“Please, let everybody know, I still plan on managing.”



Congratulations to the Cincinnati Reds front office….for finally coming to their senses.


9 Responses to ““Please, let everybody know, I still plan on managing.””

  1. genrebuster Says:


  2. jimmy d. Says:

    That useless, mother-fucking piece of shit is playing the race card again. Can’t he just shut his fucking pie hole and move on with his disillusioned, pitiful life. God, I hate that fucking classless loser!!!

  3. chucky Says:

    Genre….we weren’t alone in wanting this guy vanquished. It seems he pisses people off everywhere he goes. And do you know who else fits that description? Yup! Kevin fucking Gregg.


  4. chucky Says:

    In case nobody believes me about that useless sack of shit Gregg.



  5. jimmy d. Says:


    One of the comments from one of your links reads as follows:

    No matter how much we lose, I refuse to say “I hate this team”, or swear off watching them.
    But this lunacy of keeping Gregg as the closer is driving me to mutiny. It defies any baseball wisdom or common sense. I doubt any other team in baseball would still be running him and his 1.6+ WHIP and his 6 BB/9 out there. Why why why do they keep doing this?
    It makes me think the team is not actually trying to win, for reasons they won’t explain to us. And that, if anything, will cause me to stop being a fan.

    WOW!!! Doesn’t matter who he pitches for…it’s the same old shit!!!

    Jimmy D.

  6. chucky Says:

    Jimmy….I’m with you my friend! I said this back in 09 on his first run here, and was forced to repeat myself, over and over again, this year. As bad and unreliable as Gregg was out there, why did the Cubs wait until there was only 7 or 8 games left in the season to say they wanted to try out Pedro Strop as closer. Makes no sense to me at all, unless like said they wanted to lose all those games. And that cocksucker has the fucking nerve to cry like a bitch to the media about how he was disrespected, especially with all that he accomplished this year! You fucking goddamned loser! Get the fuck out of town and back to Oregon where you goddamn belong, you cocksucking shitstain fucking HACK!

  7. genrebuster Says:

    I’m with you, jimmy d. The race-card is soooooo PATHETIC… classless loser is right on. BARF.

  8. Cubs Suck Says:

    Jay Cutler fucking SUCKS and anyone who disagrees needs to have their nuts pounded flat with a big wooden hammer. I hope they do not offer him a contract , I would rather go through the growing pains of a rookie then this hunk of shit. Please let him go and take his skank wife and pillow biting kid with him.

  9. chucky Says:

    One good thing from last night: The Dodgers beat the Braves to advance to the NLCS. Now we don’t have watch that stupid goddamned tomahawk chop and even dumber war chant they do. I think it’s possible that the Braves fans are more obnoxious the Cardinal fans. To me at least they are definitely more annoying. And with all the uproar with the Redskins name, you’d think these politically correct asshats would say something about THAT.


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