The Bengals had a little “Bears” in them.


Fourth quarter | Second to the last drive for the Bengals

2nd and 3 – Pass play for an incomplete

3rd and 3 – Pass play for an interception

Yes, the Bengals got the ball back before going three and out. The Chiefs drove down and won the game after a stupid penalty by the Bengals.

The Bengals could have done the obvious and run two straight times to get those three yards. But did they? Absolutely not.

This screamed “Bears” in the most poetic of ways. It just goes to show that there are other stupid coaches out there. They lost their chance to get back to the Super Bowl because of terrible play-calling.


One Response to “The Bengals had a little “Bears” in them.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Well, it seems former Bears return specialist and noted whiney little bitch Devin Hester missed out on being elected to the Hall of Fame for the second year in a row. For all of Hester’s accolades for punt and kickoff returns, the one image of him that sticks out in my mind is when the Bears FINALLY cut loose Lovie FUCKING Smith, this punk ass sat with his head down, hoodie pulled over his head, tears streaming down his face because he was crying like the little bitch he is about how the Bears fired his only daddy figure. Man, fuck this bitch. I hope he never gets in.


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