Message to God/Bears-Redskins Recap


Dear God,

Do you really hate the Bears that much? Why can’t you give us fans a break? What did we ever do? Even when you give us something to be optimistic about, you give us a kick in our collective sacks. I am done praying to you. You never listen.


                                                                                                                                           Fro Dog


Oh, I guess I have to write this recap, right? It’s going to be short. I’m exhausted.

Offense: Well, Josh McCown did everything he could to win this game. That was, until the end when he held onto the ball too long and before that, Forte couldn’t run out of bounds. Oh well.

Defense: They’re all dropping like flies and they still suck. Charles Tillman and Chris Conte really fucked themselves on that floater in the end zone. PATHETIC.

Special teams: Robbie Gould misses a field goal that could have actually helped the Bears on that last drive. That pissed me off. But hey. Hester took one back. So there is something to feel good about.

Bye week coming up. The Packers follow on Monday Night football. Something tells me that Aaron Rodgers is already looking forward to that.

41 Responses to “Message to God/Bears-Redskins Recap”

  1. Fro Dog Says:

    I am not a doctor nor have I ever claimed to be, but if Cutler needs to be carried back to the locker room for a groin injury, it’s not just a pulled muscle. And to be honest, McCown really did well until that last drive. So the offense is still capable of scoring. No doubt about it. But wow. The defense is fucking horrendous.

  2. Cubs Suck Says:

    Maybe I am an asshole but I was rooting to see what Michael Bush could do as a quarterback. I’ll be watching the transitions to see if Emery picks up another quarterback this week, looked like McCown was going to get killed on the first couple of downs. Maybe the fax machine was down when the memo went out the cover 2 defense doesnt work in the NFL anymore, Hopefully they can overhaul the defense in the offseason and change it up. This season is over fellas, Lets Go Bulls!!

  3. chucky Says:


    Where in the goddamned hell was the fucking defense. This game is on your fucking heads you suck-ass pieces of shit! Plain and simple. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!!! This defense, and this loss goes straight to Jerry fucking Angelo and Lovie FUCKING, GODDAMNED Smith! How many motherfucking years did we sit back and hear “we’re going to try to get 1 more year out of our defense”? HOW FUCKING MANY, GODDAMNIT!!?!?? Thanks a lot Ginny, you old fucking, useless BITCH, for telling Emery to keep that idiot chin scar lying cocksucker one more goddamned year. If Emery had been allowed to install HIS own people, both coaches and players, this shit wouldn’t be fucking happening.

    Bullshit! Absolute, pure, unadulterated FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!

    And was it just me, or was Washington playing pretty fucking dirty? It looked like to me that they were trying to injure our guys.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    God hates the Bears. That’s why you see dirty plays, referees making horrible calls and why the defense sucks ass.

    Let’s pray (not to God) that Emery can overtake said God and fix this defense when the draft arrives. To be honest, I couldn’t think of a better person than Emery to do that. He fixed the offensive line in one offseason.

    By the way guys, the Lions lost earlier but the Packers are already spanking the Browns. When the Bears face the Packers in two weeks, it will be for first place. Must-win game, right? Good thing the previous coach is gone.

  5. chucky Says:

    Fro…..Let’s do what the late, great George Carlin did. Let’s pray to Joe Pesci. As Carlin said before he died, our prayers would be answered at roughly the same 50% clip as the alleged “real” sky spook. Who knows, maybe Pesci can do something that nobody else can.

  6. Fro Dog Says:

    Well, I will surely take any advice you may have and that’s pretty risky considering your history of ANGER.

    Well, I am just as ANGRY as you are now.

  7. chucky Says:

    I just figured that at this point we don’t have much to lose. What about my thought about Washington playing dirty today?

  8. dvxprime Says:

    The second quarter…again. 13 play/80 yd drive capped off by a Roy Helu rushing TD (one of three), pick six by Cutty-whose groin is hurt, dammit!- and 11 play-74 yd drive. I ask this again, what the hell is with this team and not performing in the second quarter? Fourth straight game for this shit.

    The Redskins (yes, I’m calling them the Redskins; Bob Costas and the rest of the Crybaby Nation can go fuck themselves) ran for 220 yards. RGIII was hurting all season, and the Bears go out and make him look like a star again.

    Fuck, this is gonna be a long-ass season.

  9. chucky Says:

    dvx…..thank you for saying that about Costas and the rest hyper-sensitive assclowns. It really needed to be said. You know, from what I’ve been hearing, the people who are being “insulted” by the name “Redskins” aren’t Native Americans. It’s wealthy white people looking for a headline. In other words, it’s all politics. And you all know how much I despise politicians, regardless of which side of the aisle they stand on.

  10. Fro Dog Says:

    Of course they were playing dirty, Brandon Merriweather specifically. Two hits on Jeffrey and Marshall respectively. A few others out there were hitting pretty damn hard today.

    Considering the name of the Redskins, someone mentioned this on The Score last week (I don’t remember who). Anyway, why are people all of a sudden bitching about the name now? The Redskins are also one of the longest running franchises in the history of professional football. Now, I respect all races, religions, tribes, etc. but come on. Get over yourselves.

  11. chucky Says:

    My question is this: Why just target the Redskins? What about the Atlanta Braves? Chicago Blackhawks? Cleveland Indians? How about the Washington Wizards? I’m surprised not claimed that to be satanic. Speaking of that, how about the New Jersey Devils? Doesn’t the name “Padres” make fun of religion? This political correctness shit is insane. Fro, you say people need to get over themselves? You forget what country this is. This is the United States of America! The most egotistical, narcissistic country in the world. If we aren’t number one in any category you name, then we just lie about and say we are anyway.

