Bye-Week Thoughts


Four more games to go before this nightmare season ends. Nothing matters anymore with this team even if they win the remaining contests. But if they continue to lose, they lock in the second overall pick.

And let’s be real here. The Bears never do anything of value with these picks to begin with. Pick first or pick last, it’s all the same. Another bust is on his way.


One Response to “Bye-Week Thoughts”

  1. Skip Says:

    Fro dog , The Bears will never be anything more than you’ve seen because the McCaskey crime family is in charge and their track record is a record of losing and hiring incompetent people to run the team ! Look at all the general managers hired by them , Michael McCaskey , Jerry Angelo , Phil Emory , Ryan Pace , and finally Ryan Poles !! What a group of incompetent fools and that list will never end under the McCaskey Clown show !!!


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