How much more can we take?: Bears 23 Panthers 16


Yes, it’s never easy. It’s fucking frustrating watching this team every week. Even when they win, they look awful. The offense continues to sputter thanks to the bald-headed dipshit on the sidelines. Matt Nagy seriously does everything he can to put the offense in a position to fail. Despite all of this, the defense did just enough and Cairo Santos gave the Bears important points to move to 5-1.

Offense: In the third quarter, Eddie Jackson recovered a fumble and the Bears had a chance to put points on the board. The first play? Nick Foles is running for his life and throws a horrible pass for an interception. Why not run the ball? That’s because the bald-headed dipshit thinks he’s a great head coach and wants to show everyone how “innovative” he is. Want another example? 3rd and 2. Under two minutes. The Panthers have one timeout left. What does Nagy do? PASS. INCOMPLETE. PUNT (that was almost blocked). Even Jonathan Vilma said during the broadcast to just run the ball. The Bears should have had 40 points today had they had a competent head coach. Sadly, they haven’t had a competent head coach since John F. Kennedy was president. So I don’t expect them to find one anytime soon.

As far as Nick Foles in concerned, he’s getting it done. Yes, that interception was a fucking stupid decision. At the same time, again, Nagy calling a pass play on first down with the Bears in field goal range was a fucking stupid decision as well. If I’m Nick Foles, I tell Nagy to fuck off and call an audible for a running play the next time it’s in a situation where running the ball is obvious.

What was good? David Montgomery ran the ball well when the fuckface of a head coach actually called a running play. And of course, guys like Darnell Mooney, Allen Robinson and Jimmy Graham made some crucial plays. Cole Kmet scored his first career touchdown as well.

Defense: They are still having the tendency to give up big plays that puts the game in jeopardy. Today, three turnovers with the first one leading to a touchdown. Rookie Jaylon Johnson was getting beat all game. He was caught napping a few times and it lead to the Panthers getting points. Then on the fourth down play late in the game, D.J. Moore dropped a wide open pass. The defense is getting away too many times and eventually, they will fall on the sword if they can’t fix this shit. Defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano needs to rush more than four at times because these quarterbacks are having way too much time to throw.

Special teams: Give credit to Cairo Santos. He nailed a 55-yard field goal right before halftime and nailed two from 31 yards. He’s had a struggle in his career, but none of us should be complaining (yet). There is a long way to go.

You know this year is fucked up when the Bears win not one, but TWO games with Kenny Albert announcing.

Next up are the Rams on the road for Monday Night Football.

21 Responses to “How much more can we take?: Bears 23 Panthers 16”

  1. chucky Says:

    If the Bears play this fucking shitty next week in LA, they’re going to lose, and lose big. Nagy, that dumb motherfucker, seemed like he was calling run plays when they needed to pass, and pass plays when they needed to run. Foles looked like hammered dog shit all game too. How in the goddamned hell did that guy win a fucking Super Bowl? For fucks sakes, he looks like ass out there! If they didn’t have the defense that they do, that interception should have cost them the game. FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! Fucking Nagy needs to go. He’s a fucking idiot, and the Bears are winning IN SPITE OF him, not because of him. Fuck this fucking moron.

  2. dvxprime Says:

    Fro Dog, Imma let you finish but I gotta get something off my chest.

    1) Other than Monday Night Football or (blech) Thursday Night Football, I might never see a Bears game on TV this season. The footballl package that my cable company is way too expensive, and so is streaming Bears games.

    2) Getting so. Fucking. Tired. Of the NFL begging everybody TO.GO.VOTE.EVERY GODDAMN. COMMERCIAL. BREAK. Without getting too political, about 90-something people didn’t vote in the last Presidential election four years ago; you think you’re getting more votes with the dogs hit we have this time around?

    Seriously, I would love to see how many eligible votes stayed home in 2020, compared to 2016. You don’t give people a reason do vote…THEY’RE NOT GONNA FUCKIN’ VOTE.

