Rest In Power | Jerry Vainisi and Bruce Sutter


I feel so awful for forgetting this. Shitty Bears football makes us forget to appreciate a person who actually did some good for the franchise. He was before my time, but former general manager of the Bears Jerry Vainisi, who was in charge during one of the few times when the Bears were relevant, passed about ten days ago. Some of the readers that were around that time probably have great things to say about him. Yes, Jim Finks built the team before that. But Vainisi drafted The Fridge, William Perry and it helped the Bears win their only Super Bowl. He also added Wilber Marshall and Kevin Butler. I’d say that’s pretty amazing that he got three great players in one draft unlike some general managers that came after him who couldn’t draft one good player in a given year.

And today, we lost Hall of Fame pitcher Bruce Sutter. Again, before my time. But growing up, I heard nothing but great things about him as a pitcher. He played with the Cubs in the 70’s and early 80’s before going to the hated Cardinals. He was the pitcher who gave up the homeruns to Sandberg in ’84. Even though baseball sucks now, I definitely have an appreciation not only for how the game was when I was growing up, but how it was before that. It was surely a golden era of the sport when he was playing.



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