Open thread.


Here is the open thread for the next couple days while I am out of town.

Also, if you any of you are into playing Madden, I got it last night for PS2. I have the demo for PS3 and was hesitating which one to buy but decided to go with the PS2 because the controls are a little bit better to get use to. Some of the new featuers that are in the game will take a while to figure out but overall, it is pretty solid.

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  1. erniesarmy Says:

    Cubs beating the Pirates 5-0 …

    now there’s a team the Cubs can beat …

    too bad they don’t get to play them every day, we’d be favorites to win the W.S.

  2. genrebuster Says:

    Ernie…you mean 14-0, right? ha ha ha ha ha

    Observation: Milton Bradley is NOT in the lineup today.

    Thought: Maybe the Cubs bullpen can hold onto the lead!

  3. erniesarmy Says:

    Yep, Genre, final score Cubs 17 Pirates 2

    The sheepie will be so pleased … too bad it was against a AAA ballclub.

  4. Nemo Says:

    Is anyone else pissed off about this game? I remember the 22-0 shellacking the Pirates put on the Cubs in the mid 70’s. Fucking Rennie Stennett with 7 hits! When it was 14-0 after 2, I thought we’d lay at least 20 on them. Can’t even get revenge for a 34 year old drubbing right!

  5. robert Says:

    word out of chicago is the first thing the ricketts family is going to do is dump hendry to scout and make sandy alderson the gm

  6. chucky Says:


    Is that really true? I sure as hell hope so!!! Although having him scout baseball players is like having…….actually, I can’t really think of anything worse than that. Other than him remaining as GM.

  7. jimmyd Says:

    Well, it was good to see that our shining star closer only needed 30 pitches to close the deal……against one of the shittiest teams in the last decade. That fucking guy WILL be the undoing of any possible attempt at a playoff push. COCKSUCKER!!!

    30 pitches, without walking a batter, means that he doesn’t fool anybody. Pitch after pitch is being fouled off. Eventually, it’s just a matter of time before someone yanks one out of the park or bangs it off the ivy.

    But, what the fuck, he registered another save. That’s all that matters; right???

    I’m out.

  8. genrebuster Says:

    True or False:

    1. Gregg = Closer

    2. Zambrano = Ace

    3. Soriano = Superstar

    4. Jim Hendry = Fucking Bum

  9. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Alright Mr. Genre. I am ready for my test.

    1. False
    2. False
    3. False
    4. True

    How did I do?

  10. robert Says:

    chucky you know what the cubs do when they sign gms to contracts and get rid of them they have them go around scouting happened to jim frey Larry Himes Ed Lynch etc

  11. genrebuster Says:

    Matt Stairs, Congratulations on acing the exam…of course, I am not surprised at your result.

    I’ve been thinking…perhaps if we post more tests from time to time, some of the sheeple will eventually get a clue and slowly awaken from their ignorance-induced stupor.

    I know, I know…that’s a lot to ask…but since we’ve been waiting 101 years for a Cubs WS title, it might not be a bad idea to wish for something else (?).

    Hope springs eternal. Wait ’till next year. 101 years. Tick Tock. PATHETIC.

    Happy Sunday to all!

  12. robert Says:

    well no shit sherlock

  13. genrebuster Says:

    damn, I guess Lil Z (sorry, he’s been temporarily demoted) isn’t paid enough to work out and take care of himself.

    These overpaid a-holes piss me off.

  14. Dave Says:

    Yet another rainout that could have been played. They once again call off the game as the rain is out of the area. I think the MLB needs to retool or overhaul the whole rainout policy. There have been some majorly dumb decisions involving rainouts this season.

  15. robert Says:

    dave what about that game earlier when the cubs and sox were rained out could have made it up as a day night doubleheader…day game at the joan night game at the barn (sheep stay in a barn) but no they make it up in september…but as bud selig says we are in a glorious age of baseball

  16. robert Says:

    for those of you who are wondering who Sandy Alderson is (yetti) he is the guy who while in Oakland signed and developed the following players

    Jose Canseco Walt Weiss Mark Mcgwire Barry Zito Tim Hudson Mark Mulder Eric Chavez

    Some of the players he traded for or signed as free agents. Bob Welsch Rick Honeycutt Dennis Eckersly Dave Stewart Mike Moore Dave Parker Dave Henderson Ricky Henderson

    he won 1 world series 3 alcs and 4 division titles

  17. Irish Yeti Says:

    Carrying over from previous:

