This year just won’t end.


It was a really bad day in sports and in Chicago. I woke up and went to my usual wrestling site to get news and find out about Road Warrior Animal leaving this world too early. He wrestled in Chicago quite a bit along with his tag team partner, Hawk. After that, as it goes most mornings when getting ready for work, I put The Score on. They’re talking about Gayle Sayers and I immediately assumed the worst. Then, a few moments later, they announce again that Gayle has also left this place.

I never saw Gayle Sayers play. But seeing those highlights all these years, holy crap. If it weren’t for injuries, who knows what happens. My earliest memories hearing about him was the Halloween Night game when I was eight years old. Him and Butkus were having their jerseys retired that night as the Bears were absolutely humiliated by the Packers. And as we all know, those years were VERY BAD when it came to playing them. I looked it up and remembered the Bears lost 33-6. Ouch.

With all the stories about Sayers, nobody said a bad thing about him. I believe there were stories that his health wasn’t great the last few years. But it’s so unfortunate. I remember being a teenager when Walter Payton was gone. Everyone was just sick to their stomachs.

With Road Warrior Animal, I can’t say how many times I watched the 1998 Royal Rumble on VHS 20 years ago to see him and Hawk take on The New Age Outlaws. It’s too bad I wasn’t old enough to see these guys in their prime. This is the first time I’m showing anyone this. But I met Animal at C2E2 at McCormick Place on the last day of February this year. This was about two weeks before everything was shutting down in our world. He was one of the coolest dudes and let me wear his shoulder pads while taking a picture with him. I just can’t believe it.

2020 fucking sucks. And we need to get to 2021. Quickly.

3 Responses to “This year just won’t end.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Damnit, damnit, son of a bitch! You’re right my frendt, this motherfucking year can’t end soon enough. I never met Animal, but I saw him live at the Rosemont, and at the old Comiskey Park for the first Superclash card. They took on the Freebirds in the opening match, and won by reverse decision by Verne Gagne. Just outstanding memories with my late brother and myself going to see the old AWA cards.

    By the way, this Monday is the 35th anniversary of that Superclash at Comiskey. 9/28/85. I’d give anything to time warp to that time again. It was way more fun than I deserved.

  2. erniesarmy Says:

    Fro, I had the privilege of watching Sayers in person (on television) many times. In my opinion, he was the second greatest running back in the history of the NFL (Jim Brown being the greatest). What he did to the Packers in that 1965 game (31-10 Bears) and then the 49ers (61-20 Bears) was inhuman. He was a classy gentleman and a dedicated player. Men like him are a dying breed in today’s NFL. I miss him and I’m a Packers fan.

  3. Jimmy D Says:

    Well, I guess it’s time to dust off my copy of Brian’s Song and sit down to watch one of the most impactful sports movies I have ever seen! I, like Ernie, am a Packers fan. Regardless, we always mourn those select few…that exude class and professionalism.


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