Chicago Bears: 2020 Draft (Also, Matt Nagy is still an idiot)


Okay, folks. The Bears have two picks tonight. Will Ryan Pace trade both of them to move up one spot and get that punter everyone is raving about? Or will he just give them to another team because he’s in the giving mood? Tune in tonight!

I will once again reiterate my stance on Trubisky. We will never find out if he is any good or not because of the village idiot, Matt Nagy. When you are put in a position to fail, its impossible to overcome. I would think football is no different. I will never trust a coach that blows a lead of 23-3 or whatever it was when he was the offensive coordinator for the Chiefs the year before he came to the Bears. That was the playoff game against the Titans. What’s even more PATHETIC is that the very next game he coached, he promptly lead the Bears to blowing a 20-0 lead against the Packers. If that wasn’t enough to to prove that this idiot is exactly that, then I don’t know what else will convince you.

I’m not saying Mitch is going to be the greatest quarterback ever. All I’m saying is that without an actual head coach, we aren’t going to find out. If he goes elsewhere, it may be too late as other teams may think he’s damaged goods. His mind could be fried now or by the time his contract is up with the Bears. They have until May 5th or so to give him that extra year on his deal.

The Bears have seven picks tonight. Here’s what I feel they need: Running back, wide receiver, offensive lineman (maybe two of these), defensive tackle and cornerback and a safety. Yeah, that’s how bad this team is. They need help all over the place, but I’ll say they definitely need help on the offensive line. But I’m sure Ryan Pace really feels strongly about that one punter from a junior college in South Dakota. He may just have to trade all seven spots just to move up an extra few to get him.

Oh, fuck all of this!

4 Responses to “Chicago Bears: 2020 Draft (Also, Matt Nagy is still an idiot)”

  1. erniesarmy Says:

    Watching CBS Sportsline for the draft, cannot take ESPN’s constant virtue signaling and “human interest” stories. CBS is talking sports!

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Tight end Cole Kmet from Notre Dame
    Cornerback Jaylon Johnson from Utah

    If these picks end up sucking like most of Pace’s have, just make sure the blame goes right to Pace. Don’t boo the players. Boo the idiot(s) that brought them there to begin with.

  3. dvxprime Says:

    Hey, y’all.

    Going back to your previous post Fro Dog: 1) Why did Mike Reinsdorf show up to a previous NBA draft wearing shoes like Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz?” Can we be a little more out of touch for being the son of an NBA team owner? 2) Why is John Paxson still on the payroll in any capacity? When Paxson admitted, to Mikey’s face, that he wasn’t the man to lead the Bulls’ rebuild, Mikey should have fired him on the spot. Also, if the new guy is going to make sweeping, wholesale changes, they need to include pink-slipping Paxson, the remnants of the coaching staff, and the entire scouting department. The Bulls can neither build winners or coach winners at this point.

    As for the draft, I took into account Sebastian Hawks’ account of Ryan Pace’s draft history and that was enough for me to set this draft on “mostly ignore”. Pace didn’t involve John Fox in selecting Trubisky or Glennon, and now he’s praying that Matt Nagy can somehow make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

    The Bears drafted more defenders than offense? So? The defense wasn’t that bad last year, but if Khalil Mack can’t beat the double teams and the Bears can’t generate a pass rush because they’re on the field for 35~40 minutes a game, eventually the Bears are going to lose lot of otherwise winnable games…like they’ve been doing the last three seasons or so.

    Not sure of Matt Nagy was in the Bears’ draft war room (do they even have one?), but between free agency and this weekend’s draft…this is the hand that Nagy has been dealt. If Nagy can’t make a straight flush out of this pile of junk cards, it should be a total housecleaning as soon as the season’s over this year.

  4. dvxprime Says:

    Upon review of the following link, I humbly retract my third paragraph:

    That being said, I stand behind the rest of my post.


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