    //end of discussion, off my soapbox

    3) I know nobody here gives a shit about soccer, but apparently the powers that be over at NBCSports network, CBSSports network, and ESPN have decided to stream every fucking soccer game that they can. The great streaming extortion continues. Goddammit.

    4) Nagy has a first round draft pick (hahaha) and a Super bowl winning QB on the roster, and he can’t design an offense that can’t generate more than 20 points a game? Anybody want to take bets on when Nagy’s “Papa Bear Halas” imitation blows up in his face?

    5) The commercials suck ass as well. The commercials for Super Bowl LV are gonna be a gigantic CRINGE.


    Five and One: The Grand Illusion Continues. Go Bears.

  3. chucky Says:

    DVX……I’ve emailed WGN several times about Hamp and OB. So far……crickets. My emails may well end up in their spam folder due to my ongoing war with the bald headed shitstain, the ever worthless Tom FUCKING Skilling. Stupid fuckers.

  4. dvxprime Says:

    Correction: 90-something MILLION.

  5. dvxprime Says:

    Chucky: TOM SKILLING still works at WGN? He must be pushing 80-90 right now.

  6. Dave Says:

    Bears won me money. I’m happy. Anyway Chucky. I have to ask, as a meteorologist 6 credits and an internship short of a Bachelor’s of Science degree, (financial dropout) who has chatted with Skilling in person on 4 separate occasions, what do you have against him? I respect the shit out of him, though I also respect your opinion because it’s so entertaining when you give it. Just curious what you have against him. There are very real scientific reasons for a blown forecast. Especially with the so many micro-climatological elements that exist around the Great Lakes area.

  7. chucky Says:

    Dave…the answer to your question is that I have a whole list of grievances against him, starting with his entire homespun act, which is complete bullshit. I’ve had email correspondence with him to verify that. He’s an arrogant egomaniac, despite what he displays on TV. Next would be his severely long winded segments during which he explains the weather as if you were as were an expert meteorologist like he thinks he is. If you are fortunate enough to understand just what the fuck his forecasts are, which is rare. they’re never right. And he NEVER admits to being wrong, though if he did he’d be apologizing on a nightly basis. Or he’d burst into flames. He stutters and stammers his way through each segment to the point of just embarrassing himself, but he’s too self serving to even realize it.
    Lastly, his weather picture segment is just embarrassing. Half the people who send pictures in have names he can’t pronounce, many of the pictures themselves have nothing to do with weather, like birds or insects up close, and they go on for far too long. In sum, to me he’s an overrated, overpaid hack who doesn’t deserve the position he’s in.

  8. chucky Says:

    And by the way Dave, best of luck to you in getting those credits. I do hope you can get the finances to accomplish getting them. I know school costs fucking suck. I went to DeVry for 2 1/2 years. In my case it was too much money, not enough education.

  9. Dave Says:

    I will say this, he over-predicts high temps in the warm season, but when it comes to scattered precip predictions he says coverage rather than chance which makes more sense because of the way scattered precip behaves. I love his technical forecasts, I feel they are educational, I don’t feel he goes to out of everyone’s range. Anyway to each their own, I will always enjoy a Skilling forecast.

  10. Fro Dog Says:


    It’s always great to see you chime in. I’ll jump in this conversation. First, we all know Chucky is an ANGRY man. I don’t care for Skilling either way. I just watch another channel if I’m annoyed. Years ago, I noticed him taking forever to give the forecast. In addition, he talks over the anchors to speak some more after finally, telling us what the weather will be for the next several days.

    Again, my levels of disdain will never amount to Chucky’s. He takes it to a whole new level.

    Last, but not least, I need to answer the question DVX had. WGN was sold to Nexstar. That company owns a ton of TV stations across the country. Long story short, they have some type of contract with a company that broadcasts NFL games (similar to Westwood One on The Score). I don’t like it either, but I guess they get more money for that and for that, they are greedy bastards.

