Long overdue: The Bulls made changes!


Well, it only took 17 years (or 22), but the Bulls seem to have finally brought in someone who knows what they are doing. Arturas Karnisovas comes from Denver and is now the president of basketball operations. A general manager is yet to be decided as of this writing.

Regardless, it’s good riddance to Gar Forman. It’s too bad Paxson is somehow, still around the team. I don’t even want Paxson working the concession stands for the Bulls. He should have been long gone a long time ago. Get him as far away from the team as possible.

I have to look at the bright side of things. There is no other choice now. This is the guy that robbed the Bulls many years ago and ended up with Nikola Jokic, who’s become one of the top big men in the game. The Nuggets are near the top of the standings.

Whether or not he can do the same with the Bulls by making them relevant for the first time in 22 years is yet to be decided.

We have no idea when we will see basketball again. But whenever it does, the Bulls will be under new management. I’m praying this works.


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