Let’s wait until the regular season starts.


With the Bears first team looking like crap Saturday night, there shouldn’t be a concern until the regular season starts. I had the chance last night to watch the game for the first time on my DVR so here is what I liked and didn’t like.

Kevin Jones looks in great shape and fully recovered from the knee injury he sustained a couple years back. I think he will get a plenty of playing time this year to help out Matt Forte. I would like to see Forte get about 20-25 carries a game with Jones getting anywhere from 5-15.

Cutler: 5/10, 64 yards, 1 INT and almost a second one. (This is now the time where Irish Yeti will throw some stats at you.) Those stats in my opinion don’t tell the whole story. He might have been a little nervous taking the field or Ron Turner gave him some shitty play calling. Who knows. The thing I do know is that he threw a nice pass to Desmond Clark and he did throw a couple other nice ones down the field. Unfortunately, someone forgot to run the right route…

I sound like a broken record and yes, it is the preseason but Devin Hester cannot run a route properly. I believe Cutler threw the ball to him twice and it seemed like he ran the wrong route. I am not sure if it is the fact that he just can’t learn it or if Ron Turner is calling a dumbass play. (Cue Irish Yeti for Ron Turner’s stats.) As soon as Cutler took the field, the first three plays were all passing. Go figure. Then you see why he got pissed off a couple years back when Brian Griese told the media his radio went out during the game winning drive against the Eagles. The very next day, Griese addresses the media to say that Turner sent signals to him from the sideline.

Another thing I liked was the play of rookie safety Al Afalava. He made a few nice plays with the first team. It would be really nice if he could keep this up throughout the preseason so he could get a chance to start on strong safety rather than Kevin Payne. The free safety side is a concern because I still don’t trust Danieal Manning or Craig Steltz.

I really am liking the offensive line depth this year. Last year, the line played much better than I thought they would have. The signing of Orlando Pace solidifes the left tackle position. At left guard, it should be a good competition between 3rd year guy Josh Beekman and Frank Omiyale. Olin Kruetz are Roberto Garza are the guys at center and right guard respectively. The jury is still out on right tackle Chris Williams. If he cannot show that he is ready, Kevin Shaffer who the Bears picked up from the Browns can fill in just fine.

The Bears have three more games left in the preseason. As I mentioned, I refuse to be concerned until the regular season starts. I have a few other things to talk about sometime in the next couple weeks so let’s just take it easy until then.

8 Responses to “Let’s wait until the regular season starts.”

  1. Dave Says:

    Regardless of what the Bears do this year. Al Afalava is gonna be my favorite player lol. Hes good, and he has an awesome name.

    I was not impressed with Jay Culter just yet either. Even a few risky Grossman-esque throws, also our defense consistently falling to dink and dunk offense along with bullet passes where the buffalo receivers would jump and catch the ball.

    The defense is over rated but I LOVE the defensive line. There seems to be no problems with it. The secondary is where it is really questionable still, and that’s what makes this team’s defense overrated. I think I have seen enough of egotistical Urlacher, but he is in his mid 30s so not much career left in him.

    I think the Vikings will win the division and the Lions will win at least one game. The Bears should be at least 9-7 this year. Hoping I am very wrong.

  2. Dave Says:

    Vikings officially have Brett Favre, yeah they are going to win the NFC North, and then some.

  3. Fro Dog Says:


    Favre’s shoulder is still a question mark. Also, the attention whore missed a few weeks of training camp. Historically, he has done shitty in the Metrodome.

    But if things turn around for him and his shoulder isn’t a problem, then look out. That team is scary. They have Berrian, Harvin and Sidney Rice as wide-outs, Visanthe Shiancoe who is a really good tight end and then of course, the man they call “Purple Jesus” in Adrian Peterson.

    I was already thinking with Rosenfels as the quarterback that they were probably going back to the playoffs anyway. Good thing for the Bears is that they have three different chances to get into the playoffs: The two wild card spots or the division title.

  4. Nemo Says:

    Mama’s boy Fahv-ruh will have more interceptions than TD’s and Vikings will miss the playoffs. Vikings will cut Fav-ruh and he will want to come to the Bears or the Lions to get revenge on the Packers AND the Vikings.

  5. Irish Yeti Says:

    Vikings officially have Brett Favre, yeah they are going to win the NFC North, and then some.


  6. MadCityMac Says:

    #4 will find some way to fuck up this franchise; yes, the Vi-queens have the most talent in the division right now, but Childress is desparate to win ’cause his job’s on the line, #4 will divide the clubhouse, and a lot of the ‘queens will resent the special treatment afforded him. From what I understand there is absolutely NO discipline on that team. 4 needs disciplne to keep from making the stupid throws that he’s famous for; i.e., into triple coverage, etc.

  7. Fro Dog Says:


    That is exactly what I think will happen with him and Minnesota. Just take a look at his ego. He signed with Minnesota solely to get “payback” against the Packers organization. This turd doesn’t get it. HE RETIRED after the 2007-2008 season. Then he thinks he can come back a few months later. Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy did the right thing.

    It’s like you take the manager’s job in a company because the other guy retired. Then a few months later after you get settled in, the old guy comes back and wants his job back.

    By the way Mike, are you going to the Badger football opener against NIU? I am not much of a Huskie fan at all but the town down here is excited to be playing Wisconsin and Purdue in the first three weeks of the season. I have no idea why. NIU plays them both on the road. Both games are going to be ass whoopings.

  8. MadCityMac Says:

    Fro, don’t count on ass whoopings. Purdue is rebuilding, and the Badgers have always had a hard time with NIU; Huskies even beat them when asshat Don Morton was the head coach. Nobody knows who the QB is going to be yet, and 4/5ths of the off. line is hurt right now. And when Bielema is the opposing coach, you always have a shot! I might go if my girlfriend can come up with some free tickets. She works at the UW Med School and there are occasionally freebies to be had.


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