Same old, same old?


It’s official, baseball is upon us.

Thankfully, I didn’t see the opener. Certainly not going to panic after one game…besides, no one in their right mind expects the Cubs to win it all this year….there is much work to be done.

Somebody once said that Jim Hendry was the frat boy who went to the party, ate several pizzas, drank a 1/2 gallon of whiskey  (or was it a case of malt liquor), crapped/puked/pissed all over the bathroom, knocked over some furniture…and left without cleaning up (or was that “W” …ha ha ha ha ha).

NEVERMIND. It’s time to stop living in the past!

Hopefully there will be major accountability with this new regime. Theo…we’re counting on you.

104 years. tick tock…tick tock…tick tock……………

16 Responses to “Same old, same old?”

  1. chucky Says:

    I asked this in the last thread, and I’ll ask it again.

    1) How does the ever useless Kerry Wood still draw a paycheck from a major league team?

    2) Why is Carlos Marmol even allowed to be near a major league team?

    3) Why isn’t Ryan Dempster bashing both of these useless sacks of shit with a baseball bat? I sure as shit would be in his position.

    Genre….that description of Hendry the fratboy is perfect. It doesn’t quite fit “W” though. When I think of the former President Chucklenutz’s final days in the White House, I think of dust and dirt in the corners of every room, empty beer cans in the corners, broken beer and whiskey bottles all over the place, a couple of half smoked crack pipes in the kitchen, and a tipped over beer bong in the oval office, with the bong water staining the carpeting. I don’t think it will take nearly as much time to clean up the Cubs organization as will take to clean up the White House. But both will be a long and tedious haul.

  2. chucky Says:


  3. jimmyd Says:


    Garza and Dempster ought to beat the fucking life out of these 2 morons with any bat that they can get their hands on!!!

  4. jimmyd Says:

    CLOSER = 23 Pitches, NO OUTS!!!

  5. Pie In The Sky Says:


    Demote Marmol. Demote Wood. I don’t care if Rodrigo Lopez is the closer at this point… a change must be made.

  6. chucky Says:

    Jimmy, you and Pie are absolutely right. I was listening to Steve Rosenbloom this morning on the Score, and he said the only reason that Wood is here is that he’s “Ricketts fantasy pick”. If that’s the case, and Fanboy is really pulling the strings here, and not Epstein, then this team is in real trouble. I still have no faith in Ricketts at all.

    1) Still have the bullshit seventh inning stretch nonsense.

    2) When and if they do win their first game at Wrigley, will we have to suffer through that goddamned “Go, Cubs, Go” shit?

    3) Still have idiot celebrities like Bill Murray hanging around the park, acting like some bullshit mascot.

    All of this stupid, down-home horseshit has to stop, and they need to be alot more professional, on all levels. If they don’t, there will be no hope for this organization….ever.


  7. Pie In The Sky Says:

    This is Dale Sveum’s first major decision as manager and I want to see how he responds.

    Mike Quade tolerated this BS all last year with Carlos Marmol and I have no idea why because there’s no way that Samardzija or Marshall would have been worse than Marmol. At least they threw strikes.

    This is a rebuilding season and Marmol is NOT the long-term closer. So screw Marmol I don’t want to see him before the eighth inning EVER again. Even the seventh is too soon. Just stop letting him in close games!

  8. DVXPrime Says:

    Hello. FroDog, Chucky, and everybody else…I’ve been bouncing around a few of the Bears/Cubs sites (Start Kyle Orton/Fire Everybody/Hire Jim Essian/Desipio).

    Just got done reading about the recently completed standoff between TribuneCo/WGN America and DirecTV. So, not only can the TribuneCo NOT run a Major Leauge Baseball team, but apparently they forgot how to program a cable channel that will attract viewers. Matlock? Mad About You? Seriously, WGN…WTF?

    The next couple of years are going to be torture porn baseball for Cubs and Sox fans. Than God the Black Hawks and Bulls are contenders. And, at the risk of betting banned after one post…might I recommend Chicago Fire soccer to y’all?

  9. erniesarmy Says:

    Hey, Genre, are you the new cub guy this year?

    Chucky is right –

    This franchise has been a joke for years, and it will remain a joke as long as this organization considers itself a rinky-dink, girlie, cutie-poo, “OMG is that Justin Bieber?” mickey mouse organization.

    Stop with the Go-Cubs-Go, Bill Murry, dopey seventh inning celebrity song fest, and start getting serious about presenting a winning franchise that takes itself seriously! WAKE UP EPSTEIN THIS IS THE PROBLEM YOU NEED TO ADDRESS! NOW!

    You want to know why nobody takes the Cubs seriously?

    Having a frikkin Priest “bless” the Cub dugout in 2008, and calling them “Cubbies” is just two of millions of examples we could give.

