Marc Trestman and Matt Nagy are from the same tree of “stupid.”


After seeing Marc Trestman mercifully coach another another team, I started thinking about all the dumb shit he said to the media while we was in Chicago. I have realized that there is indeed, something in the water. Many of these coaches over the years have said similar crap. Matt Nagy and Marc Trestman are prime examples.

Marc Trestman: “Grow the man.”

Matt Nagy: “I’ll/We’ll grow from this.”

Marc Trestman: “We’ll have to look at the tape.”

Matt Nagy: “But when you go through the tape…”

Let’s throw a Lovie Smith comparison as well.

Lovie Smith: “We get off the bus running.”

Matt Nagy: “I know we need to run the ball more. I’M NOT AN IDIOT.”

Um, yes you are.

You see a pattern here, folks? It must be something in the water. There is no other theory. I’m fucking sick of it. George McCaskey and the family of misfits need to grow a pair of nuts and do something about this. Eventually, there are going to be many more empty seats at Soldier Field. The Bears can continue to raise ticket prices all they want (like they are again) and it’s just going to drive the fans away some more. If these fuckers are going to raise prices, they better start winning Super Bowls. The price doesn’t fit the quality of the product.


6 Responses to “Marc Trestman and Matt Nagy are from the same tree of “stupid.””

  1. chucky Says:

    Fro….my feelings have been so well documented on these pages for years that you don’t need me to repeat them now. It’s not just Trestman and Nagy, nor the water. It’s been this way since Ditka left after the 1991 season. Every fuckin one of them have repeated the same goddamned bullshit. No exceptions.

    Did you watch any of the games last weekend? It was an improved product from it’s initial run, but I still felt too much Vince McMahon in the presentation. The miked up head coaches were a prime example. It made me wonder if Vinnie Mac was in their ears the same way he was with Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole. Add to that I DON’T WANT TO HEAR MARC MOTHERFUCKING TRESTMAN EVER AGAIN! So, that said, I won’t be tuning in to football until September. I’ll have my ball peen hammer out to bash my fucking skull in when the Bears piss me off again. And you just know that they will.

  2. Fro Dog Says:


    I watched a little bit of the games. Since I was in Houston for The Rumble, I decided to adopt the Houston Roughnecks as my team (since, of course, Chicago doesn’t have a team).

    It is entertaining to see Marc Trestman’s team at an astounding 0-2 record. I am confident that once Trestman helps grow the man, things will get better.

  3. chucky Says:

    Fro….I don’t know if Trestman can grow the man without his toolbox of concepts. Seems like a mountain even he can’t climb. He’s got to bust out that toolbox.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    If only Matt Nagy would go with him to Tampa and stay there. This is going to be another shitty offseason for the Bears. I can’t wait until Pace trades what little draft picks he has to get a punter from a Division III school.

  5. dvxprime Says:

    Sneaking off topic…

    MLB thinks that they can put salve on the burn that was the Houston Astros’ cheating scandal by adding an extra team to the post-season. Nice. Let’s have the World Series extend past Veterans’ Day already. How this improves the MLB Playoffs is beyond me.

    Also, the new NFL collective bargaining agreement wants to add Regular Season Game No. 17 as well as add an extra team per conference into the playoffs. Like this is going to solve the problem of:

    =Players not getting enough practice time as it is
    =Players getting hurt more often, and let’s see how many more concussions we’ll have this season
    =No promise of any kind that the regular season or playoffs will be improved

    It would also be nice if Sports took their collective mouth off MLBs and NFLs dicks and call them out of their bullshit. But maybe I’m asking too much.


  6. Sebastian Hawks Says:

    I miss Tressman, that was the ultimate bungle and Doug and OB were at their finest during Tressman season 2. If I’m ever in Tijuana I think I’ll have a Tressman on Black Velvet commissioned, that side profile of him that was a stock photo in the Tribune with the hat, the headphones, holding the play card in front of his face, with that stupid look on his face. You can’t get anymore camp than that.


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