Super Bowl Open Thread


It’s very unfortunate that I have to want the Chiefs to win. That bald fuck Matt Nagy could get a Super Bowl ring. What a PATHETIC excuse for a football coach.

And I’ve hated the Eagles since that playoff game in 2002 where Hugh Douglas knocked out Jim Miller. Fuck the Eagles.

18 Responses to “Super Bowl Open Thread”

  1. chucky Says:

    Here is what to remember about this game Fro. If KC wins it, it’ll be IN SPITE OF Nagy, not because of him. Not much of a consolation prize, but it’s something.

  2. USAgent Says:

    Who cares? I haven’t watched a single snap of NFL football in seven years. Don’t plan to snap that streak any time soon.

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    I know. I know. But still, that fucker will still get a ring just because. It’s too bad he can’t go be the head coach of the Packers or Vikings. They aren’t that dumb to hire him if they have an open spot.

    I saw the comment about Hester in the previous thread. I admit that the interview he did the day Lovie was fired was ridiculous. His career was stalled a bit because of Lovie by trying to make him a wide receiver. Dumbest shit ever.

    That being said, he does belong in The Hall of Fame. Even you have to admit that he bailed those teams out a ton of times.

  4. chucky Says:

    Yeah, I hear what you’re sayin, my frendt. It’s just a personal thing with me. That interview turned my stomach something fierce, and I just can’t get past it. That’s on me, I know.

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    I get it. Even I was like, “why is he defending this guy?” Hester’s career was absolutely stalled and maybe even shortened in a way because of Lovie.

    Those days were so fucking frustrating. All the games the Bears should have won and Lovie pissed all over them with his shitty decisions.

  6. John Says:

    Well, the season is over. Chiefs win another Super Bowl. Could they be the next sports dynasty? I’m a little bummed, I’ll admit, with Tom Brady retiring. I have a feeling that this time it’s for good, and what’s for sure is that the guard has changed. I don’t like the Eagles either, Frog Dog. Not since the infamous double-doink game.

    Well, gentlemen of the darkness, I will see you come Draft-time.

  7. firetomskilling Says:

    Last night proved beyond all doubt what a fucking, goddamned moron Ryan FUCKING Pace was when he singlehandedly wrecked the Bears. He had his chance to draft Mahomes. Now he sits as a two-time Super Bowl champion with KC, with more to come I’m sure, and little Mitchy Turd-Biscuit has flopped with his second team. Pittsburgh is looking to unload his useless ass now.

    Goddamn, I fucking hate the asshole McCaskey family!!!!!! They’re the ones ultimately responsible for this debacle.

  8. firetomskilling Says:

    That post above came from me, chucky. I must have forgotten to switch names before posting.

  9. chucky Says:

    OK, I got it now, I think. Somehow my name got switched in the name field below. Sorry for the confusion.

  10. Fro Dog Says:


    I was reminded of your hatred for one, Tom Skilling. I have to say that your rants on him many years ago were very entertaining. I think I ignited it when I mentioned that he takes forever to just give the forecast like a normal meteorologist does. I had no idea at the time that it was going to cause a firestorm. It was pure gold.

    Thank you, sir.

  11. chucky Says:

    Damn Fro! Thank you for the kind words, my fitness frendt! Most kind.

    Fro, I see that Monday Night Raw in going to be at the Allstate Arena on April 24. Are you thinking about going. The things stand right now I could go if you are. Strangely I don’t have any surgeries scheduled near that date, so it’s entirely possible for me to go. Let me know if you’re thinking about it.

  12. Dave Says:

    The Superbowl was pretty decent in terms of being a competitive game. But as usual, there is an alarming increase in frequency of bad calls by the refs. I really only wanted the chiefs to win because of my SGP I had in my DraftKings app, but I didn’t win that either. Looking forward to draft day with mixed expectations

    As far as Tom Skilling goes, Chucky, I’d like to explore your hatred of this man if you’d grant me the opportunity. As someone who is near a Bachelors of Science degree in meteorology, and as someone who has conversed with Tom in person at least 4 times in the past 20 years, this topic interests me. I’m not seeking to change your opinion of him, just understand it, since I love his forecast segments, especially how long they are and how he can get technical enough for the viewer to learn something without getting lost.

  13. chucky Says:

    Sure Dave, I’ll explore that with you. And I promise, I’ll keep my comments respectful.

    First of all, his segments are far too long for me. By the time he gets to the actual forecast I’m exhausted. He could cut his segments in half, and it would greatly improve the presentation, in my opinion.

