This just in: Rookie who will probably suck is holding out for more money.


Jaquan Brisker | Safety | Penn State

Since he’s a safety, I don’t have any optimism. The Bears have a history of drafting defensive backs who don’t know how to cover receivers.

And yet, he’s the only rookie who is in a contract dispute.

Fuck this guy. He’s probably going to suck. Why does he think he’s better than all the others that signed and will probably also suck?

The Ryan Poles Disaster-a is off to a wonderful start.

4 Responses to “This just in: Rookie who will probably suck is holding out for more money.”

  1. chucky Says:

    It would seem that Jaquan Brisker isn’t the only bitch hold out because of his contract.

    What the fuck makes these bitches so goddamned entitled?

  2. Mark Johnson Says:

    I would hold out also. Who wants to be drafted by this shit show. And if you show loyalty and take the low ball offer they give you, after 5 years of hard work on and off the field they will cut you because you asked for them to make it up at that time.
    This is on top of burning through your career while playing with people like Trevor Semien, Anthony Miller, and a host of felons wanted by law enforcement.

  3. Fro Dog Says:


    I saw what you were saying about Tahman Bradley’s comment regarding the Bears. “Just win some games.”

    Even an anchor, who is supposed to be unbiased on the air, can’t stand take it anymore. Maybe that’s what the anchors on the news should start doing. Keep showing disdain (in a truthful manner). He kept it short and simple. MY GUY!

  4. Mark Johnson Says:

    August 1st, Bears entertain trades for OT Kevin Jenkins. A Ryan Pace special. A second round pick for 6 games. Of course we traded up for this.
    I recall that 3 other Bears employees had to talk George McCaskey out of rehiring Ryan Pace.
    I have always thought of Bears ownership as slow witted but you have to wonder if this whole thing is by design because he likes the attention.


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