A tale of two halves.


Many of the so-called “experts” had the Bears running away with this one. At halftime, it didn’t seem that way. In fact, before halftime, it looked like the Jaguars were about to take the lead until the defense forced a turnover. When the second half started, the offense for the Jaguars didn’t see the field much and the Bears dominated. They stay in a tie for first place with the Vikings at 4-1.

Offense: Cutler threw an interception on his first throw. Even though it was 3-3 at halftime, I thought the play-calling was pretty good by Tice. They were running the ball a bit more which I liked. All because they sometimes only gained a yard or two, it’s still a good thing to do because it will keep the other team guessing. In the second half, the Bears took advantage of that. Matt Forte had over 100 yards rushing. In fact, with three rushers and Cutler, the total yards were over 200 for rushing. We need to see more of that.

On the passing side, Brandon Marshall kicked ass once again. He had just over half of the catches for the team along with a touchdown. Alshon Jeffery scored a touchdown but hurt his wrist on the play. I am sure most of us were concerned when he was shown with his arm wrapped up as the game was winding down. Earl Bennett is already out but may return for the next game but if this is going to be a problem if it’s serious. I am not a doctor but if it’s a sprain, then he may only miss a game or two. Lastly, Gabe Carimi was horrible. Two false start penalties and he allowed a sack to Cutler.

Defense: Gabbert drove the Jaguars on two different occasions down the field in the first half. As mentioned in the intro, if it’s not for the fumble that Corey Wooten forced on him, this game might have gone the wrong way. Wooten came out nowhere in the game to force that sack and another one. Looking at the replay, it looked like it was just an incomplete pass but I digress. Now we go to the fun part of this game which was the second half. First, Tillman takes intercepts a pass and takes it for a touchdown. Then, Briggs, who added a sack in the game, repeats the process. What I liked better was the amount of total yards the defense gave up as well.

If it wasn’t for Armando Allen scoring a touchdown in garbage time, the defense for the third straight game would have scored as many touchdowns as the offense did. I cannot believe how well the defense has played for the most part this year. I am seeing cornerbacks and safeties actually covering the receivers. I am seeing the front four forcing more pressure on the quarterbacks and getting more sacks. It almost makes me wonder where this shit was all these years. I don’t want to get ahead of myself but the Jaguars are still a bad team. If they do these kinds of things against teams like the 49ers and Texans, then I’ll start getting excited.

Special Teams: Why, oh why do idiots on any team commit obvious penalties in punt/kick returns? There were two block in the back penalties by Sherrick McManis. Players know this an illegal play so why in the hell do they keep doing it? Idiots.

With the bye-week here, this gives time for players like Forte, Bennett and now, Jeffery to heal up. The Lions come to town on Monday Night Football in just over two weeks.

10 Responses to “A tale of two halves.”

  1. chucky Says:

    I heard that Lovie Baker pretty much ripped into the team at halftime. Somebody, I don’t remember who, said he didn’t use any vulgar language, but he might as well have.

    Good. It’s about time he showed he still has a fucking pulse.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    Indeed. He’s done that in the past but rarely. I think it was Tillman who said Lovie did that in the locker room.

    Bad news though. Alshon Jeffery broke his hand and will miss four-six weeks. Earl Bennett should be back but Jeffery, like Marshall, can actually go up and catch a ball when needed. I know it won’t be the ultimate difference but it will be a problem in some ways if the Bears can’t get their running game going for example.

  3. chucky Says:

    I also heard some dimwit late this afternoon call in and ask about when Johnny Knox might be returning. Jesus fucking Christ! Bare minimum, he’ll need at least one full year to recover, if he can at all. I swear, I should boycott the Score after every Bear game. They seem to attract a shitload of the dumbest of dumbfucks walking the planet. Where the fuck do these miserable cretins come from?

  4. Fro Dog Says:


    After the game, I heard a moron call and ask why Jason Campbell was in the game in the fourth quarter. If I was the one taking the calls, I would ask if the guy has ever watched a game before. I think these callers come from Yeti’s crew.

  5. chucky Says:

    Well Fro…looks like you’re gonna have to keep this site up and running for a while.



    Fuck you, you OLD BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How fucking stupid is this? All you have to do is look at last year. They lose Cutler to a broken thumb and the team totally goes down in flames. What happens if somebody clips Cutlers knee and takes him out for a full year? Will he put Brian Urlacher again to play in a meaningless fucking game, only to get torn up again? At least wait until the season is over and see what the Bears do in the playoffs before giving this goddamned idiot another undeserved extention. Something tells me the OLD BITCH is behind this.