    Robert, for someone who feels they know baseball that well, I would think I wouldn’t have to explain this pitcher W-L thing over and over again. W-L for a pitcher is only a slight indicator of how well a pitcher has done. I mean if a guy goes 20-5, then one could say he had a great year, and about 999 times out of 1000, the stats would back that up. However, it is very possible for someone who was 10-15 to have had a better year than the guy who went 20-5. The reason is that the pitcher only has control over about 35-50% of the game. The rest is up to the bullpen and offense. Take a look at this out of your “non-ace”.
    Remember that stretch where Zambrano didn’t win a game for over a month. Well it was hardly his fault. Notice the 3.12 ERA, .229 BAA, .684 OPS. However, Z was 0-2. That’s a great example right there of how the W-L of a pitcher can lie. He had a good stretch. However, it was either his offense or the bullpen that fucked it up for him. He could have very easily gone 5-1 (Quality starts vs. Non Quality starts), but because of circumstances beyond his control, he got 2 losses. Does that make him a bad pitcher? Absolutely not. It just means he was the subject of bad luck…

    Also, Z’s not an ace? I’m not going to argue this because it’s already been argued, and proven false very recently. You need to stop reading Kaplan’s blog. Manolantern will fry your brain.

  18. robert Says:

    yetti I have already proven you wrong on several occasions I have already proven you are an idiot read prior posts. You say not to judge a pitcher buy w-l I have proven z has an era that is only slightly better than marquis

  19. robert Says:

    jason Marquis 13-8 3.55 era 2 complete games 1 shutout
    carlos zambrano 7-4 0 complete games 0 shut outs

  20. Irish Yeti Says:

    Goddamn, you’re thick headed.

    You went right back to the W-L. I just explained to you how it is not the end-all be-all, but you went straight for it. It was the first stat you listed. You keep on pointing out Marquis. Do you read Steve Stone’s tweets or something? Yes, Marquis is having the best season of his career. This is his best year since 2004. However, none of his last 4 years indicated that he would have a season like this. (2 of those 4 years were under the tutelage of The Great Dave Duncan) Since, you want to point out wins, I’ll play that game:

    Marquis has won 13 out of his 21 decisions. That’s wins in 61.9% of his decisions. 2 of his games were no-decisions. The Rockies won both of those. So they are 15-8 in games he starts: 65.2%.

    Zambrano has won 7 of his 11 decisions. That’s wins in 63.6% of his decisions. 9 of his games were no-decisions. The Cubs are 7-3 in those games. So they are 14-6 in games he starts: 70%.

    In this day and age of pitchers, I’m not that concerned about pitcher pitching complete games. Yes, it’s a great thing to get, but I’m not going to say a guy isn’t good because he hasn’t had many complete games. Z has 8 over his career and Marquis has 6. Marquis has also pitched more years, so Zambrano is getting them at a better rate per year. (but then again you are “What have you done for me now?” guys—Z has started games that the Cubs are 14-6 in, that’s what he’s done for you now.) One could easily point out a good cause for Zambrano’s lack of CG’s this year.. He strikes out a lot of people. I don’t think it takes a genius to figure out that whenever your K/9 is 7.4 (Zambrano), you’re going to throw more pitches per inning (on average) than someone who’s K/9 is 4.5 (Marquis). So, when your pitch count gets up, you tend to not go 9 innings. However Carlos has gone 6-7 innings in a vast majority of his starts. I’ll take that with the K’s. I’m a fan of K’s because it eliminates having to rely on your defense to take care of you.

  21. robert Says:

    Yetti you have bought up wins and losses arent an effective way to judge a pitcher what the hell do you judge them buy….The cubs pitchers were at the top of the league in ks in 03 04 05 06 did it get them to the playoffs every year hell no…I still have not seen your reply to the comparison between the 04 and the 09 cubs or the fact that you said milton bradley was a great sigining..When I compared his numbers to Bobby Abreaus who the cubs would not talk to….you talk about charles tillman being a great cornerback cause he has a ton of ints since the 03 season…do you think his number might be a little higher than champ bailey and other cornerbacks due to the fact qbs will throw to him…due to the fact in most cases they will burn him…you talk about ron turners win loss record as offensive cordinator….how many games did the d win for the bears

  22. robert Says:

    ks impress you so much oliver perez is always one of the league leaders in strikeouts for his carrer he has pitched 1060 innings and struck out 1085…I am sorry I dont go buy fantasy stats…I have never seen the world series trophy awarded on strikeouts could you correct me if I am wrong

  23. robert Says:

    ks impress you I can name a guy who had 200 strikeouts once in his carrer are you trying to tell me Oliver Perez is better than Greg Maddux chris carpenter has less than a strike out an inning in his carrer does that mean oliver perez is better than him….carpenter has less strikeouts than matt clement…is matt clement better than chris carpenter or greg maddux

  24. Irish Yeti Says:

    I probably read that 04 to 09 post after I came home drunk off my ass at the fair. I thought I saw you there, but I wasn’t sure.