  11. chucky Says:

    Fro……I’m not an angry man. I’M A PISSED OFF PSYCHO! Now, with that out of the way, I wasn’t aware of that contract to broadcast NFL games. What you say makes sense, but they could at least put Hampton and OB on at 6:30 or 7:00. Or I’m just being a selfish prick. I’m good either way.

  12. genrebuster Says:

    Hands down, Nagy wins the prize for shit clock management, which could likely be how the Bears’ season ends.

    On a different note, I predict that voter turnout will be much greater than in 2016…we shall see!

    Am I imagining it…or did Foles look aggravated on the sideline after Nagy opted to pass (instead of running the ball)?

  13. Fro Dog Says:


    I didn’t see it this game. But last game, yes. He looked puzzled when talking to Nagy after a drive (I think they got a field goal when they could have continued the drive). Foles had the offense in a no-huddle situation and the team was driving with ease. Of course, Nagy slows it down with his own shitty play-calling.

    Someone needs to find this bald bastard and kick him in the nuts because the media is obviously not bringing this shit up to him in press conferences. I can’t figure out why someone doesn’t ask him. “hey coach, where do you find the stupidity to pass the ball on 2nd and inches instead of just running the ball?” Or something along those lines late in the game.

    Fuck. Just, fuck. I hate this fucking guy.

  14. genrebuster Says:

    “Bald-headed dipshit”….hahaha, poetry!

  15. Fro Dog Says:

    Hey everyone.

    I’m about to throw some stats your way and I want your take on it. Too bad Yeti isn’t around these days to digest all of this himself.

    The almighty Kansas City Chiefs won yesterday. Of course, they are the same Chiefs that won the Super Bowl last year in amazing fashion. They are the same ones that after getting rid of the bald-headed dipshit as their offensive coordinator (not offensive as in scoring; offensive as in offending to the game), they become an even better team and win the Super Bowl. They could have won one the year before that if it wasn’t for Tom Brady.

    But that’s not why I called.

    The Chiefs won by rushing for a total of 245 yards on 46 carries amongst five different players. Even the great Patrick Mahomes doesn’t have to throw for 450 yards every game. He was 21 of 25 for 225 yards. The Bears? They had a grand total of 63 yards on 25 carries against the Panthers (a worse team than the Bills).

    Wait, there’s more.

    The Arizona Cardinals won their game last night mostly running the football as well. They had 261 yards on 35 carries. Kyler Murray was 9 of 24 for 188 yards.

    I was paying some attention to both games as I was busy doing other things. But from what I did see, I didn’t notice pass plays on 3rd and inches. I also didn’t see bad clock management by either team. The Cardinals got up big and kept it that way by burning the clock. How did that happen? By running the ball.

    Of course, the bald-headed dipshit won’t realize this. He’ll just keep being a fuckwad by managing the clock with no football common sense. Even I, a dumbass sitting on my couch can see this guy is a stupid putz.

  16. Fro Dog Says:

    Well, the Bears didn’t get any help whatsoever with gaining ground on Sunday. The Packers, Lions, Saints, Buccaneers, 49ers and Cardinals all won. It’s obvious that the Bears must win this game against the Rams because the only way into the playoffs will be winning the division. The Bears should not rely on other teams to help them out anyway.

    I don’t know how they can hold this up while other teams are right on them for those playoff spots.

  17. chucky Says:

    Fro……you mean no Lovie Smith type logic?

    “This isn’t a must win game for us.”

  18. Fro Dog Says:

    Don’t even get me started on that guy. He’s currently pissing on the Illini football team. They played Wisconsin on Friday and lost 45-7. That touchdown was scored by the defense as well.

  19. chucky Says:

    Yeah, he’s such a defensive guru, isn’t he? Maybe his beard isn’t white enough.

    By the way, Rams 38, Bears 20.

  20. Fro Dog Says:

    You’re insane for thinking the Bears are going to actually score 20 points.

  21. chucky Says:

    Fro….turns out you were right. My apologies.


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