Offensive offense: Colts 19 Bears 11


I was paying half-attention to this game due to the same shit I’ve seen from this team my entire life. How many times does the defense of the Bears give up a third down conversion? How many times am I going to see the defense give up a touchdown on the first drive? Enough of this.

Offense: Fuck this. Foles was garbage. Matt Nagy is still a fucking idiot for continuing to give Cordarelle Patterson the ball to run. WHY? FUCKING WHY?

Defense: Read the first paragraph.

Special teams: Who cares?

Next up are the Buccaneers this Thursday. Tom Brady is patiently waiting to put up five touchdowns.

7 Responses to “Offensive offense: Colts 19 Bears 11”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    No Hamp and O’B for some weird fucking reason, even though the WhiteSox joined the Cubs in an early playoffs vacation.

    Sight unseen, this had to be the worst and most boring game on the Sunday schedule, amirite?

  2. chucky Says:

    The first question I thought was why did Foles trade uniforms with Turd Biscuit? Who the fuck drew up this worthless goddamn game plan? Fuck you Nagy, you goddamned bald headed assfuck! Fucking rest assured that when your reign of error with the Bears is over you will NEVER get another head coaching job again!

    Foles wasn’t the shitstain out there today. Fuck the entire goddamned defense too. Dan Hampton says this defense, with help from the offense, can win a Super Bowl. Dan Hampton, who’re you crappin’?!? The way they played they could win a fucking high school game. Pissed off yet, you OLD BITCH! Sell this team so somebody who wants to goddamn win the fucking Super Bowl can have a chance.


  3. chucky Says:

    Oh. and DVX, WGN, in their infinite wisdom, have relegated Hamp and OB to Tuesday nights. They thought the White Sux would make a deeper run into the playoffs than the did. Why the fuck they decided they needed the White Sux is beyond me. I’ve emailed them about it, but considering my relationship with them regarding their asshole piece of shit weather guesser Tom Skilling, it seems likely that my emails are landing in their spam folder. I don’t receive replies from anymore.

  4. dvxprime Says:

    Tuesday nights…dafuck???

    Seriously, fuck this entire weekend. End of discussion.

  5. chucky Says:

    Just the weekend pal? Fuck 2019 and 2020. This has been a fucking shitty two years, at least for me.

  6. Fro Dog Says:

    What a lousy performance. I guess the only thing that I was proud of was the fact they didn’t blow a lead or miss a field goal to win the game (like the last several years with these assholes). Still, fuck this team. They completely dodged everything the first three weeks. So now, instead of only three wins this year, they’ll have six. Amazing!

  7. Dave Says:

    Bears beat Brady, not the same as beating Brady as a Patriot in my opinion. That last 4th quarter drive for the game winner was too risky giving TB12 too much time. Bad clock management by Nagy.


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