The Cubs (would anybody like to contribute?).


Hello, my frendts!

The Cubs have been playing better recently, which is encouraging. That said, it’s a long season.

I’ll continue to post as possible, but I haven’t been following as closely as I have in the past (mostly due to scrambling to keep afloat the past 14+ months when my income was upended due to Covid). I’ve managed to stay in the game, and now things are looking up as the work is beginning to return.

I’ll continue to post as time allows but if any of you are interested in contributing your thoughts for a new Cubs thread, please respond here and I’ll provide you with my personal email to submit your thoughts and words (not accepting prayers at this time hahaha)…unedited, of course!

All the Best ~ genre

4 Responses to “The Cubs (would anybody like to contribute?).”

  1. chucky Says:

    I’m still not sold on David Ross. But even worse, my big fear is Jed Hoyer dismantling the team basically because it’s still Theo’s team mostly. And Fanboy Ricketts is still a moron, despite 2016.

    On another topic, but still related to baseball, I was wondering what everybody’s thoughts were on Tony La Russas comments that buried his own player. I know nobody here are White Sox fans, but somebody please explain the thinking to me in hiring this dinosaur.

  2. Erniesarmy Says:

    Genre, keep up the good work and I do pray your income goes way up now that Covid looks like it is finally going away. The Cubs, in my opinion, are playing over their heads right now. Even though I am glad they got rid of Lester, Oquedo, and Strop, their pitching doesn’t impress me and pitching it what counts in August, September, and October. I like Nico Hoerner, I think he’s a keeper.
    Still way too early to know anything as yet.

  3. chucky Says:

    OK, off topic but this is so important it needs to be discussed. Fro, I think you need to do a new post for this, my frendt!

    I honestly didn’t think this would ever happen.

  4. genrebuster Says:

    I think Tony still enjoys a drink or 5. I get it.

    I saw the post regarding possible Bears ownership change but figured Fro would get to it. I’ll start a thread, but leave the analysis to you guys.

    Ernie, I appreciate your kind words. I’m about to become very busy with work, performances, etc. …so things are looking much brighter.


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