Open thread


Bears vs. Bengals this Sunday

It’s not that the Bears will lose. But rather, how will they lose?

Your predictions in the thread.

5 Responses to “Open thread”

  1. Paul Says:

    Yeah, the lunacy continues and it will continue as long as the McCaskeys own the Bears! George McCaskey and Ted , I don’t kmow what I’m doing, Phillips have ruined the Bears with their incompetent management and that won’t change ! You can put big money on them hiring another horrible GM and he will hire another horrible coach and the insanity will continue!! My season prediction 4-13 or maybe 6-11.

  2. JohnCMCHI Says:

    I do believe the Bears ownership is more comfortable in a passive role since the money keeps rolling in. As far as their choices in GM’s and not reigning them in…. I have no words. Next year we will watch a top 5 1st round pick go to the Giants and we are lacking our 4th round pick too. Pace and Nagy will be fired, but what kind of a situation will the Bears be recruiting people to. An old defense with more holes than swiss cheese. Hicks will be gone, who knows what is happening with Goldman, we are missing one inside linebacker, we have two crazy contracts for edge rushers and no secondary to speak of. That is the good side of the ball. Our offense has a make shift line missing vital tackles, our new rookie has back issues…. does this remind anyone of Chris Williams? Allen Robinson will do everything in his power to run from Chicago as fast as he can, and all dreams hinge on a rookie QB who’s only flaw is that he is slow to make reads. What could go wrong with that for a QB? I hope I am wrong about Fields, but after a lot of years being a dedicated fan of this team he looks more like RGIII than he does Mahomes! I guess we will see on that one. (Prove this hater wrong please) Montgomery will continue to be a stud in this league and his talents will be wasted away. Get ready to be stuck in this hell hole prison for at least three or four more years. Pace and Nagy…. the legacy will live on!

  3. Paul Says:

    The Bears are dysfunctional and that won’t change as long as the McCaskey family own the team , that should be obvious!! Chicago needs another NFL franchise!

  4. chucky Says:

    If I may, I want to change the subject for a minute. I just got done watching a video of Steve “Mongo” McMichael receiving the very first ALS Courage Award. It was truly sad for this fan of the 1985 Super Bowl winning team. He’s lost a ton of weight, looks gaunt, is confined to a wheelchair, and has difficulty speaking. I’m afraid he really doesn’t have much time left. This just really sucks. But something that was really cool to see, among many former Bears greats like Keith Van Horn, and Dan Hampton, was another former teammate of Mongos. None other than the Nature Boy, Ric Flair. For Naitch to take time out of whatever his schedule may have been and be with Steve was a total class act on his part. So, I’m sure he doesn’t know about this dark corner of the internet, but I want to send my compliments out to Ric Flair. It was really cool seeing you there to support Mongo.

  5. dvxprime Says:

    The Bengals at home will be as easy at it gets for Da Bears. That being said…someway, somehow, this team will find new ways to fuck up this game and lose 27-24 on a field goal at the final gun.


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