  25. Irish Yeti Says:

    ERA+ is possibly my favorite pitcher stat to judge a guy by. Basically, it uses some crafty manipulation of numbers to make everyone’s ERA over the history of major league baseball be on the same level. It also grades ballparks. Like Zambrano, for example, plays in a hitter-friendly ballpark, so every good start in Wrigley would be better for him, than every good start in PetCo for Peavy (to use another example). Also, the 60s was a time of great pitching. In the same respect, it was a time of not-so-great hitting and pitcher friendly ballparks. So lower ERAs were a given. Nowadays, hitting is better than it was then, as well as smaller parks. So higher ERAs are the result. Basically, (and I’m using arbitrary numbers to explain how it works, so don’t take this next statement as how it exactly works) a 2.00 ERA in the 60s would be the equivalent of a 3.50 ERA now. Once everyone’s ERA is on the same level, then they take the average. The guys better than the average have an ERA+ of 100 or higher… And the opposite holds true. I invite you here:

    Where does Z stack up there? 43rd all-time. Zambrano, who can’t hold Marquis’ jock apparently, is one of the top 50 pitchers of all time, and he’s the youngest active player in the top 50. I know his “antics” don’t make people happy. They make him seem “un-Acelike”.

    Also, since 2003, when Zambrano made the rotation fulltime, he is (I think) 5th in the ML in wins. He might not be getting 17, 18, or 19 wins like you might like, but he averages 14 per season… And that’s including this year, which, in that time span, is a statistical outlier.

    I’ll get back to you on the 04/09 thing. I have to go to the DMV, and then do some work, so digesting, and disputing your post might not fit into my schedule until later.

  26. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater Says:

    You guys really are a colletion of eight-gallon waterheads.

  27. Nemo Says:

    I do agree that the excessive harping over Marquis is kinda pointless. NOBODY liked him here or was sorry to see him go. We are sorry that he is overperforming and it is not with the Cubs and that we got nothing useful in return. Nobody saw this coming. As aggravating as Zambrano is, I’d rather have him on my team than Marquis. However, it must be noted that Zambrano could be doing much more with all that talent if he got his head together and wasn’t so fucking lazy. I do agree that wins can be overemphasized, but there is a lot to be said for winning in spite of low run support.

    NOW, you show me a stat that says Zambrano is the 43rd best pitcher of all-time, I know that you have one fucked-up statistic. How many Cy Young’s does Z have? How many times has he led the league in wins, strikeouts, shutouts, or ERA? ZERO. How many wins does he have in the post season? ZERO. Post season ERA? 4.34. He has one no-hitter, which is nice, but so do Joe Cowley and Juan Nieves while Greg Maddux and Roger Clemens have none. If you can’t win close games and can’t win in the clutch, you are not a top-flight pitcher-let alone one of the Top 50 of all time.

    Also, since Yeti likes to point out minor mistakes, it should be pointed out that you have the Cubs going 7-3 in 9 Zambrano no-decisions. And you ask us trust you on stats?

    ERA+ sounds like it was made up by guys to give their favorite players better stats. Common sense powers of observation tell you Zambrano is not the 43rd best pitcher of all time. I bet that stat doesn’t take into account that Wrigley is often a PITCHER’s park when the weather is colder in April, May and late September and OCTOBER. You can invent bullshit statistics to say and mean anything you want and it doesn’t mean squat-except that some guys should get out with the ladies more often instead of staying home and fantasizing with their digits.

  28. genrebuster Says:

    Zambrano is the 43rd best pitcher of all-time?


    Anybody that believes that is a goddamn fool.

    baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    That said, I would love to see Zambrano develop into a true ace and have a great career with the Cubs.

