Making the plays when they counted the most: Bears 20 Buccaneers 19


It’s late. I’m exhausted. The good news is, I’m not going to bed all that pissed off because the Bears pulled one out of their asses despite Matt Nagy’s dumb ass trying to lose it late. Fuck, this isn’t ever easy with that bald idiot driving the bus. With some help from the referees and Cairo Santos coming up big, the Bears won this game and move to 4-1.

Offense: Look above. Matt Nagy did everything he could to piss this game away by not calling run plays when needed. Look at the game-winning drive. The Buccaneers had one timeout left and it was 2nd down. Instead of running the ball to make them call their last timeout, Nagy calls a pass play? Incomplete. The next play goes for five yards or so on a pass and then, the last timeout gets called. Again, this shouldn’t be difficult. Run the ball and make the other team use their timeouts. This was awful play-calling by the dumbass bald guy in the visor on the sideline. No other person in this world would keep giving Cordarelle Patterson the ball on handoffs. HE’S NOT A RUNNING BACK.

Hey, I am going to say some nice things about some players who are actually trying. It’s not Nick Foles’ fault that Nagy is a dumbass and puts the entire team in a position to fail. I will say the same for David Montgomery, Darnell Mooney and Allen Robinson. They are out there doing everything they can to get this offense going. And Jimmy Graham? This team doesn’t have any of those four wins without him. He seems to have rejuvenated his career. He had a one-armed catch for a touchdown right before halftime that looked absolutely amazing. He’s made big catches all year and that was the top one. And back to Foles, he had big passes tonight. He put them in a position to win and again, this is despite who the coach of this team is.

Defense: It’s frustrating watching them give up touchdowns on the first drive of games all the time. Fuck. This shit needs to stop. Same with missing tackles. And for the love of God, can they stop giving up first downs and other big plays on 3rd down? It’s 3rd and 77 and somehow, the other team manages to get 65 yards and get a field goal out of it. ENOUGH.

That being said, they made some big plays down the stretch and at least they were field goals rather than touchdowns. Kyle Fuller forced a fumble before halftime that lead to a touchdown. Khalil Mack showed up and sacked Brady twice. Neither side of the ball have dominated for a full game. It’s not a good sign.

Special teams: Hey, give credit where credit is due. This week, the Bears brought in kicker Kai Forbath(house) for a look and stuck with Cairo Santos. Santos nailed two field goals with the last one being the game-winner with just over a minute to go. My heart was beating very fast during that last kick. I had to keep telling myself to “JUST BREATHE.”

Next up: The Bears go on the road to take on the Panthers a week from Sunday.

14 Responses to “Making the plays when they counted the most: Bears 20 Buccaneers 19”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    Fro Dog, I believe you called this game as the one game this year that the Bears win that nobody expects them to.

    Good call!

  2. chucky Says:

    My head hurts. I wish I could figure this team out. Do they suck, or don’t they? Bastards.

  3. dvxprime Says:

    The really BAD thing about the Bears being 4-1?


    If there is a pattern here, it is that Nagy is trying to nickel-and-dime his way to scoring points and letting the defense take as much of the strain as possible. Tom Brady at 45 is still a dangerous 45, yet Nagy thinks the defense putting the flexcuffs on him (in a home game in an empty stadium) means that he has a good team.


    Would it not be nice if Nagy AT LEAST considered some modern day iteration of a West Coast offense, where Noles and Trubisky can at least get some short-to-mid range passes to receivers who can scramble downfield for some serious yards-per-catch? If Nagy is too scared to go for a deep ball, he’s got to consider a more effective way of moving the ball downfield and getting into the end zone on the regular.

    Thoughts, anybody.

    Four and one, the Grand Illusion of 2020.


  4. dvxprime Says:

    Happy Columbus Day, y’all!

    A couple of weeks ago, I said that I believed that George McCaskey is eschewing modern-day football in favor of a Papa Bear Halas philosophy: strong defense caring an offense that scores just enough to win games.

    This is just what Nagy is doing, less a defense with an okay (not All-Pro) secondary.

    If Nagy doesn’t find a way to unleash Foles, Trubisky, or whomever is at QB, he’s gonna get burned big time trying win every game 20-17.

  5. Fro Dog Says:


    You would be correct. I did say this was the game that nobody expected the Bears to win before the season started. I was glad I was right there.

  6. erniesarmy Says:

    Hey Fro, I saw that the Rays just took a 3-0 lead over the Astros in the ALCS. I watched a few highlights and there was a shot of the manager for the Astros that looked vaguely familiar. I said to myself, is that Dusty? I looked in Sports Reference and bingo! Dusty is the manager of the Astros! How appropriate that the cheatin Astros are probably going to be swept by the thriftiest franchise in baseball with Dusty the toothpick as their manager. What a LOL moment. Where’s Chucky for this one?

  7. chucky Says:

    Oh Ernie, I’m honored that you requested me for this. Dustfuck Baker is the perfect punishment for the cheating Houston Assholes. I recall this very dark corner of the internet coming to the aid of the fans of the Cincinnati Reds and the Washington Nationals. Well, not so much for Washington, but the Reds for sure. They even set up a “Fire Dusty Baker” website for themselves. Anyway, it’s a good match up, those two fuck tard assholes deserve each other. Fuck em both. Fuck the Houston Assholes, fuck Dustfuck, and fuck THE OLD BITCH who owns the Bears.

    Forgive me. I just needed to get that out.

  8. ratedgprodigy Says:

    Justin Verlander made one start for Dusty Baker. Result: Tommy John Surgery.

    Baker still got it.

  9. Pie in the Sky Says:

    *Forgot to fix username above. That was me.*

  10. chucky Says:

    Every pitcher who has the misfortune of pitching for Dustfuck always gets their arms put into a fucking meat grinder. If my team acquired Dustfuck as manager I’d demand an immediate goddamn trade. And refuse to fucking pitch for them ever again. God-fucking-damn, how I fucking hate that motherfucking cocksucker! What he did to Kerry Wood and Mark Prior was fucking criminal.

  11. erniesarmy Says:

    And just like that the toothpick’s team has won three straight over the dumb Rays. I swear, Chucky, if they are able to sweep the Rays 4 on a row, I am going on a trip to Venus where perhaps I can find some normalcy! As our dear departed Harry Cary used to say, “Holy Cow!!”

  12. chucky Says:

    Ernie…don’t go to Venus. The weather sucks this time of year. I’m going to Jupiter. You’re welcome to join me, if you wish. Or we could go to Neptune. I hear they have nice bath salts.

  13. erniesarmy Says:

    Tampa wins series 4-3, down goes the Dusty one! Chucky, I’ve unpacked my bags for the trip to Venus. The world is normal again and Dusty is still a toothpick chomping idiot!

  14. Dave Says:

    And no World Series for Dustfuck.


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