Battle of the bad: Bears 19 Giants 14


Who thought the Bears were going to blow this game? I’ve already lost count.

Trust me, I was waiting for the Giants to score the winning touchdown. Shockingly, a blind squirrel found a nut and the Bears won.

This game should be further proof that the entire management and coaches need to be replaced. Missed field goals, penalties and shitty play-calling once again were shown. It’s just time for a change. This isn’t working. The Bears left a lot of points on the board and had they played a team more competent than them, they lose this game easily.

Just like the other wins this year, it still felt like a loss. That’s when you know you’re watching a bad team.

This nightmare season continues with the Lions on Thanksgiving.

2 Responses to “Battle of the bad: Bears 19 Giants 14”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    I’ll take your word on the penalties, Fro Dog, since the NFL (for some strange reason) doesn’t publish those with the box scores.

  2. Erniesarmy Says:

    I am a Packers fan starting in 1963. That loss last night was one of the most humiliating and embarrassing defeats I have ever witnessed in my nearly sixty years of watching Packer football. Serves me right for believing Mat LaFleur was the real deal and the Packers had a legitimate shot at a championship this year. Hog Wash! They’re soft! I learned my lesson. Never again!


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