  29. robert Says:

    I know this old but I found this on the internet

    1. Dusty puts in Hollandsworth as a late-inning defensive replacement–THREE DRINKS
    2. Even with Nomar available, Dusty finds a way to get Neifi F. Perez into the game–FIVE DRINKS
    3. Dusty says the word, “Dude”–ONE DRINK
    4. Dusty uses Jose F. Macias as the first pinch-hitter in a game–FIVE DRINKS
    5. Dusty forces a Cubs starter to throw more than 130 pitches in a meaningless game–FIVE DRINKS
    6. Dusty “argues” a close call by staring at the umpire’s crotch and shaking his head, then clapping his hands together and walking back to the dugout–FIVE DRINKS
    7. Dusty actually starts one of the young players called up in September–TEN DRINKS
    8. Dusty uses one of the following cliches: “Battle through it,” “It’s a long season,” or “These guys are playing hard”–FIVE DRINKS
    9. You are so drunk, you actually understand one of Dusty’s interviews–THREE DRINKS
    10. Dusty makes a blatantly racist comment, but masks it with his own stupidity–TEN DRINKS
    11. Dusty puts in a righty reliever that can’t get out righties, or a lefty reliever that can’t get out lefties, or vice-versa–THREE DRINKS
    12. Dusty fails to get the bullpen up in time to avoid a big inning–THREE DRINKS
    13. Bob Brenly out-manages Dusty from the broadcast booth–FIVE DRINKS
    14. You actually wish that Tony LaRussa was managing the Cubs instead of Dusty–TWO DRINKS
    15. Ron Santo calls Dusty “The fine manager of the Chicago Cubs”–FIVE DRINKS
    16. Darren sits on Dusty’s lap during the post-game interview after a loss–THREE DRINKS

    I dont drink but after reading this list if someone did it wouldnt they have died from alcohol poisoning

  30. erniesarmy Says:

    Cubs going on a seven game road trip, three in San Diego and four in Los Angeles.

    My prediction 2 out of 5. They should win at least 2, but will probably end up with 1.

    Only hope for the Cubs is new ownership.

  31. jimmyd Says:

    Wow!!! I think you guys just need to plop out the ole Man Shaft and see whose is bigger, longer, fatter, squatter, denser, or whatever fucked up statistic you’re gonna use to determine who’s got a “better” one. For me, I just like to lick my eyebrows in front of the chicks and that pretty much seems to seal the deal.

    Now, on to baseball. With a little more skill and effort, Mr. Miles could get his BA down into upper double digit territory at the pace he’s on. That, would be amazing. Fucking jag-off!!! How in the fuck does he get to play major league baseball???

  32. jimmyd Says:


    Thank God he piitched around the Power Hitting David Eckstein. I mean, he does have 1 (ONE) homerun this year.

    But, it’s not over yet. He could still get the L. OOOOPPPPSSSS. Too late. I can’t type fast enough. “L”.

  33. erniesarmy Says:

    Hey, where’s that jackass Irish Yeti with his “servicable closer” crap?

    Lou: “Whadda want me to do, he’s my closer?”

    Reporter: “Don’t you think you might try someone else in that role?

    Lou: “Why?”

    And the sheepie actually think this team is going anywhere??? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a bunch of chumps!!!!!!!!!!

  34. jimmyd Says:

    How fucking demoralizing is that prick. The team battles for nearly 3 hours. 3 pitchers combine to give up 4 hits and 1 walk in 8 innings. In comes the almighty cLOSER and he walks 2, gives up 2 hits, for a total of 4 runs.

    LOU!!! I AM BEGGING YOU!!!! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER let that shitbag throw another pitch in the major leagues. It’s just not fair to the rest of this team (which is still trying to show some fight and try to press on).

  35. erniesarmy Says:

    Ha! Here is what one Cubs fan posted on Chicago Cubs Online:

    ” Joe S. (San Diego) | August 17, 2009 11:50 PM | Reply
    Where the hell is their team hotel out here????? I’m gonna kick his ASSSSSS!!!!!!”

    I saw his picture, he could do it too!

    LOL … Gregg better go home and sleep with Uncle Lou tonight.

    What a baseball team!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

  36. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    How does Gregg keep his job?
    How does Jim Hendry keep his job?

    I will be awaiting Irish Yeti’s rebuttal in the debate that Gregg is serviceable. By serviceable, you mean garbage right Yeti?

    Speaking of garbage, the front yard is starting to look like a landfill.

  37. Nemo Says:

    Statistically, Kevin Gregg is the 43rd best closer of all time.