  10. Where's Yeti when you need him? Says:

    Jesus-Fucking-Christ!!!! Bill Murray is not the reason the Cubs have a bullshit bullpen!!! He is the most entertaining thing the Cubs have had this year.

    Complaining about go, cubs, go already? They haven’t even won a fucking game!!! But, yeah, a song written 28 years ago is why the Cubs suck!! You sound just as stupid as the people who believe in curses. Fuck Theo Epstein, he cannot win if he cannot overcome the curse of Steve Goodman!!!

    Epstein needs to address Bill Murray entertaining the fans on an otherwise disappointing opening day!? Should he do that before or after he addresses the bullpen?

    Yeah, I mostly hate the 7th inning stretch (except for a few true Cubs fans), but I am not stupid enough to think that’s why the Cubs lose! Correct me if I am wrong, but did the Cubs win the World Series the year before Harry Caray died? Before Steve Goodman died? Fuck!!

    erniesarmy and chucky, your comments are useless. I suspect if the Cubs ever win, you will still be miserable louts with plenty of unrelated bullshit to complain about.

    Why else haven’t the Cubs won? The troughs? Maybe Epstein should show us his plumber’s crack while installing some urinals? Maybe then the Cubs will win?

  11. chucky Says:

    Well, another member of dipshit nation speaks up. Or are you an old member of dipshit nation?

    When did I or anyone else say Bill Murray was responsible for a shitty bullpen? Murray needs to entertain people in movies, not at the goddamn games.

    Yeah, I’m complaining about Go, Cubs, Go. And I’ll fucking complain about it until it fucking stops! Enough with the bullshit cartoony atmosphere.

    The seventh inning stretch bullshit should have died with Harry Caray. All they have done with is make a goddamned parody of an incoherant, bubbling drunken announcer who was more more concerned with pronouncing players names backwards and was half in the fucking bag by the third inning.

    My comments are useless? And Ernies are too? Just what have you contibutated, numbnuts? Jack fucking shit so far.

    What we are bitching about is the stupid, retarded atmosphere of losing which could be swept away if they brought in a slight touch of professionalism, which all of that stupid bullshit doesn’t promote. How does all the stupid bullshit keep them from winning? Maybe if they are too distracted to try and sign good players by trying find seventh inning stretch schmucks to sing offkey and trying to find more bullshit gimmicks.

    No, Bill Murray isn’t the reason the bullpen sucks, or that the Cubs have sucked for so many years. But idiot sheeple fans like YOU are a big part of the problem. Fuckwad douchecopters like you are more than willing to shell out $300 to go see a substandard team play substandard baseball in a substandard ballpark.

    Now go fuck yourself bitch. You’ve just been officially punked out. Go back to bleedcubbieblue with the rest of the Cubs sheeple fans. Or go wash Al Yellons car or mow his lawn for him. But don’t come back here and spout off about how stupid we are. Because you’re way more ignorant than any of us could ever be.

    Fucking retard.

  12. chucky Says:

    Hey dickbag, can I bitch about “Go, Cubs, Go” now?

  13. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    The starting rotation really kicked ass this weekend. This team has always had a track record of good starting pitching. The bullpen has never, ever, been solid. Even in the playoff years especially 08, the bullpen was always below average. We could easily be 3-0 to start the year if it wasn’t for two shit stains in Wood and Marmol. If I were Ricketts, I would have told Wood to go piss off another team’s fan base.

    In response to the idiot who posted earlier, go fuck yourself as Chucky said. Not one of us blamed the 7th inning strech or Bill Murray for this garbage that plays on the field. Even though new management is here, the stench of losing still remains. That does have to do with the place they’re playing. I thought they should have tore down the place a decade ago. As long as they urinal is still up, idiots like yourself and Yeti will continue to pour money into it.

  14. genrebuster Says:

    For what it’s worth, I never had much confidence in Marmol ever becoming an elite closer. Another guy with great stuff (at times), lacking the mental makeup to be consistently lights out. Just my opinion.

  15. genrebuster Says:

    BTW, the handle “Where’s Yeti when you need him” seems rather PATHETIC to me.

    baaaaaah baaaaaaah baaaaaaaah baaaaaaaaaah

    Ernie. Welcome back….no, I’m not the “new Cub guy”. Like you, I’m just another older Cub fan who has been brought to the edge of his tolerance for this dis-organization. I am hopeful that with Theo involved the culture will change over time – it will take time — just as it did in Boston.

    They will not win this year but I’m am willing to give it a little time before jumping ship…

    I understand that younger fans can’t have the perspective that many of us older guys have…it’s not that they are stupid, it’s just that there is no substitute for the passing of time.

    I’d really love to hear the thoughts of a 90 year old Cubs fan…if there are any left.

  16. genrebuster Says:

    To be clear (Ernie), Fro invited me to contribute as I can. For now, I don’t have the time to post threads regularly, much less keep up with the Cubs on a daily basis. Maybe Keith will return and contribute as he has in the past.


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