Studies show you can become dumber by watching Chicago Tribune Live with David K(r)aplan on Comcast SportsNet.


It’s not often I tune in to Chicago Tribune Live. Usually, I am at work during this time so the TV stays on some news channel or ESPN. On Friday however, I was pushed over the edge from watching this show and I now, feel dumber.

Why you may ask? Because long time Chicago sports talk show “host” David Kaplan hosts this show and has convinced me he nor his colleagues know nothing about sports.

I am going to take a guess and say that K(r)aplan decides who appears on this show. When I tuned in the past, I saw idiots (majority of them from the Tribune) such as David Haugh whom I wrote this article about a little over a year ago about how much of an idiot he is. Other morons who appear on that show to talk about subjects they have little or no knowledge of are Paul Sullivan, Phil Rogers and Teddy Greenstein. On Friday, the wonderful round-table included a guy named “Frankie-O” who happens to be a bartender at Harry Carry’s Restaurant. Supposedly, this guy is on at least once a week to “discuss” sports. Forget the rest of the issues but isn’t this show suppose to have columnists and talk show hosts who actually know what they are talking about? Instead, they bring a bartender in.

David K(r)aplan: Congratulations. You have reached a level stupidity next to every sports “writer” in the Chicago Tribune. Bravo to Comcast SportsNet as well for allowing  some viewers to make their ears bleed. I should just go back to listening to The Score at work like I use to do many years ago.

One Response to “Studies show you can become dumber by watching Chicago Tribune Live with David K(r)aplan on Comcast SportsNet.”

  1. Denrizzz Says:

    David Kaplan is the #1 ass kisser of one, Tom Ricketts.


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