  38. Dave Says:

    Kevin FUCKING Gregg. I’m jumping on the 4th place bandwagon as of 1:44am CDT on Tuesday August 18, 2009 (nsfw)


  39. Nemo Says:

    KFG in August- 8 appearances, 1-3, 2 saves, 3 blown saves. The one win comes in a blown save, so is not really a win. Now, if you want to say that wins/losses aren’t a good indicator of starting pitchers season, clearly wins/losses are a MUCH MORE IMPORTANT INDICATOR FOR A CLOSER. Closers, by definition, usually enter the game with a lead-a luxury starting pitchers do not have. At worst they enter in a tie game. You cannot lose a game as a closer unless you have fucked up. 40% conversion rate on saves? I bet LaChoke Hawkins was better than that. Serviceable? No, reliably beatable. I am glad I haven’t watched a game since early may. My house would look like that cartoon where they used a shotgun to try to kill a mosquito.

    If you guys are planning on getting together, I say call the media and burn the tickets outside of Wrigley in a public protest. Don’t fucking go to watch this shit!

  40. Nemo Says:

    BTW-kfg allowed home runs in every blown save-4 total. PATHETIC! KFG, your bus is boarding.

  41. Irish Yeti Says:

    Kevin Gregg has not been so good lately

  42. Irish Yeti Says:

    Hey, where’s that jackass Irish Yeti with his “servicable closer” crap?

    Lou: “Whadda want me to do, he’s my closer?”

    Reporter: “Don’t you think you might try someone else in that role?

    Lou: “Why?”

    And the sheepie actually think this team is going anywhere??? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a bunch of chumps!!!!!!!!!!,0,2154939.story

  43. chucky Says:

    About goddamn time you pulled that assbag from the closer role, Piniella.

  44. chucky Says:

    Even the sheeple are getting fed up with this jag-off. From

    Since74 wrote:
    Kevin Gregg is the absolute reason for the Cubs downfall!!!!!!! He is the biggest piece of S H I T in the history of Baseball. I’ve been playing ball for a long time; from little league to college ball at Georgetown. To the Texas League’s and now the Midlothian and Crown Point Leagues. I have never seen a more Vulnerable closer in my life than this A S S H O L E. I know Sori’s been struggling but by no means has he straight up lost games for this team. Purduecubfan- You hit it right on the head. 6 blown saves, 6 games back. Kevin Gregg- consider yourself gone!!!!!! Hope you had fun in Chicago, you wont be hear next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    purduecubfan wrote:
    I hate Kevin Gregg so much. What a loser. Think about this: 6 blown saves… 6 games back as of morning of 8/18… coincidence?

    bbech23 wrote:
    Is it too late to send Gregg to the minors, say rookie ball?

    That’s just a few. There are over 400 comments for that one article. It seems not everybody over there is sheeple. Which is good to see.

    There were alot of problems with last nights game. No hitting, Lou taking another nap in the dugout, KEVIN “FUCKING” GREGG, etc. I didn’t read all the comments over there, but I didn’t read a single one in defense of any of this bullshit. They are all ripping on Gregg, Lou, Hendry and then Gregg again. All of it deserved, by the way.

  45. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Louser waits until August 18th to pull the plug?

    It took the stupid bastard 4 1/2 months to realize he wasn’t good?

    And we thought Wood was hard to watch out there last year.

  46. Sandberg23 Says:

    It looks like Yeti is starting to see what we have all been bitching about all season with Gregg. Stairs you are right. 4 1/2 months for him to realize this an now it’s too late. That game last night did it for me…. I am officially on strike from this team until there is actually a new owner and Hendry and or Lou is gone. I was trying to stay away from posting comments on this useless team because of how frustrating it has been watching games. But last night that put it over the edge. After this post I am done bitching about them or talking about them until something changes with ownership and management. What they did in this off season with this roster is just unexusable and uncalled for and now they are paying the price for it. Frodog or KSMC more threads about the upcoming football season please. I don’t care if KSMC puts a Packers thread on there just as long as there is no more about the Ringling Brothers Circus from the Northside of town.

