The idiot has sealed his fate.



Well, we only have one more season of the bald-headed dipshit. Matt Nagy announced Friday that he is going to resume his duties of poorly calling the offense. You know what that means? It means more of passing the ball on second and inches. It also means those wonderful bubble screens on 3rd and 25 with a chance to still win the game. It also means the incompetence of not calling a sneak on 4th and an inch.

This idiot’s faith has been sealed. He knows he’s out the door and because of this, he’s going to sabotage this team in every way possible. I’ve said this about every idiot before him that the only way a job is kept is if they win a Super Bowl. Not make the playoffs. Not get to the Super Bowl. WIN THE SUPER BOWL. As you all know, that won’t happen.

I am posting this article as the Blackhawks are currently playing like horseshit. Even they can’t cheer me up like they use to. This is just BAD. Chicago sports is just BAD. I don’t see it getting better anytime soon.

And back to the Bears, George McCaskey gets a lot of shit and rightfully so. But everyone should credit him for being the only owner in the league to vote against a 17th game. Fuck Roger Goodell as well as the rest of the owners. Greedy fucks.

6 Responses to “The idiot has sealed his fate.”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    With players getting injured at a cyclic rate (despite the alleged advances of sports medicine, nutrition, and athletic conditioning) and stretches of the season where half the matchups are between teams with losing records, the NFL adds a seventeenth game that nobody really wants or needs…except the owners.

    I swear to God…to be an NFL money is to own a US government mint, and it’s still not enough for Roger Goddell and the NFL owners.

    Is there really a need or a market for Game 17? Does anybody else care? Not even the sports talk radio hacks are discussing this mess…

  2. chucky Says:

    Thank you Fro! This is precisely what I wanted to talk about. When I read that he was resuming the play calling my first thought was “Who the fuck is running this goddamned shitshow?” Is Pace REALLY that fucking stupid to let him? Is George the moron really going to allow this? Does Nagy really have that much stroke that can call the shots like this? Then they go on to defend signing Andy Dalton for 10 million. ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE? Dalton fucking blows! And there’s this from a guy who is just irritating to me, Sub Arkush:

    “But in answers from Pace to three questions and from Nagy to two questions, they highlighted the belief that Dalton makes good decisions as a determining factor.

    Sadly, the facts dispute that premise.

    It’s hard to find two better measures of a quarterback’s decision making than completion percentage and touchdowns-to-interceptions ratio.

    In three of Dalton’s nine seasons as a starter, he completed less than 60% of his passes, basically a D to even an F on an NFL bell curve for starters. In two more, he was below 62%, and in a sixth, he was at 62.3%.

    Dalton’s career touchdowns-to-interceptions ratio of 218-to-126 is awful, and believe it or not, that 1.73-to-1 ratio is identical to Trubisky’s 64 career TDs and 37 picks.

    Dalton’s career playoff stats are a 55.7% completion rate with one touchdown and six interceptions, the main ingredients to his 0-4 record.”

    You might as well have stayed with Turd Biscuit. And you could have probably gotten him for less. Three years, 45 million for Mike Glennon, now one year, 10 mil for Dalton. Let’s face it, Ryan Pace is a useless fucking douchecopter who hasn’t got a fucking clue about what he’s doing. Same for Nagy, same for George McCaskey, same for Toad Phillips, and the same for the OLD BITCH. This team is fucking doomed until there is new ownership. Or until the fucking goddamn McCaskey just step aside and let competent people run the show.

    Like THAT will ever happen.

  3. genrebuster Says:

    yep. same old shit.

  4. jerbates Says:

    @chucky, that rant… that was… it was just… epic.

  5. jerbates Says:

    Personally, I was thrilled to learn that Nagy is reclaiming play calling duties. I agree completely with Fro Dog about his ineptitude (bubble screens on 3rd and 25… classic!).
    As I have stated here previously. I am really praying for the Bears to earn the #1 overall pick in 2022. And Nagy’s inexplicable dedication to passing sideways on every down should help that endeavor. Ever bottom-tier team should be improved in 2021 except for the Bears and Texans, who have both probably gotten worse. It should come down to Chicago and Houston battling it out for the worst record in the league.

  6. chucky Says:

    Thanks jerbates. I live to serve.


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