Penalties. Penalties. Penalties. : Steelers 29 Bears 27


This was the most frustrating game I have seen in quite some time and that says a lot considering there have been a lot of frustrating games. What an awful display. And of course, the Bears always save their worst displays for National Television. I guess I can’t ESPN and NBC for wanting the Bears. They know we will watch this trash no matter what.

First and foremost, fuck Mario Edwards Jr.

Also, fuck everyone else who committed a penalty in this game for the Bears. Jaylon Johnson? TURN THE FUCK AROUND. Again, such a simple, yet, difficult thing to do.

Fuck Jakeem Grant.

And Matt Nagy? Fuck him the most. 2nd and goal at the one. LET’S PASS THE BALL. Of course, the impending touchdown gets called back for a personal foul. RUN THE FUCKING BALL.

Cassius Smith? TAUNTING. WHAT THE FUCK? Talk about fucking the game for sure.

Don’t blame for the referees for this game. The players should know better. But since Ryan Pace has the inability of bringing in players who are smart, they don’t.

It’s time to fire Matt Nagy. This team is undisciplined. They are immature and have a low football I.Q. It’s time to make changes. It’s time to bring in players who aren’t going to commit stupid penalties. It’s time to bring in defensive backs who know how to turn around when in coverage. It’s time to bring in a head coach that knows when to keep it simple.

And fuck the defense for fucking up at the end of the game. Fuck each and every one of them.

14 Responses to “Penalties. Penalties. Penalties. : Steelers 29 Bears 27”

  1. Fro Dog Says:

    Nagy had more faith in Santos hitting a 65-yard field goal in less-than-average conditions than Fields throwing a Hail Mary for the win.


  2. John Says:

    Yeah . . . I would say that the necktie party might be coming shortly. Not least for Matt Nagy. His biggest problem is that he always tries to outsmart himself. Although, to be fair, the personal foul was a bit ridiculous. I don’t have ESPN, so I had to listen to Jeff Joniac and Tom Thayer. They thought it was stupid. (Chucky, do you hate them too? XD)

    This team looks a lot to me like the 2017 Chicago Bears. They’re back to their John Fox play style.

    Sigh. Great way to end Cairo Stanto’s kicking streak.

    But . . . good game for Justin Fields. He’s getting there . . . but I don’t think ‘there’ is going be fully realized under Matt Nagy.

  3. Paul Says:

    Fro Dog, You should be used to watching that garbage and it’s all because of the FUCKING JERK OFF McCaskeys ,they continually hire MORONS as GMs and Pace is the worst!! Pace has screwed up every draft and it shows with the lack of quality players on both sides of the ball .You can bet the McCaskeys next hire will be the same! Justin Fields will leave the Bears as soon as he can, if he’s smart, and go on to be a top tier QB with a real NFL team!!! As Doug Buffone would say, I feel like sticking a pencil in my jugular vein make that George’s vein!!

  4. chucky Says:

    John……I don’t mind Tom Thayer. Jeff Joniak, he should be locked in a portable toilet, set on fire, and then thrown off a goddamn bridge. In other words, I hate the little fuckwad.

    I’m hoping the Bears don’t win another game this season. Paul is 1000% spot on regarding the McCaskey Crime Family. George is asleep at the the fucking wheel. and the OLD BITCH has been in a goddamned coma since the 85 season. This team will go NOWHERE as long as these stupid motherfuckers own this clusterfuck. I’ve said this before, several times in fact, every fucking head coach has sounded exactly the same, said the same bullshit word salad at press conferences, every one, since Mike Ditka. Ditka was the last coach who actually spoke his mind. I can’t remember his name right now, but do you guys remember the guy they interviewed for HC job, and they wanted him to do a mock press conference? What in the blue fucking hell is that goddamned bullshit!?!!! Who thought that was good idea? Needless to say, that guy told the Bears to go fuck themselves and rightfully so. The top brass not only doesn’t know who to hire, but they don’t even know how to hire someone!!!!!! Face it, as long as the McCaskey Crime Family owns this team we are doomed to look at utter failure.

  5. Fro Dog Says:


    The man the Bears had do a mock press conference was none other than Bruce Arians. That’s Super Bowl-winning head coach, Bruce Arians. Phil Emery and his glorious process had that idea. And hey, Trestman passed the test.


  6. John Says:

    I heard also one time that the Bears announced they had hired a head coach before the guy had even accepted the job. And when he heard of it, he immediately turned down all consideration on his part. Who was that guy?

    What do you think of their plans to build a new stadium out in Arlington? I guess the finally tired of Soldier Field. That stadium, even with renovations, was never enough.

  7. Mark Johnson Says:

    John- The premature announcement was for rehiring Dave McGinnis. McGinnis went Ape Shit and immediately turned the deal down as it was still in his agents hands and they had agreed to NOTHING. He went on to get the Cardinals Head coaching job and got Dick Jauron.
    The 2 guys doing the Home team radio call are supposed to be homers. Hub Arkush likes to be called a “senior” football analyst but thinks the Bears are superbowl bound each year and the coach and management have the geniusness.

    Bruce Arians refused to do a mock press conference because he has little trouble with the media. Why you ask? Because he FUCKING WINS GAMES. Always easier to handle the stupid Chicago media when you are winning. None of them ask hard questions even now with this CIRCUS clown in charge.

  8. Paul Says:

    Wasn’t Michael McCaskey the Gm then , I’m pretty sure the dumbass was? Mike was the harbor of what the next 3 Gms would be like, clueless morons and I’m sure the next one will be a carbon copy!!

  9. chucky Says:

    Yeah Paul, I’m pretty sure he was. I also think it resulted in his departure as well. Just remember this, George came from the same polluted womb of Michael, so don’t expect anything different. This fucking crime family sucks.

  10. Paul Says:

    Chucky, you hit the nail on the head and the worst part is we Bear fans have to suffer through the McCasky crime family rule!

  11. OG Says:

    Not only did the McCasitard’s screw the pooch with Bruce Arians, but a year earlier Georgie Boy selected Phil Emery over Jason Licht. Yes, the Superbowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers GM, Jason Licht! The same Jason Licht and Bruce Arians that outmaneuvered the Bears for Tom Brady!

    Fuck the douche canoe McCasky’s, fuck Pace, and fuck that visor wearing, dick with ears, Nagy!!!!

  12. Fro Dog Says:


    I completely forgot about the candidates for general manager a year prior in 2012. Holy shit. The Bears had the right people in front of their faces and were still stupid to pass on them.

    Pace had Glennon, Mitch, Foles, Dalton and now Fields. If any general manager of a competent team was given even two quarterbacks, they would be sent packing. Pace may even get to pick his THIRD coach in seven years. Ridiculous.

  13. Paul Says:

    Fro Dog, anything George McCaskey does is a Cluster Fuck , so he could keep that moron Pace and allow him to Fuck the team up even more!!

  14. Paul Says:

    OG, great post my friendt and that is what the McCaskeys have always done!


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