  47. robert Says:

    Top ten excuses the cubs have for being pathetic this year

    10 Hendry fell for John Mozeliaks you dont and anyone I wont add anyone trick twice

    9 Aaron Miles contrary to popular belief is not worth his weight in gold. He cant even hit his weight

    8 We dont have our horses ( oh I am sorry That is the reds 8 excuse)

    7 Our right fielder is concerned about what games are going to be a big hit this christmas (milton Bradley)

    6..That act of 40,000 Sheep singing go cubs go after every victory did not even make it to the second round on americas got talent

    5..Someone has convinced Kevin Gregg a save oportunity is a cock so he comes in and blows

    4 Jim Hendry is convinced Kenny Williams and him are working together so he did not realize the moves williams makes actually benefit the other chicago team

    3 The Cubs care about the kids education Dammit Mathematical elimination fever is catching on

    2 The cubs pitcher still wont buy into that damn towell drill

    and the number 1 reason the cubs are so pathetic is everytime lou asks what what whaaat do you want me to do no will give him an answer and it is hard for old people to come up with an answer

  48. genrebuster Says:

    It’s 2:16PM EST and I just found out that the Cubs lost last night…and how they lost. In a sad and PATHETIC way, it’s absolutely perfect…

    FUCK YOU LOU & HENDRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I blame this loss–and another wasted season–on the two of you dimwit assholes being unable to recognize when you’ve made a big mistake and being unwilling to make a change because you’re too proud to admit…or too stupid to realize it. Hey ZELL and FUCKING TRIBUNE: SELL THE FUCKING CUBS ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nemo, your idea of burning tickets is most excellent.

    I’d love to see a 1 game boycott of Wrigley where nobody shows up…that would end this bullshit once and for all.

    Dave, I just watched “Fuck Shit Piss”…damn, for a minute I thought somebody slipped a psychedelic into my most excellent blackened Catfish sandwich…the only suggestion that I have for the author is that he add some footage of Hendry, Lou, Rothschild and Zell, that would make it even better.

  49. robert Says:

    do you think moe would say this,0,1237397.story

  50. erniesarmy Says:

    robert Says:
    August 18, 2009 at 3:25 pm
    do you think moe would say this

    Hmmmmm … let me think about that … NO!

    That’s why the White Sox have a World Series trophy in their clubhouse, and the Cubs are still trying to win a playoff game!

    I’m with you, Genre, would love to see a one day boycott of Wrigley! Wow, what a slap in the face of both Hendry and Piniella would that be?

  51. robert Says:

    ernie and genre as much as I would love to see it just think of this number 39606…what does that number mean…its the attendance of the final game of 2006 when this team finished with the third worst record in baseball

  52. genrebuster Says:

    Well, Angel Guzman had a chance to make a good impression (again) and blew it.

    Next! (that goes for “closer audition” and “year”).

    BTW, walks do NOT clog the bases.

    The way things are going, I may be signing off from following this team soon, too.


  53. genrebuster Says:

    Sandberg, please apologize to Ringling Brothers…at least they are entertaining and fun to watch!

  54. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Lou: What do ya want me to do?

    I have an answer for you Louser: Go away. And Take Hendry with you.

    Erniesarmy and I both said in May that this team is going to finish in 4th and both of us wouldn’t be surprised.

    Fuck the damn sheeple. That includes Irish Yeti and Dr. Kenneth Dickmouth. Both of those idiots insulted us because we said this team was going to suck all year. Who’s laughing now?


  55. erniesarmy Says:

    Aug. 17 at 8:12 pm I said – “Cubs going on a seven game road trip, three in San Diego and four in Los Angeles.

    My prediction 2 out of 5. They should win at least 2, but will probably end up with 1.”

    Check that, Cubs will end up with 0! Seven game sweep by the pitiful Padres and the first place Dodgers. That should put the final dagger in this miserable season.

    Guzman wet his pants I see. Oh well, might as well stick with him. It’s not going to make a difference when all is said and done anyway.

  56. erniesarmy Says:

    Matt Stairs –

    Dr. Nosepicker and Yeti are what’s wrong with this franchise. As long as the stupid fans keep showing up to the ballpark, and paying for admission to see this garbage, the Tribune suits will keep dragging their feet. They’re laughing at the pathetic sheepie all the way to the bank.

    Just keep the dummies signing “Go Cubs Go” and buying Santo jerseys, who cares about a winning team, the fans obviously don’t!

    It’s just like Gary Matthews said during the Cub-Phillie game a few days ago talking about all the losing: “They’re used to it around here.”

  57. Nemo Says:

    I though Marmol is the closer. Guzman came in the game trailing which is not what closers do. Doesn’t matter anyway, none of them will do anything.

