Ass whooping.


Well, the Bears controlled the game for the most part. Dez Bryant’s stats (Cue Yeti) looked good but he dropped some passes and the game could have been much closer. Instead, the Bears took advantage of the miscues and it paid off as the Bears stay in first place after four games with a record of 3-1. I am sure I will forget a thing or two but feel free to add what I missed in the comments section.

Offense: I thought Matt Forte should have sat out at least one more game before coming back. After his first rush, he limped to the sidelines and I immediately thought he was hurt again. He was taped back up and went out there again. He only had 13 carries but he, along with Bush took some pressure off Cutler and the passing game was able to open up. Brandon Marshall had his best game so far of the season with 138 yards and a touchdown. You know what would be nice though? If Cutler had an actual tight end that he can throw to. Of course Kellen Davis had some catches in this game but he still sucks. I cringe every time the ball is thrown to him because you never know what you are going to get. He can’t block either. Alshon Jeffery needs to learn how to hold onto the ball as well. If his elbow isn’t down when that ball was taken away from him, who knows how this game turns out. With the exception of the fumble, Cutler was on fire. The offensive line played pretty damn good as Cutler was able to have more than two seconds to throw the ball. DeMarcus Ware was double-teamed for most of the game and he was hardly a factor.

Defense: For the second game in a row, the defense scored as many touchdowns as the offense did. That’s great and everything, but the offense cannot rely on this success every game. And what is it with the Bears letting teams score in the final seconds of each half? Romo drove the Cowboys down the field with ease before halftime. Instead of sticking with what has worked all game, the Bears continue to let teams do this and it seems to happen quite a bit. It’s getting annoying. We saw our old friend Kyle Orton drive the Cowboys down for a late touchdown before the game ended. The Cowboys had 430 total yards. Two out of three wins the Bears have had this year, the defense has given up at least 300 yards. This team cannot count on letting teams drive down the field and then, get a deflection somewhere for an interception. It doesn’t always go that way.

I’ll stop being a party pooper now. Interceptions by Tillman and Briggs lead to touchdowns in crucial situations of the game. Since when did Briggs have wheels? Wright had two interceptions and Moore added one as well. Covering receivers really does wonders. Once again, the front four for the defense forced pressure all game. I mentioned last week that Tim Jennings has been the best player on defense so far this season. You can add Henry Melton to that list. Keep it up Hank.

Special Teams: Robbie Gould with two field goals.

Next up are the Jaguars on the road. It’s clobberin’ time.

9 Responses to “Ass whooping.”

  1. DVXPrime Says:

    I went to bed when the Bears got the pick six to make it 24-7. Good on the Bears for the defense making some hustle plays when it counted. I’ll take an opposing quarterback going for 300+ yards, but four INTs (including two pick-sixes) every week.

    Earth to J-Webb: Well no shit, Dick Tracy.

    Yes, I’m going to keep harping on the boy…when you give up twenty-six sacks in three seasons (Yeti, correct me on the stats), you have no business putting stupid fame-whoring videos of yourself on YouTube.

    Job well done. Go Bears!

  2. ambrose Says:

    Hours spent talking about Romo, one brief mention of Jay Cutler shredding the Cowboys secondary like tissue paper. Yeah, ESPN isn’t biased at all.

  3. ambrose Says:

    And yes, Davis does indeed suck. Drafting a tight end and linebacker in the first couple rounds next year would be nice.

  4. MadCityMac Says:

    Every time the Cowboys lose, an angel gets it’s wings! Fuck you Jerry Jones you plastic-faced piece of shit. I love watching that asshole suffer. And yes, even though I’m a Packer fan, I love watching those smug pretentious assholes from the most overrated state in the union get their ass handed to them, even if it means the Bears are still in front of my Pack!

  5. chucky Says:

    Gotta disagree with Mac on the most overrated state in the union. That title belongs to Arizona. Seriously, besides the desert, what the fuck is down there? By the way, the only reason the Bears are ahead of the Packers is because of that jag-off Goodell and his bullshit phoney refs. Don’t forget the screwjob. And Green Bay would own the tiebreaker at this point.

    The Bears have looked ok so far, but it’s still early in the season. Remember where the Bears were when Cutler broke his thumb. And they still have Lovie Baker to piss all over this thing. I’ll let you know where I’m at in December.

  6. genrebuster Says:

    “Every time the Cowboys lose, an angel gets it’s wings!” ….HA!

  7. Fro Dog Says:

    These ESPN morons are at it again with Cutler. They are discussing his “attitude” and how he walked away from Tice during the first half of the game.

    I am just shocked that he would do that. I have never heard of a quarterback on any team ever get frustrated at their offensive coordinator during a game.

  8. Fro Dog Says:

    Well, this news got lost in the shuffle. The Bulls gave Tom Thibodeau a four-year contract extension. For the meatball fans reading this, this has nothing to do with free throws or blown leads. This has everything to do with someone in Chicago who misuses and abuses his talent and therefore, gets rewarded with an extension. I wonder where I’ve heard that before.

    So the next time the Bulls are up double digits with under two minutes to go, I’ll be yelling for him to keep Derrick Rose or someone else meaningful in the game to risk an injury. Don’t let the bums on the bench go in and hold the fort down.

  9. ambrose Says:

    I can only imagine what the media would say if Jay Cutler lost his shit with Tice the way Tom Brady did with Bill O’Brien. Because God knows they let Brady have it for that blow up. Damn computers for not having a sarcasm enabling key.


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