The Matt Nagy Factor: Your team wins a Super Bowl after letting him go elsewhere.


Anybody else surprised? And hey, if it’s not for Superman (Tom Brady) doing his thing last year, the Chiefs probably win the Super Bowl last year as well.

This is frustrating as a fan of the Bears. The Chiefs knew this guy was a fraud and Ryan Pace was dumb enough to hire him. I didn’t care who won the Super Bowl. But to see the Chiefs get very close last year and win it this year after getting rid of the fraud known as Matt Nagy is probably pissing many others off.

I will also say that something similar would have been written here had the 49ers pulled it out. Why? Because their general manager, John Lynch, depantsed Ryan Pace by trading one pick for multiple picks. There they were with a chance to win it. Pace and Nagy both looked very foolish before this game even started.

I’m just a fan with some shitty website. But fuck, what will it take for the Bears to see this shit? What will it fucking take? I am not upset the Bears didn’t take Patrick Mahomes. I wanted DeShaun Watson (as it’s been said countless times in the last three years). But why in the world would the Bears hire a guy who was known for blowing big leads as a coordinator with another team? It doesn’t make any sense at all.

The Bears are stuck with a general manager who doesn’t know what he’s doing and a fraud of a head coach who puts the team in a position to fail. We’re never going to find out if Trubisky is decent because of his shitty head coach. We’re just never going to know. That should piss all of us off.

One Response to “The Matt Nagy Factor: Your team wins a Super Bowl after letting him go elsewhere.”

  1. chucky Says:

    I want KC to win. Patrick Mahomes proved last night that Ed O’Bradovich is absolutely correct when he rips Ryan Pace a new body orifice about drafting Turd Biscuit over Mahomes.

    You asked “what will it take for the Bears to see this shit?”. I’ve said this for years: NEW FUCKING OWNERSHIP. This goddamn mess will never be fixed the fucking McCaskey family is out of football and left to die on a deserted South Pacific island. ONLY then will anything good happen for us beleaguered fans.

    Until then, #fuckthebears


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