    No apologies necessary to Ringling Brothers-they are cruel to animals and put out questionable “entertainment” to the delight of people who don’t know any better-kinda similar to the Cubs’ questionable “entertainment” the Cubs put on for people who don’t know any better (the sheeple).

  58. genrebuster Says:

    If Marmol can avoid walking and hitting people, he’ll be totally awesome!……………………….. NEXT!

    I still submit that the Ringling Brothers are far more entertaining than the Cubbies, those lovable losers…those cutie pies!

    Regardless, they are PATHETIC (those lovable loser Cubbies).

    To the people — I mean sheeple — that continue to defend this organization, this team, this band of corporate greedy fucks who continue to laugh all the way to the bank as the Cubs continue to wallow in 101 years of LOSING…WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How can you feel good about this PATHETIC organization? STATE YOUR CASE: I’m all ears.

  59. genrebuster Says:

    Ghost of Leo Durocher….PLEASE….weigh in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Or, the “Voice of Reason”, whomever comes first.

  60. Irish Yeti Says:

    Dr. Nosepicker and Yeti are what’s wrong with this franchise. As long as the stupid fans keep showing up to the ballpark, and paying for admission to see this garbage, the Tribune suits will keep dragging their feet. They’re laughing at the pathetic sheepie all the way to the bank.

    Yes, since he’s been to zero cubs games and I’ve been to about 4 my entire life. GODDAMN. I’M WHAT’S KILLING THE KUBBIEZZZ!!!1!!!1!!

    Get a fucking brain you nitwits.

  61. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater Says:

    Further proof that this place is a confederation of dickwrenching ass-sniffing fuckfaces, erniesarmy thinks it’s my fault the Cubs are losing this season because I’ve been to a whole mess of zero games my whole life.

    Get a brain, morans.

  62. chucky Says:

    Hey Ken

    It’s spelled M-O-R-O-N.

    Who needs the brain now, numbnuts?

  63. Irish Yeti Says:

    This is why he spelled it this way, buddy:

    It’s a picture that’s been filtering around the net for a couple years now..

  64. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater Says:

    (throws hands up, looks to the sky in dismay)

    Thanks, Yeti. These things just write themselves.

  65. chucky Says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen that picture before. All it proves is that all three of you don’t know how to spell. What is your point Dr. Numbnuts?

  66. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater Says:

    “Yeah, I’ve seen that picture before. All it proves is that all three of you don’t know how to spell. What is your point Dr. Numbnuts?”

    There really isn’t anything to explain. If you don’t understand it, then you’re just a moran.

  67. Sandberg23 Says:

    Yeah you are right Genre. I should apologize. This is worse than the circus. Watching these bastards is like the movie Groundhog day. More like Grounhog year. It always ends the same way. Everybody turn off the the TV and stop watching these losers. It’s over. What’s happening right now is these guys are going belly up. I think that game that Garbage blew yesterday was the final nail in the casket and these guys are gonna give up. Like I said I’m done with them, so I didn’t watch last night’s game. Just heard on the radio they lost though. Oh well saved me staying up till midnight watching that and getting pissed off

  68. chucky Says:

    Dr. Numbnuts

    Go the fuck away and never come back. Nobody here gives a shit about you or your opinion. But before you leave tell me one thing: Why is there nothing to explain? Is it because you’re too goddamn ignorant to come up with an explanation? Or are you just trying to sound smart when you really aren’t? Which one is it, douchebag?

  69. genrebuster Says:

    Yeti, you disappoint me.

    As for the Dr., FUCK YOU KEN. I think it’s time to change your urine-soaked diapers anyway, maybe Mike D. will help you…(I think Doc K is under 18 so he shouldn’t be on this Internet site…someone tell his Mom and Dad).

    ATTENTION all DIMWITS/SHEEPLE—Here’s the idea: If a restaurant has shitty food and people quit patronizing it, eventually it is sold to new ownership or it goes out of business. Sometimes the “new business” is succesful and thrives.

    Look…we are sorry that your beloved Cubs are tanking, nobody here enjoys the spectacle of the MOST PATHETIC PROFESSIONAL SPORTS FRANCHISE IN RECORDED HISTORY. Which is precisely why we rant and complain here.

    If you hipsters don’t like it, then I cordially invite you to quit wasting your time her and post your clever, know it all, wink wink, juvenile posts at hirejim essian or wherever you stupid assholes congregate.

    Shame on you for defending the PATHETIC Cubs organization. It’s only a game and entertainment…but the fans and people who support the time–the customers–deserve better.

