Open thread.


9 Responses to “Open thread.”

  1. MadCityMac Says:

    Being that I used to work in the Oakland A’s organization, I hope they win the whole damn thing. Hope like hell the Braves beat the fucking Cardinals this afternoon; not that I like the Braves, just hate the fucking Cardinals so much, even without LaDoucha. Having a hard time warming up to the Orioles since that asshat Andy MacFAIL is their GM. I don’t even have to state why I’m NOT cheering for the Reds, we all know why. Hate the Yankees. Screw it, I’m going drinking. You guys have a great weekend!

  2. Houston Astros Says:

    Actually, Andy MacPhail left the Orioles after last season. Ironically, Dan Duquette (the guy who was Red Sox GM right before Epstein took over and won the first WS) is the Orioles new GM in 2012.

  3. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Infield Fly Rule? Really?

  4. MadCityMac Says:

    Pie, bullshit call. Fucking Cardinals….then again, those 3 errors cost them the game. Chipper and Uggla with those “nonchalant” flip throws that got away; really Braves?!? Go Nats!

  5. DVXPrime Says:

    Dammit to hell if the Cardinals win ANOTHER fucking World Series as a wild card team.

    I’d rather the Orioles won it…it’s about time Peter Angelo pulled his swollen head out of his fat ass.

    I can live with a Nats-O’s Series. Wonder if anybody outside the MD-VA-DC triangle will give a shit, though…

  6. Ed Says:

    Baseball is over.

    I can’t believe Jerry Angelo has found executive employment in football. WOW this company is scraping the bottom of the fucking barrell. Jerry and Tim are both on the staff. Holy Shit

  7. chucky Says:

    Maybe Collegiate Consulting will just whistle Dixie…..

  8. chucky Says:

    I guess the only question I have is…………….WHY?????????

    Hell, let’s just put the fucking guy in Cooperstown and be done with it. Jesus fucking Christ!!!!!!!!!!

  9. genrebuster Says:

    Ed, I think there was a mis-quote in that article…didn’t he really say
    “I wanted to find an avenue where I could remain engaged and utilize the relationships we developed with AD’s and coaches through my years with the Bears and Buccaneers and this provided me the perfect opportunity to fuck up again.”…?


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