Hanging On For Dear Life: Laughingstocks 20 Lions 13


If you say you thought the Bears were going to win this game, you’re a liar. None of us here thought they were going to.

But the Bears did everything they could to lose this game and exactly like some of us predicted: Blowing a two-touchdown lead.

It was 3rd and 1 and the idiot himself called a passing play that ended up not being converted for a first down. The next drive for the Lions, they scored a touchdown on just four plays. It was ridiculous.

The drive to finish the game, it appeared that the Lions were going to drive 90 yards for the touchdown (and impending two-point conversion to win). Thankfully, some luck and the time running out saved it all.

A backup quarterback nearly took it to the “vaunted” defense of the Bears. This defense is overrated. Better teams would have put up 30 easily.

And next week, the Bears will play a much better team in the Rams. It’s on Sunday Night Football, so the entire football world will be watching this sad, sorry bunch of clowns get eaten alive by Jared Goff.

5 Responses to “Hanging On For Dear Life: Laughingstocks 20 Lions 13”

  1. tcall13 Says:

    Come on, Bro! We beat the second worst defense in the league!!! HOORAY!!! Trubustski is a lock for MVP!!! Nagy for Coach of the Year!!! Pace for another GM of the Year award!!!

    Quick – let’s extend Pace for another 5 years before some of team snatches him away from us!


  2. dvxprime Says:

    Saturday: Fighting Illini complete the biggest come-from-behind road win in program history.

    Sunday: Trubisky throws three TDs in a win.

    I can live with all that for a week.

  3. Sebastian Hawks Says:

    The Rams are fading. I can see a scenario where they squeak this one out then beat the Giants and Lions giving just enough for Pace to feel he can get away with giving Turd Biscuit a “Cutler Contract” $$$extension$$$ After all Pace’s job requires we all play along with the fiction that Turdbinsky is this “elite” quarterback.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    The Bears desperately needed both the Vikings and Seahawks to lose last week. They both won.

    This week, the Bears even more desperately needed the Vikings to lose to remain two games back of the last playoff spot. Well, the Broncos did their best impersonation of the Bears and blew a 20-point lead to those very same Vikings.

    With the Vikings having five games left, I don’t see them losing two more games. Same for the Seahawks losing three. Even if the Bears win out (which they needed to do anyway), they will be at least a game short.

  5. dvxprime Says:

    Methinks the staff of 670 The Score have given up on Da Bears:



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