    One more thing, morans: 1 + 1 = 2. Frame it anyway you like but that is the only correct answer.


    Truly PATHETIC.

    I’m through responding to your bullshit posts so flame back at me/the rest of us all you want. Have a BLESSED DAY, chumps.

  70. genrebuster Says:

    oops! “quit wasting your time here”…

    Mitch I am TRULY sorry for that spelling error.

  71. genrebuster Says:

    “who support the TEAM”…oops again. My editor got disgusted with the Cubs and quit… HA HA.

    My deepest apologies, Mitch.

  72. erniesarmy Says:

    Yes, since he’s been to zero cubs games and I’ve been to about 4 my entire life. GODDAMN. I’M WHAT’S KILLING THE KUBBIEZZZ!!!1!!!1!!

    Why don’t you try a class in reading comprehension? The designation “the stupid fans” is not a modifer for “Irish Yeti and Dr. Nosepicker.” “Stupid fans” is generic for sheepie who continue to support this pathetic excuse of a franchise with their money. But, if you want to consider yourselves stupid fans, who am I to argue with such brilliance.

  73. erniesarmy Says:

    Matt Stairs –

    I think we may have to reassess our pick of 4th place, since no one in that division is interested in overtaking the Cubs hold on 2nd place.

    We may have a division with the winner being the only team that finishes above .500.

  74. erniesarmy Says:

    Further proof that this place is a confederation of dickwrenching ass-sniffing fuckfaces, erniesarmy thinks it’s my fault the Cubs are losing this season because I’ve been to a whole mess of zero games my whole life.

    Get a brain, morans.

    Here’s another example of our failed public school system.

  75. Irish Yeti Says:

    Dr. Nosepicker and Yeti are what’s wrong with this franchise. As long as the stupid fans keep showing up to the ballpark,……

    To me, that’s a lead in to propose the idea that we’re a part of those “stupid fans”.

  76. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater Says:

    Mike D would like nothing more than to get me naked.

  77. chucky Says:

    And I’m sure you’d be happy to do it for him, Doc.

  78. MadCityMac Says:

    When is a sniper going to take out Uncle Miltie? Keep losing Fuckheads! If that useless shitbag Sam Zell would get around to actually selling this team, then we could get an owner in here to get rid of Grandpa Lou and Moe and Larry Rottenchild. I’ve never seen a manager care less about winning than this dickwad! Lube up Sheeple, Uncle Sam Zell is giving it to you right up the boo boo!

  79. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Just read that St. Louis picked up Smoltz…

    Any bets that LaRussa and Duncan turn him back into a very effective pitcher for them?

  80. MadCityMac Says:

    Matt – count on it!

  81. robert Says:

    Matt that is the whole thing in a nutshell with this team the cardinals see they are good and do everything they can to make themselves better….the cubs are bad and do everything they can to make thereselves worse…..

    were injured
    we dont have our horses
    what do you want me to do
    I thought it would be a good move at the time
    To much day baseball

    This team has had a bunch of leaders blame everyone but themselves for the shape this team is in…I have never heard a cubs leader with the exception of Andy Mcfail take any responsiblity and say I messed up I am sorrry

  82. erniesarmy Says:

    “This team has had a bunch of -morons- who blame everyone but themselves for the shape this team is in…I have never heard a cubs leader with the exception of Andy Mcfail take any responsiblity and say I messed up I am sorrry.”

    There are no “leaders” in this organization Robert, just lazy do-nothings that are simply taking a check. Getting paid for doing nothing? Must be nice.

    Like Genre has said over and over, none of us would last one day in our own jobs performing like this. We would be FIRED, and rightly so!

  83. robert Says:

    not meaning to take the subject off this crappy team but Yetti are you and yours ok after the weather we had in Cental Illinois yesterday

  84. Irish Yeti Says:

    Yes. I didn’t see any actual damage around me, as I’m south of Springfield. Only a branch down in my yard. I feel for those in Williamsville, though, as from what I’ve heard they got the most of the storm.

  85. Dave Says:

    Cardinals pick up Smoltz, and Hendry continues to sit on his thumbs. He must enjoy the way it tickles down there.

    Our inconsistent offense tore the cover off the ball last night. They will likely be quiet for the rest of the road trip. Consistent at being inconsistent.

  86. genrebuster Says:

    If they sweep the Dodgers, this could be the year. 😉


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