Tough Business. Jed Hoyer speaks.


here’s the video:

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So, it’s been a helluva few days. Rizzo, Bryant, Baez gone in the same day is hard to believe. But we all saw this coming…

Who’s next on the chopping block?

At this time, not sure I even care…

8 Responses to “Tough Business. Jed Hoyer speaks.”

  1. Erniesarmy Says:

    Who’s next? David Ross and whoever the hitting coach is. Get someone who can teach these guys how to hit a baseball!!

  2. Paul Says:

    Happ and Heyward each hitting under 200 and they’re still on the Major League roster , you can’t win many games with that kind of production, release them both!!

  3. chucky Says:

    Since we can’t unload Fanboy, the next two who should be dismissed are Hoyer and Ross. Both of those guys are in way over their heads. Why didn’t Hoyer even try to sign Rizzo, Bryant, or Baez during the winter? I know Bryant’s agent is Scott BoreAss, and that he’s next to impossible to deal with. And Rizzo’s back problems were becoming an issue, plus his not getting vaccinated mainly because of mainly idiotic reasons. But why the hell not resign Baez, and build around him? Why did Hoyer trade Yu Darvish and get back basically jack shit in return. Don’t tell me salary dump, that’s fucking bullshit. And why did he hire David Ross, especially when he had a chance at Joe Girardi? Remember a while ago, around 2013-14 when there was talk about hiring Ryne Sandberg as manager? Anybody with two brain cells to rub together called total bullshit on that move, citing the fact he had no experience, would wind up with a horseshit team, and would never get a real mangers gig ever again because of it. Plus, it was considered a “Cubbie move”, similar to ones that mired this team in a 108 year title drought. Ross’s hiring smell just like that. Ross had no experience, and was a fan favorite from 2016. He’s simply not ready for this job.

    As strange as this may sound, their World Series title may have been an albatross as well as a blessing. This team has been in decline ever since November 2, 2016. And I know what began the tailspin. Letting Dexter Fowler leave for St. Louis in Dec. of 2016 left the Cubs scrambling for a legitimate lead off hitter ever since. That was the beginning of the end. As I’ve mentioned many times before, the hiring of Chili Davis as hitting coach was the last nail in the coffin this team needed to completely bury them. And now Hoyer is looking to put his thumb print on the Cubs by building what he thinks will be HIS championship roster. Personally. I have zero confidence in him succeeding. I hope you guys relish that World Series title, because it’s the only one we’re getting.

  4. Paul Says:

    I can rest in peace having seen the Cubs win a World Series but I’ll never see another in my life time , not with The Cluster ruining the Cubs now!

  5. genrebuster Says:

    chucky, you’ve pretty much nailed it.

    Letting Fowler go started it.

    I guess Fanboy cares more for his $$$ than his baseball team.

    I didn’t know Rizzo was unvaxxed, which disappoints me. Wonder if it has to do with his being treated for cancer? On a different note, Rizzo is tearing it up with the Yankees…no surprise.

    Paul, you’re probably right. At least we experienced 2016…

  6. Nemo Says:

    This destruction hurts more than 84 or 03. Then, at least, we knew the Cubs would be competitive again the next year (until injuries anyway). Now, we know they won’t be competitive for many years. Also, THIS WAS WILLFUL. The Cardinals have “down” years. However, their down years are never as bad as the Cubs down years and they never fucking panic and trade so many players that they need little leaguers to come in from the stands to fill out the goddamn roster!!

    It galls me that Hoyer is like “What could I do?” Well, for one, after years of sucking, Darvish was finally good and they trade him (essentially for a washed up Arrieta). The fire sale started before the season started!! He forced this. Sorry I had to flood the basement but I set it on fire, what else could I do? Why the fuck did Sogard play so much and then DFA him? He should have never been playing.

    Does anyone really think the Cubs could sign any of these guys back cheaper than if they had stayed the season or been extended? Their price will go up. Boras might be an asshole, but he is a good agent for his clients. That’s his job, and his clients are working, so the Cubs will have to deal with him if they want good players ever again.

    This fire sale has me fearing the Cubs are going to become the Royals-develop players and after they get good and are ready for a payday-dump them. Repeat. Basically a Glorified Minor League Franchise.

    The only major player I agree needed to be traded was Kimbrell. But to the GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING WHITE SOX?!??!?!?!? What happens if that bastard is on the mound saving Game 7 of the World Series for the White Sox?!?!? That kind of insult to injury will never heal properly.

    I desperately wanted a second championship to prove that 2016 wasn’t a fluke-and to get one up on the White Sox (who may get one up on the Cubs instead). Look at what the Dodgers did. They aren’t content to win once.

    I can’t pick another team. I just can’t. But, if Ricketts wants to tear the Cubs up for 4 years, I’ll just not follow them for 4 years or until they get good again. I have no interest in losing 100 games again while watching new players hopefully develop. The Cubs are dead to me.

  7. chucky Says:

    Here’s the proof of what I’ve been saying about Fanboy and Jed “Clampett” Hoyer.

    You know what Fanboy, you can take your flowery little letter to season ticket sheeple and stick it straight up your goddamned ass! You can obviously fool over 40,000 sheeple 82 times a year, but I guan-fucking-tee you that you won’t fool us! You, and your entire fucking goddamned family has more fucking money than GAWD. Don’t insult us by saying they wanted too much fucking money. You’re simply going on the cheap now since you got that World Series title in ’16. You’re just a bunch of money grubbing cocksuckers looking to cash out now. Go fuck yourselves!

  8. genrebuster Says:

    Hoyer is in over his head until he proves otherwise.

    Ricketts is just another PATHETIC rich a-hole.


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