    Second, his data graphics contain too much information to read by the time he switches it to the next one. Add to that, his background pictures make it that part of his presentation very cluttered and confusing.

    Third, he has a very bad tendency to just ramble on, many times incoherently, to the point where I have started screaming at the tv “SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET ON WITH YOUR FORECAST!!!!” There have been many times he babbled on for a minute at least while he has “tonight’s forecast” on the screen. It’s like he’s trying to cram more and more info before he gets to it, stuttering all over himself, then he has to rush through the rest of the forecast.

    Fourth, he never admits to making any mistakes in his forecasts, and he’s made a lot of them since he came here in 1978. Not once has he ever said “Gee, I’m really sorry about yesterday’s forecast. I did drop the ball on that one.”

    Fifth, he’s a bigtime grandstander. Remember the Bears-Ravens game from 11/18/2013, also known as the “tornado game”? That Sunday night, guess who makes his grandstanding appearance on the 9 o’clock news. That’s right, Skilling. The last person I wanted or needed to see that night was this glory hog.

    Sixth, and I’ll wrap it up here, his whole homespun act is a complete farce. I’ve emailed him a couple of times, and he came across as a pompous, arrogant asshole. Now granted, I wasn’t the nicest I could have been. I asked him if had plans to retire soon, because his segments were killing me. His response was really rude. Even under these circumstances. I don’t know how he seemed like to you Dave, and I don’t want to say anything to change that opinion. In my world, Tom Skillings whole act on tv is just that, an act. I don’t believe it’s the real Skilling.

    Again, this is just my impression of him. I may well be wrong about the person he is, but as far as the weatherman I’ve seen for years is concerned, he’s outworn his welcome with me. Screw him.

  14. Dave Says:

    Having met him in person, he is surely a genuine human being, and I would hardly consider him a glory hog. He is willing to share his knowledge with anyone who asks. I’m sure he is blamed a lot for his forecasts, but isn’t anyone of that profession? I appreciate the length of his segments because they explain how he is arriving at his conclusion, whether its from upstream observations, model data, climatology, or a combination of them. I do have my gripes about his forecasts too, but from a scientific standpoint. Many times his temperature forecasts are too high, a forecast high of 92 ends up being 87 or something like that. Or he misses a detail when putting out severe weather potential. Granted the two most difficult forecasting tasks in meteorology are where the big synoptic snow band sets up, how intense will it be, and how long will it last; or in a severe weather setup, when and where do thunderstorms initiate, in what mode will they occur (squall line, multicell cluster, or tornadic supercell) , and what hazards may result from them. And many forecasters, not just Tom, get flack if the atmosphere doesn’t realize the potential that was in the forecast. The late Jerry Taft of ABC7 would occasionally downplay hazardous thunderstorm threats, the 100mph derecho on the evening of 08/04/2008 he was not seeing as a significant event for example despite supportive parameters nearing uncharted territory. Seeing as this is a sports page I will not go into scientific details why forecasts turn out the way they do sometimes. Earth and her atmosphere is a very complicated system. I will respect your opinion and wholeheartedly agree to disagree.

  15. chucky Says:

    That’s cool Dave. I totally agree with you about his overly optimistic temp forecasts. He doesn’t his rain and snow forecasts. And missing the boat on forecasts isn’t anything new as well. I don’t know how old you are, but we had a massive blizzard in the winter of 1967. I personally don’t remember it firsthand because I was only 3 years old at the time. My dad has told me a few times that the official forecast was for 2-3 inches of snow, and that was from every weatherman in Chicago. No exceptions. We got about 23 inches. Everybody can wrong at one point or another. What irks me is how Skilling never admits it and takes responsibility for it. Others do. I appreciate and I respect your position. So, I agree, lets agree to disagree.

    Good conversation. Thanks for hearing me out, Dave. Or is it reading me out? I don’t know. Don’t be a stranger, come back more often.

  16. chucky Says:

    “He doesn’t his rain and snow forecasts.’

    That should be “He does it with his rain and snow forecasts.’ Sorry for screwing up.

  17. Fro Dog Says:


    I know I haven’t mentioned wrestling much here. But you may have seen me on TV. I was at Raw in Philly and the Rumble. I’ll be at Raw next Monday in Grand Rapids and yes, the one in Rosemont on April 24th. I already have the tickets and will be on the camera quite a bit.

  18. Dave Says:

    My favorite sport to watch is baseball. I’m more frequent in here when the Cubs are playing. Im picking the over on wins for them this year. They aren’t a championship team yet, but they have some nice pieces. Maybe they will be slightly worse than the 2015 club if everything falls into place and these players on their 1 year deals play their asses off.


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