It’s now time for everyone’s favorite game show: HOW WILL THE BEARS LOSE THIS SUNDAY?


Welcome again. I am your host, Fro Dog. Welcome to a game we play about once a year here at Fire Ryan Pace-Fire Matt Nagy. Welcome to HOW WILL THE BEARS LOSE THIS SUNDAY?

Okay, as well know, Matt Nagy puts his players in positions to fail 99% of the time. Whether it’s making Trubisky throw on first and goal only to have it being intercepted in triple-coverage or not running the ball with plenty of time left to try to get a shorter field goal, it’s all possible! Many possibilities and many possible answers!

Well, folks, it’s time to play. So, contestants, let’s see what our options are!

This Sunday, Bears vs. Lions on the lakefront at noon. How will our Bears lose this game? Here are your options:

  • Matthew Stafford sets up his I-Pass and shreds the Bears defense for a blowout?
  • Trubisky has a terrible game with interceptions, many incompletions and overthrows?
  • Matt Nagy decides to just kneel with plenty of time left instead of trying to get closer into field goal range at the end of the game resulting in a missed kick?
  • The secondary fucks up by allowing a huge play in a close game to lose?
  • Or, a choice many fans have made, the Bears blow another two-touchdown lead?

Many other options are there. Feel free to add your own predictions in the thread. The person making a prediction as close as can be to the outcome wins absolutely no prize other than having their comment featured on this website during the recap! I call that a great deal!

Good luck to all of you! And remember, every new day is one day closer to Matt Nagy finally being fired!

4 Responses to “It’s now time for everyone’s favorite game show: HOW WILL THE BEARS LOSE THIS SUNDAY?”

  1. chucky Says:

    Well, let’s see. I think the Bears will jump out to a two touchdown lead, maybe three. Maybe a field goal or two. All in the first half. Then, in true Chicago Bears form and “tradition” they go home at halftime, thinking they already won the game. But my main concern is with O’B. I’m afraid he’s is going to literally stroke out on air. That’s how pissed he gets sometimes. A little too much passion isn’t a good thing.

  2. dvxprime Says:

    1) Bears defense gifts Trubisky with two turnovers and a three and out in the Lions’ first three possessions. Three trips in the Lions’ red zone = two field goals and the third attempt is blocked.

    2) Trubisky doesn’t get any more “short fields” and has to actually drive the field for scores. Three more Bears possessions = three three and outs. Meanwhile, Stafford bends the Bears D, but doesn’t break them until the final drive of the half, burning a slowly tiring secondary with a thirty yard bomb with under :05 left in the 2d Qtr.

    3) Halftime: Lions 10, Bears 6.

    4) Stafford hits his stride and chews up the clock in the 3d Qtr with two long drives for TDs. Trubs goes three and out two more times, and the Bears D is gassed. Khalil Mack is double-teamed into irrelevance by a below-average Lions’ O-line. Lions 24-6.

    5) Trubs throws a pick six to start the 4th, then goes three and out one more time. Stafford spends the 4th Qtr handing off to some random Linos RB who busts out a 20-yd TD scamper that would make Barry Sanders proud.

    6) Final: Lions 38, Bears 6.

  3. Cbears523 Says:

    Nope what’s gunna happen Is an old classic. Make a backup NFL qb look like a hall of Famer Todd Collins style.

  4. Nemo Says:

    Don’t know that Driskel is gonna have HOF numbers today, but Cbears523 is right about the Bears thinking they were going to win against the backup QB only to lose embarrassingly.


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