Why can’t this just be easy for once?: Bears 31 Cowboys 24


If anybody makes the argument of “garbage time points,” you’re ridiculous. I know the Bears weren’t expected to win this game. But the fact that they had leads of 24-7 and 31-14 and still couldn’t shut the door is fucking atrocious. I won’t blame the defense on the touchdown drive after Montgomery fumbled it. But I will blame them for that last ten points that were scored because they let their foot off of the gas. The only thing that kept them from losing this game was that games are only 60 minutes long.

I’m sick and tired of this fucking defense always falling apart when it matters the most. The Cowboys were an onside kick recovery away from throwing a Hail Mary for either the tie or the win. And trust me, they were going to get that touchdown because of how shitty the defense was.

I wanted this recap to be all about how Trubisky was great tonight (except for that first drive). He made some great plays when they mattered the most. But instead, the defense decided to shit all over themselves allowing 17 points in the fourth quarter. It doesn’t matter who the coordinator is. Fangio was a fucking idiot and Pagano isn’t any better. They have yet to put together four full quarters this year.

Had the Bears blown this game completely, Nagy should have been fired walking to the locker room. Instead, he buys himself more time like the fraud that he is. Fuck.

It must be a Chicago thing. The Blackhawks had a 3-0 lead against the Bruins tonight only to give up three goals in the third period before Toews saved the day with a goal in overtime. Needless to say, my blood is boiling at the moment.

The Bears only have a five percent chance to make the playoffs. The fact they still have that much of a chance is incredible. The Packers are up a week from Sunday. The Vikings need to lose to the Lions and the Rams need to lose against the Seahawks. If those things happen, then I bet the Bears will find a way to fuck themselves again because that’s what they do.

Alright, I’m done now. Fire away, folks.

4 Responses to “Why can’t this just be easy for once?: Bears 31 Cowboys 24”

  1. Erniesarmy Says:

    Hey Fro, at least he’s not Jason Garrett!

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    That’s bad too with Dallas. They should have a much better record (as should the Bears).

    The Bears need to win two of the last three (with the second win needing to come against the Vikings for the tie-breaker) along with the Vikings and Rams losing two of three to make the playoffs. It’s such a shitty set of circumstances.

  3. chucky Says:

    One thing I’m grateful for. We don’t have to listen to that goddamned Lovie fucking Smith drone on about his misguided ideas of must win games. He still pisses me off. Fro, I was digging through the archives a few days ago and came across that picture of Lovie in a tux, arm in arm, escorting THE BITCH someplace. What a hideous picture. You said it was for me and genrebuster. I threw up in mouth again……a lot.

  4. dvxprime Says:

    Free association right now because I will miss the game due to my annual Toys for Tots obligations:

    1) Matt Nagy and Mitch Trubisky look seriously out of depth and overmatched compared to their contemporaries in the head coaching and QB communities, respectively. Ryan Pace hired Nagy and drafted Trubs on a very limited sample size; a six game run as the Chiefs OC and an 8-5 season at a good button great North Carolina program.

    2) NFL Irony: Today’s NFL athletes are more talented, more physically gifted, better paid, and have more rights and privileges than ever before. However, courtesy of the last Collective Bargaining Agreement, they practice much less and are less skilled and disciplined than ever before. Ever wonder why it seems half the NFL’s O-lines can’t hold a block anymore, or why penalties/penalty yards don’t show up in the box scores anymore?

    3) How the hell is the refereeing bottomed out in the last few years? The NFL can’t even tell what constitutes a completed pass, or what amounts to actual pass interference (offensive or defensive).

    4) Prediction1: Packers 13, Bears 7. The Bears defense pulls a near-encore of the Opening Night performance, racking up a few sacks and forcing a couple of turnovers. Aaron Rogers lets fly one long-bomb TD, gets stopped twice in the red zone…but Trubs and the offense turn in an NCAA level performance, and the Bears’ slim playoff hopes are steamrolled beneath the frozen tundra of Lambeau.

    5) Prediction 2: Packers 35, Bears 7. The lack of conditioning, preseason snaps for the starters, and too many games where the defense is on the field too long…all of that finally catches up to Khalil Mack and Co. The overworked D forces tow early turnovers to give the o a short field…then watches Trubs and Co. go bust in the red zone, then Eddy Pinero shanks two FG attempts…and everybody flat out gives the fuck up.

    6) WGN would fire them both on the spot, but I would love for Hampton and O’B to go live on the air at the next NFL Draft and openly confront Ryan Pace for all his GM fuckups… but a Bears fan can dream.


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