I listened to some of the press conference today. And…


I was pretty discouraged. Poles and Eberflus talked with “FIRE AND PASSION” and not in the good way.

I’m someone who is annoyed by people using a script to make speeches. Having bullet points on paper is fine. But reading off a script in these situations don’t seem genuine. And what made it worst was seeing Ted Phillips sit there. How is this guy even allowed into the building?

Then again, maybe this is optimism. The previous regimes didn’t seem to talk like this. So maybe I’ll be proven wrong?

The press conference in it’s entirety is posted below. Check it out if you want.

6 Responses to “I listened to some of the press conference today. And…”

  1. chucky Says:

    I didn’t bother listening to it. I figured it would be the same old bullshit from previous introductions. I’ll start listening again when the current owners aren’t named McCaskey.

  2. dvxprime Says:

    First time GM, first time head coach. God help us.

    Hopefully between the two of them, they have a To-Do list that looks something like this:

    1) For the love of God…REBUILD THE OFFENSIVE LINE. the Bears gave up the most sacks in the NFL last season…’nuff said. Don’t know about the numbers/yards for offensive holding and false start flags, but the Bears haven’t had the talent to overcome 1st and 2nd and 20.

    2) Accelerated development of Justin Fields. Find out WTF Ryan Pace drafted him for, then exploit those skills to the max. Is he better in the pocket, or can he beat you with his legs and his arm? If he’s gonna be a scrambler, TEACH HIM HOW TO SLIDE and TEACH HIM HOW TO HOLD ON TO THE BALL.

    3) When you clear out the lame-asses and the lame-brains from the defense, make you draft or sign the best cornerbacks and safeties you can get your hands on. A strong front seven is nice, but when your pass fails, your back four gotta make some stops.

    One last thing, newbies…the NFL is a PASSING LEAGUE. the QBs who can win with their ARMS and their HEADS are in the Super Bowl next Sunday. Your QN has to win WITH THE PASS, and your defense has to STOP THE PASS.

    PS: Siri, how many former Chicago Bears outside of Mike Ditka and Love Smith have ever been hired again as head coaches in the NFL? How many former Bears GMs have been hired as GMs elsewhere since the Mc Caskeys have run the team?

    **hint.hint…wink, wink…**

    Welcome to Da Bears. Lord help y’all…

  3. genrebuster Says:

    My frendts: what do you think?


  4. chucky Says:

    Time will tell genre. Remember we’re talking about the Bears. They’re bound to fuck this up too.

    This caught me by surprise however.


    Could they actually be THAT goddamned stupid?

  5. Pie in the Sky Says:

    I mean, they wanted to hire a guy whose coaching experience was volunteering at a high school in 2019. NFL has gotten to the point where I pay more attention to the drama then the actual regular season games. Or basically, it’s becoming too much like the NBA.

  6. chucky Says:



    And of course the “fans” will line up regardless. Jack up the price tag, don’t bother improving the on field product. Useless fuckers.

    The one good thing in the article is that ole Lovie Baker Smith will make his way back to Chicago for the extra AFC game. THAT should be rich!


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