The Bears need to win the next two games against the Ravens and Lions to have a chance at the playoffs.


I highly doubt this will happen. But if it does, I’ll be the first to say I was wrong.

8 Responses to “The Bears need to win the next two games against the Ravens and Lions to have a chance at the playoffs.”

  1. chucky Says:

    I seriously wonder if the Bears can beat the Lions, let alone the Ravens at this point, the way they’re playing. And frankly, I hope they lose the rest of the way. Winning enough games to squeak into the playoffs does nothing but hurt this team. For one thing, It has the potential to delay Nagy and Paces much needed departure from Chicago. Second, it destroys their draft positions. I’m hoping that the fucking McCaskeys sell the team like our frendt Paul has said before. But failing that, maybe, just maybe, George will have a colossal brain fart and actually hire a decent GM and HC. Getting into the playoffs will merely extend our misery. And no, I don’t buy into the “anything can happen in the playoffs” line of bullshit. Not with this team, and not with this coaching staff.

  2. Paul Says:

    I hope they lose all their remaining games and if that doesn’t make George pull his head out of his ass nothing will!! The one thing we don’t want is Pace and Nagy back but like I’ve said before George will probably hire another DUMBASS as GM for the 5th consecutive time and that my friendt is the bottom line!!

  3. John Says:

    The Bears losing out would in no way help their draft positioning. They traded a bunch of picks to the NY Giants so that they could get Justin Fields. They would only be doing the Giants a favor.

    Multiple things could happen with Justin Fields: He could be a franchise quarterback, he could be a bust, he could be a one year wonder and then a bust, he could be an injury machine and then a bust, he could be a drawn-out limited potential bust, he could be a drawn-out unrealized potential bust, and he could end up being traded to another team where his career really takes off.

    I hope he’s got what it takes.

    And that the Bears don’t blow it.

  4. Mark Johnson Says:

    John….We do have some picks next year so losing always helps you move up. It would also prove to all the “everything is going great” crowd that it is far from that.
    I am not sure what kind of bust you call this { Insert Playboy joke here} but Justin Fields will go through several changes in coaching and schemes, get hurt because no investment in offensive line, get frustrated because investment in position players is always left wanting and then we will release his ass for some team to pick up FOR FREE!
    See previous debacle named Mitch Trubisky. Mitch isn’t great, but the Bears did about all an organization could to make it impossible to preform to whatever level he is capable of. Even press conferences became a point of distraction.

  5. chucky Says:

    Somebody want to explain to me the logic in trying to run the ball up the gut with one second left in the half?

    Whoever is doing the play calling for the Bears is absolutely killing any chance of winning this fucking game.

  6. Fro Dog Says:

    Through one half, I have found myself annoyed and frustrated. The defense does it’s usual “give up points right before the half” schtick and Fields can’t hold onto the ball.

    Nagy is putting these players in positions to fail. The season is on the line today and there is no urgency whatsoever.

  7. chucky Says:

    There’s no urgency to score any points, that for sure! Tyler Hundley has no never started a game in the NFL, and the defense is him look pretty damn good. Now Fields is headed for the clubhouse, and we get to look forward to the return of Andy Dalton. Oh boy, I can’t wait! You see, this is why I didn’t Fields out there this year! If he makes back he’ll be killed out there. There is no o-line! Turd Biscuit might have been a good QB, but we’ll never know now because he was goddamned destroyed by the tag team of Fox and Nagy. Fuck the McCaskey Crime Family for this shitty excuse of a football organization. Hampton and O’Bradovich are probably having a stroke by now.

  8. Paul Says:

    Chucky , this is who the Bears are and like I’ve said numerous times, that will never change with the McCaskeys at the helm! How can George watch the shit on the field and not fire everyone, it’s hopeless I don’t give a rats ass anymore!!


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