What did the 12 point lead with 4:00 to go say to the Bulls?



And there you have it ladies and gentleman. The Bulls did what I said they were going to do. I said it a hundred times and I will say it one final time this season: Missed free throws, stupid shots and dumb turnovers will hurt the Bulls when it matters the most.

At least a get couple months to relax without sports. I could use it. Assuming there is a football season, things will be a quiet around here until late July when training camp starts. Until then, I will take a bit of a break on sports.

17 Responses to “What did the 12 point lead with 4:00 to go say to the Bulls?”

  1. Jim Nantz Underpants Says:

    I can just picture the grin on your face as you rushed to your computer to declare victory after enjoying another Bulls loss.

    You are the lowest form of life.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Actually no. I still root for the Bulls. Never have I rooted against them. But there is the difference between knowing what is going to happen and what you want to happen. I saw the 12 point lead and as soon as Wade flopped like a little bitch and got the call, I knew they were going to blow it. My lady was sitting right next to me when I said the following: The Bulls have been blowing leads like this for the last four or five years and this isn’t anything different. Of course, missed free throws had something to do with that as well. But that’s fine. You enjoyed this season right? Even though they showed what they really are this series which was a bad basketball team?

  3. Jim Nantz Underpants Says:

    Yes, I did, in fact, enjoy watching my team turn in the best record in the NBA and then make a deeper playoff run than they have in the past 13 years, even if it ended in disappointment. There is no shame in losing to a better team, which is what happened here.

  4. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Bulls need to get Rose a sidekick who doesn’t falter in playoff games. This could become a disturbing trend for the Bulls where they win regular-season titles but collapse during the playoffs because Deng and Boozer aren’t exactly the guys you want to rely on in May. Noah was pretty disappointing too and Bogans must be replaced, period.

  5. genrebuster Says:

    Is it me…or was Boozer somewhat of a bust?

    A couple of moves and the Bulls will be right there…they are a young team and did gain some experience.

  6. Jimmy D. Says:

    Man, can somebody call Bud Selig and ask for some intervention here? There’s got to be some way that something can be done to keep the World Champion Butt Pirates from kicking the ever-loving shit out of the hapless “Cubbies”; isn’t there? Christ this team fucking sucks.

  7. genrebuster Says:

    Funny, I was thinking the same thing when I heard the score announced earlier today while driving.

    Am I imagining things…or have the Pirates had the upper-hand in this series for the last 3 years?

    One day there will be an owner of the Cubs who will hold management and players accountable. Until that happens, the Cubs have as much a chance of winning a World Series as I have in becoming the next man on the moon.


    This is Hendry’s team…and Jim Hendry should be taken out back, bitch slapped around…and FIRED. He has failed miserably.

    Blow it up, clean house, start over: the STENCH of PROFOUND FAILURE is too much to bear. What a PATHETIC organization.

  8. genrebuster Says:

    This guy has a point…(read on):

    Brad Who?? Who the **** is Brad Snyder? This is probably the worst Cubs season I can remember in years. Everyone is hurt, they still can’t beat the damn Pirates, the bullpen is worn out before June because the starters are awful, Ramirez has one homer, the backup-backup CF is out, the manager is mentally handicapped, the general manager is useless, Crane somehow still has a job, no one goes to the games, no one likes the broke new owner, the team stinks, the defense is the worst I’ve ever seen and someone thought handing a mic to Zonk Moreland was a good idea. What’s next? Oh, wait, I know what’s next. Hendry will be charged with rebuilding the very mess he made because the owner either can’t afford to fire him or is too stupid to.

    User ID:http://sportsnation.espn.go.com/fans/chiadam71277

  9. Jimmy D. Says:

    BRAVO!!! Well put….enough said!!!

  10. Jimmy D. Says:

    Our fucking pitching is so bad…it’s not even funny. I’m not in the mood for stats from anybody. We start a rain delayed game, get the first 2 outs and then what do we do??? Throw strikes? Nope, try again! Walk the next 2 batters who will come around to score on the only hit of the inning. 2 outs, nobody on….throw fucking strikes. Christ almighty these fuckers are driving me crazy.

  11. chucky Says:

    I know what you mean Jimmy. Let me ask you a question. Is it me or has Kerry Wood lost some weight? I swear he must have dropped 25-30 pounds since his last stint in Chicago. And of course, whatever talent he had left in the tank went away with all that weight. That’s one reason the Cubs took him back.

    Do I dare guess why he dropped all that weight?

  12. erniesarmy Says:

    “(Lopez) was fine,” Cubs manager Mike Quade said. “Look, I’m not here to make excuses or anything like that, but it is a tough place to pitch under these conditions. We actually have been dying for these conditions.”

    Seriously, where on earth do they get these guys?

    From Dusty to Piniella to this clown; then you’ve got Hendry and Kinney upstairs.

    How long was the contract they signed this genius for, 20 years?

    This organization is hopeless.

  13. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    I missed the game. Thank God.

    I did however read what happened. Soriano is hurt. That makes the 7th player who will make a trip to the disabled list this season.

    I know Quade is getting some crap lately and rightfully so. I also thought he would be a better manager than what he has shown so far. Injuries should never be an excuse for failure and for that, I cannot blame Quade fully. A majority of the blame still and will always be on Jim Hendry. He should have been shown the door years ago. When players get injured, there should be backups ready to go. If the backups get hurt, then the general manager should make sure players in the minors are ready to go. Good teams have insurance plans, bad teams like ours don’t.

    Instead, jerkoffs like Rodrigo Lopez and Doug Davis are signed in hopes of igniting a switch. It’s not the first time we have seen shit like this under Hendry’s watch. I am sure Hendry is a nice guy and that’s fine. But he is not and will never be a good general manager. I will go one further and say he is the Matt Millen of baseball. Hendry has completely ruined this franchise’s farm system and when he finally he gets fired, whenever that will be, it will take years to rebuild. That is assuming the next guy isn’t as stupid as Jim Hendry.

  14. genrebuster Says:


    Ricketts: Please sell the Cubs to somebody who knows baseball.

  15. genrebuster Says:

    I just checked the ballscores…wow.

    Marmol gives up 6 in the top of the 9th against the juggernaut Astros? How does that happen?

    This team sucks. But not nearly as much as Tom Ricketts, the douchebag owner. Why was I ever optimistic about that guy? Oh, because I’ve been a Cubs fan for too long!!!!

    Wait till…………?

    I fear that the clock is no longer ticking.


  16. genrebuster Says:

    By the way, Matt your last post rings true.

  17. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Genre, I just tell it like I see it.

    Marmol implodes after the team scored 3 in the bottom of the 8th. This shit just won’t stop. He wasn’t “wild” such as walking everybody like he usually does. He was just serving them up like it was batting practice. PATHETIC!

    If anybody ever sees Ricketts, please feel free to punch him right in the damn head. Maybe some sense would get knocked in. Then again, probably not.


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