Why are the Jaguars considered the laughingstock of the league when the Bears only have one more win?


If someone can answer this, please do so. There isn’t really much of a difference. I’d even say the Jaguars have a brighter future than the Bears do.

I find it absolutely PATHETIC that the Bears simply refuse to make changes necessary to win. They could be 0-9 right now and still preach optimism by saying “they are close” to figuring things out.


15 Responses to “Why are the Jaguars considered the laughingstock of the league when the Bears only have one more win?”

  1. Paul Says:

    One word says it all , McCaskey!!

  2. chucky Says:

    Again, I’m with Paul on this. It’s the McCaskey Crime Family. Personally, I’m more optimistic about the Jags future than the Bears too. Hell, I’m more optimistic about the Detroit fucking Lions than I am about the goddamned Bears. Their lone win this year will come on Thanksgiving. I’m calling it right now. And I hope like fuck they fire fucking Nagy’s ass right then and there.

  3. Paul Says:

    Chucky, I’ll say it again, it doesn’t make any difference because when the CLUSTER FUCK McCaskeys finally fire Pace and Nagy the replacements will be just as incompetent !! The only hope is the death of Virginia Halas McCaskey and hopefully the sale of the team!!

  4. chucky Says:

    I agree with you Paul. I’ve been screaming and bitching about the goddamn McCaskeys for years now. But, sadly, I think George will keep the team after the OLD BITCH dies. As since she’s nothing but a figure head, I don’t expect any changes in philosophy or in the operations behind the scenes at Halas Hell. George is as big a putz as Michael was. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they try to run this shitstorm from the fucking grave.

  5. Nemo Says:

    Didn’t think the Hawks would fire Colliton, but so glad they did. At a minimum, addition by subtraction. So far, so good.

    Anyone know anything about Leah Hextall? She was the ESPN+ announcer for the Hawks-Coyotes game last night. She’s pretty good-better than the guy they are breaking in to replace Pat Foley.

  6. Paul Says:

    Nemo, I don’t have ESPN+ but I can’t stand women announcers and a prime example is the woman who does a lot of NCAA footballl games and some preseason NFL games , her high pitched Banshee voice is like hearing fingernails on a blackboard!! Elizabeth Mowins is her name and as soon as I hear her off goes the TV!!

  7. John Says:

    The Detroit Lions have been through 3 head coaches and 2 GMs since 2017, which was coincidentally the last season they had a winning record. They have not been to the playoffs since the 2017 postseason, and have not won a playoff game since 1991, which was coincidentally the last time they won the NFC North, too. And beyond Madden, they have never been to a Super Bowl.

    They have not been able to put a competent team together since Calvin Johnson retired, and have traded away their forseeable future along with Matthew Stafford.

    They are literally right back to where they were in 2008 before they drafted Matthew Stafford in the first place, and if they swapped out Jared Goff with Daunte Culpepper there would be little difference!

    Ah . . . I don’t think their future is very bright, Chucky! XD

    A win for them on Thanksgiving won’t make anything much better.

    The Bears at least have made playoffs three times and have won the NFC North twice since 2008. Detroit has to start over after starting over all of their start overs.

  8. Fro Dog Says:


    I’ve had a crush on Miss Hextall for many years. She was on the Canadian channel, Sportsnet, for many years. She hosted the afternoon show “Hockey Central” and it was simulcasted on the NHL Network for a few years. I’m certain they let her go a couple years back.

    I refused to pay for ESPN+. I watched it on a site for free. So many people are talking about how bad it is. The audio lags big time from what you see on the stream. The Blackhawks scored the goal in audio and I didn’t see it until a couple seconds later. Awful.

  9. Nemo Says:

    Paul, I think you may be confusing announcers because Beth Mowins has a low, deep voice like most female broadcasters. She’s competent and once I got used to her, I don’t have any real problems with her.

    Fro, Okay, I remember you talking about a crush with someone on the NHL network-I get it, but usually don’t watch it. Hextall has a nice, feminine, yet authoritative voice. Hawks need a new voice of the franchise and I’m onboard if they want to get her.

    I don’t have ESPN+ either. They posted like an 8 minute clip of game highlights on YouTube and I was like “who is this woman?” I’ve not heard more than this of her but she can clearly call games. Don’t know if the Hawks will pay better than a Network, but Hawks need a new identity.

  10. Fro Dog Says:

    I must be in the minority of not wanting Pat Foley to retire. He was under fire for a couple of comments that I could have cared less about the last couple seasons. So what do the Blackhawks do after? They announce he’s retiring after the upcoming season. It’s a shitty “coincidence.” I actually liked him calling games. It’s nostalgia for me and I wasn’t ready for him to hang it up.

    Everyone is offended at everything these days. It’s unfortunate.

    Also, those women from NHL Network I spoke of were Deb Places and Kathryn Tappen. Both are no longer there either.

  11. Paul Says:

    Beth Mowins should stick to doing womens sports so I don’t have to listen to that god awful voice, does anyone else find her voice irritating?

  12. Nemo Says:

    I don’t want Foley to retire either-he’s the only announcer I remember. Unfortunately, these decisions have been made.

    I like the idea of an announcer being part of the team and with the rare exception of Harry Caray, getting a late middle age or young senior is not likely to allow that to happen. Of course a young announcer is no guarantee either-I never felt Len Kasper was part of the Cubs.

    Can Leah Hextall modify her announcing to be a bit more of a “homer” for Blackhawks games? Does she have enough personality? I don’t know, but it’s worth investigating. What I’ve seen the Blackhawks bring in so far hasn’t impressed me.

  13. Paul Says:

    Nemo, Loyd Pettit was a great play by play guy for the Hawks starting in 1961 and he did that for 14 years, you’re probably too young to remember him.

  14. Nemo Says:


    Yeah, that’s a little before my time. I probably started watching the Hawks around 1975-6, but to my memory, they were on tv only sporadically and I don’t remember anybody specifically before Pat Foley.

  15. Mark johnson Says:

    The posts shown above are an excellent example of what is happening to pro football in Chicago. All someone had to do is coincidentally mention the Hawks and that was the last mention of the Bears.


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