Keep kicking us while we’re down, Blackhawks.


I know many don’t care about hockey. But damn, this is so bad. I’ve experienced the early 2000’s where the Blackhawks were so awful. Just shitty. And now, they are back in that kind of “bad.”

Last year, they announced they were getting rid of Pat Foley, who was one of the few reasons to watch the team during those days (and the recent years).

So, a few weeks after the new general manager of the team, Kyle Davidson, decided to trade the only player worth a damn in Alex DeBrincat for less value in return, the franchise decided to low-ball Eddie Olczyk. They go from fucking up the team on the ice to even forcing out the announcers.

A once-proud franchise has taken a shit in the last year. From finding out they were hiding sexual assault to now choosing to be bad and getting rid of any reason to watch the team, it’s all there. This is going to be very bad for the next several years at the very least.

To make matters even worse, a small minority are still trying to get the Blackhawks to change their name and logo. WHY?

We’ve been through this before. How the fuck is this offensive? Getting rid of names of teams such as the “Warriors”, “Indians” and “Braves.” And this isn’t a political issue. It’s a common sense issue. Leave the names and logos alone.


One Response to “Keep kicking us while we’re down, Blackhawks.”

  1. Mark Johnson Says:

    Chicago teams are experts in de-competing for championships, including announcers. Steve Stone got canned for telling the truth about players fucking off in the dugout while the on field performance was imploding.


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