The ‘Toothpick Chomping Idiot’ strikes again…!


My frendts: consider this post a shout out to the individual who ‘inspired’ many of us to band together here at and the many others who frequented the original Fire Dusty Baker site,

Fro Dog kept the site alive – by creating THIS site in August 2008 after “bobbyd” had mysteriously disappeared from the internet. I’ve often wondered what happened to bobbyd, and whether or not he was alive to enjoy the 2016 season when the Cubs finally won another World Series.

Here’s Fro’s 1st post from this site:

To be fair, you could say that the Astros overachieved…but it’s not the first time a Dusty led team has, only to fall short. This time, his team ‘teased’ the fans by losing the first 3 in a best of 7, only to win games 4-6 and even the series. But unlike the Red Sox, they couldn’t pull off the almost unthinkable…so here we are.

I don’t know Dusty Baker personally – by many accounts he’s a great guy’ – but some of the crap he spewed in 2003 when the Cubs were in control and yet self-imploded was too much for me. His mis-managment of the Cubs in the 2003 NLCS was EPIC.

After falling behind behind 2 games to none, the Cubs came back to win 3 in a row and were a mere 5 outs away in Game 6 at Wrigley Field from going to the World Series for the first time since 2008. The Marlins then scored 8 runs in the 8th inning, to defeat the Cubs 8-3. None of it was Bartman’s fault, I’ll forever give most of the credit to Dusty Baker (and some to Moises ‘piss hands’ Alou)…

Yet there was a still a game 7…and we know how that went…BRUTAL:

Astros fans, no worries: Dusty promises that the Astros “will be back”…and he still has a way with words! bwahahahaha bwahahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahaha

And here’s another…

If ‘toothpick chomping idiot’ seems overly harsh or malicious, please understand that it was merely a nod to those of you who’ve been checking in for more than a few years. Perhaps “Dustfuck’ would have been too harsh, and ‘Dustbin’ too blase (?).

We’ll see if the Braves can avoid a choke and win Game 7 (can’t pull for the Dodgers, due to Steve FUCKING Garvey). But given their postseason performance history, it will tough to bet on them should they prevail.

Thanks again to the 2016 Cubs (shout out to Joe Maddon and Theo Espstein) for winning the World Series.

Comments welcomed.

5 Responses to “The ‘Toothpick Chomping Idiot’ strikes again…!”

  1. chucky Says:

    I was so fucking happy when the Assholes lost game 7 that I almost couldn’t contain myself. And not just because of Baker, although he certainly made that loss a lot more pleasurable for me. I’ll never forgive them for the sign stealing scandal that netted them a World Series title. I knew they aren’t the only team to do it, but they got caught. They should have had their WS title stripped from them, but Manfred has the spine of a gummy bear.

    “I don’t know Dusty Baker personally – by many accounts he’s a great guy”

    Whoa buddy! Genre, I love ya buddy, but don’t make the mistake of thinking Dusty Baker is some “great guy”. He isn’t. He’s a racist, excuse making, stupid, ignorant, whiney piece of shit. What would he do if he didn’t have his horses? Remember that one? He absolutely abuses his pitchers. Just look at the careers of Kerry Wood and Mark Prior for proof. He leaves teams worse off than when he finds them. Fuck that guy. He’s hot garbage.

  2. genrebuster Says:

    chucky, to be clear I wasn’t defending Dusty Baker…just trying to be civil.

    Not that he deserves it after he threw Bartman under the fucking bus. I, too was happy to see him LOSE (again) last night. Dustfuck and his ‘horses’, etc. Not to mention, I absolutely agree that ‘Toothpick’ deserves to be blamed for how Wood and Prior ended up.

    We agree. Any team that hires Baker as manager isn’t trying hard enough to win.

  3. genrebuster Says:

    Looking forward to Fro’s wrap up on Bears-Panthers.

    Why the fuck does Nagy insist on NOT running the ball when he has a lead and the clock is winding down?

  4. chucky Says:

    Genre…..Because Nagy is just a link in a long ass line of moron Bears head coaches who doesn’t know his ass from a goal post, and needs to be fucking shit canned like the rest of his predecessors.

  5. genrebuster Says:

    A new owner could solve multiple problems…


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