKING tock!


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