    By the way Fro, I heard that call too. Some of these people are too stupid to breathe.

  6. Fro Dog Says:


    The guy hasn’t won anything yet. Win the Super Bowl and then, go ahead. Just like the last two times he was given an extension, the team goes back in the shitter the following year.

  7. DVXPrime Says:

    Contract extension? Rly? Srsly?

    Off topic: J’Webb needs to spend EVERY FUCKING DAY of the bye week pulling eight hour days on the tackling sled. Now that’s a J Webb Nation video we’d all like to see…

    …or maybe a vidoe of Mike Tice reaming him a new ass for giving up his xth sack/holding penalty/fals start penalty of the game.

    BTW, unlike the meatheads in Kansas City, I would prefer NOT seeing J’WEbb carted off the field after being chop-blocked or knocked out by a wild late spear-hit. I just want to see an ESPN ticker reading “Bears release OT JaMarcus Webb.”

  8. Yeti Says:

    “How fucking stupid is this? All you have to do is look at last year. They lose Cutler to a broken thumb and the team totally goes down in flames. What happens if somebody clips Cutlers knee and takes him out for a full year?”

    So, if Cutler goes down, the season will be fucked? That’s what you’re saying right? I agree. If Jay goes down, even though they have Campbell as the backup, they’ll be hurting real bad if Jay goes down. Superbowl thoughts are most likely gone. Playoffs: that could still happen. So, I think we agree there…

    But, and you know there had to be a “but”, if Jay going down predicates a bad season, why would you pin that on Lovie? If injured Jay Cutler = shitty season, why does it all of a sudden become Lovie’s fault?

  9. chucky Says:

    Because Lovie has more say about player personnel than he should. Who decided Jason Campbell was the only backup they needed? Campbell has a history of knee issues. What happens if HE goes down? What happens if both Cutler and Campbell get hurt in the same game. Don’t fucking tell me it can’t happen. It can.

    The o-line still scares me, along with any sane person, including Cutler. Who evaluated those players? Who decided who was making the team? Here is a clue: It wasn’t Phil Emery.

    Then you have Lovies rather colorful history of shitty challenges and use of timeouts. I still haven’t seen any improvement in that department. Just because there hasn’t been a reason for throwing a challenge flag won’t fly either.

    Who made the decision to play Brian Urlacher on the last game of the year and get his knee fucked up? Was that Emery? No, goddamnit! It wasn’t. It was LOVIE FUCKING SMITH!!! Now he’s in danger of getting his leg taken out completely and, at his age, maybe end his career.

    Then you have Lovies constant misleading statements on player injuries and such, many of which have crossed the border into flat out fucking lying. Do not defend this to me. This is not him trying to keep the opposing team in the dark about injury status. It’s outright dishonestly, and why the league hasn’t lowered the boom on this lying bastard.

    But what the hell, right? Let’s extend him another 2-3 years. That way, we can look forward to the 2013, 2014, and 2015 seasons sucking massive manshaft. Maybe by the time 2016 rolls around Lovie will find his fucking urgency to win again.

  10. Fro Dog Says:

    Let’s just rewind a bit to the 2007 season. In the offseason prior to that, he fires Ron Rivera just because he wanted his guy, Bob Babich. He removed him from those duties the next season I believe. He got rid of Chris Harris in training camp who was actually decent at the time in favor if Adam Archuleta that year. Then, all of the bullshit of Grossman vs. Griese vs. Orton.

    Then the 2008 season rolls around. Due to Lovie’s shitty coaching, the team should have easily been 6-0 rather than 3-3. They still had a chance to make the playoffs had they beat the Texans in the final game and failed to do so.

    Lastly, the Greg Olsen trade. Lovie just had to listen to the idiot Martz and to get rid of a guy who can run better than most tight ends and can play receiver if needed. Nope. The Bears didn’t need him. They’d rather have Brandon Manumaleuna or Kellen Davis dropping passes. The Bears also needed Todd Collins to go in and piss all over himself on two or three drives in the NFC Championship before Hanie went in and actually put the team in a position to win. Who knows what happens on those wasted drives. Who’s fault is that?

    If anybody else wants to chime in with something else, feel free.


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