  12. Fro Dog Says:

    Well, the reports have that Cutler had to be carted from the locker room to the team bus. Like I said, I am not a doctor but if it’s just a strain/pulled muscle, usually, people can walk off on their own power. It’s safe to say that Cutler is going to be out for the foreseeable future. Jordan Palmer has been re-signed.

    Can someone cheer me up here? Someone entertain me. I SAID ENTERTAIN ME YOU ASSHOLES. I AM ANGRY!!!!!

  13. chucky Says:

    Well Fro, at least the Cubs didn’t lose today.

  14. Pie in the Sky Says:


    Redskins played dirty against GB too. Their safety (Merriweather) kept going after our players’ heads. Unfortunately for them, Packers D is playing well and Aaron Rodgers played pissed off the rest of the game.

  15. chucky Says:

    Pie…I heard Buffone and OB on the post game show saying that Merriweather should be kicked out of the NFL altogether. What an asshole. There were a couple of other times where one of their defenders (I’m not sure who) seemed to purposely lead with his helmet. I hope the NFL reviews this and levies some heavy fines for this.

  16. Fro Dog Says:

    Is anyone else annoyed with the fact that the “I-Pass” defense has returned this season? This happened in 2009 too when the Bears couldn’t stop anybody and players were having career games against them.

    I said it in the post last week that Emery has to wait until the offseason to fix the defense. It couldn’t get here sooner enough. And just to think, the Bears still have nine games left.

  17. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Merriweather got fined $42,000 for his hit on Eddie Lacy that knocked him out for a couple games. Then he did another helmet-to-helmet hit almost instantly on our backup RB (James Starks). Merriweather actually gave himself a concussion on that hit.

    Hope he gets suspended along with losing game checks.

  18. Nemo Says:


    If god existed (which he probably doesn’t), he would have 106 things to answer for before dealing with the Bears.

  19. chucky Says:

    You guys ready to barf some really large chunks? St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford is out for the year with a torn ACL. Guess who they might bring in. Yeah, Tim Teblow. Looks like the circus may be returning to the NFL. Can’t these idiot GMs see that this guy FUCKING SUCKS!?!?!!!!

  20. Cubs Suck Says:

    The Rams are not going to sign Tim Tebow, the writer could have easily used any other team that lost a QB yesterday just to plug his name and get you to click (dont worry it worked on me too) Yes Tim Tebow sucks at QB and I am by no means on his bandwagon but I think he is misused in the NFL and should be a tight end or a fullback.
    Merriweather should have been ejected after that second helmet shot penalty in my opinion, but that wont happen anytime soon.

  21. Einstein Says:

    ….the writer, Tebow (at quarterback), Merriweather, Roger Goodell and the Cubs …they all suck.

  22. Fro Dog Says:

    Hey Einstein, you forgot to mention Yeti in that group. Although, I think the reason for his absence lately is because him and his cousin are working on plans for their wedding. They look so cute together.

  23. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Yeti actually called out Nemo and Chucky on the “Stats” topic today.

  24. chucky Says:

    Maybe, after all this time defending Kevin Gregg and fighting us on every other point you can think of he finally realized that he was wrong.

    I can’t believe I just said that. Who am I crappin?

  25. Einstein Says:

    I stand corrected. Having read Yeti’s scribblings, I must concur that indeed, he does suck.

  26. Nemo Says:

    Pfff. Yeti didn’t really call me out as he didn’t disagree with anything I said. He just felt like calling me stupid. What a sad little life he must lead.

  27. genrebuster Says:

    I hope this holds up.

  28. Cubs Suck Says:

    I hope this holds up.

  29. genrebuster Says:

    Cubs Suck, interesting article for sure…but, IF Cutler returns, does well…and leads the Bears DEEP into the playoffs…will you still feel the same? Just playing a little devil’s advocate…I’ve been on the fence for awhile…

  30. chucky Says:

    Here’s my problem with letting Cutler go at the end of the season. There is nobody out there to replace him. Don’t get too jacked about Josh McCown. We’ve been down that road before. Remember the NFC title game when Cutler sprained his knee? The city went batshit crazy over Caleb Hanie. How well did that work out for us? Add to that the defense is a total trainwreck right now, with Emery needing to bring in probably around 5 new guys. THAT needs to be his main focus during the off season. If he can manage to draft a quality quarterback in April, and then turn him over Trestman for a season or two, I’d be in favor of that. But I think the Bears need to very careful in deciding what to do with Cutler.

  31. Cubs Suck Says:

    Genrebuster, If Cutler returns from his torn uterus there is no doubt in my mind we will get the same inconsistent play we have bee seeing all along. Cutler has proven he can not execute the West Coast offense that demands short, quick and accurate throws consistently and thats what Trestman runs. I think we need to try to move up in the draft for a new QB first then make some moves via free agency and draft to improve the defense.

    Cutler will most likely demand one of the $100 million contracts everyone else is getting and he is NOT worth it, With a rookie QB you will save allot of money to throw at the defense and Trestmen can mold the QB he wants instead of wasting time on an ASSHOLE that has been making the same mistakes his entire career.

  32. Cubs Suck Says:

    It may be a long shot but the name Bridgewater would look nice on a Bears uniform

  33. Fro Dog Says:

    Is Roger Goodell a fucking idiot or what? I just heard the NFL reduced Merriweather’s suspension from two games to just one.

    Goodell has said many times that he “wants to make the game safer”.

    Hypocrite. A fucking hypocrite.

  34. genrebuster Says:

    Sure…suspend Sean Payton for a year; Merriweather for one game. Goodell is an asshat as well as a hypocrite.

  35. chucky Says:

    Isn’t there a way to contact that douchebag? Email or something to let him know that we think he’s just a stupid jagoff? There must be a way.

  36. Cubs Suck Says:

    hey Chucky would you rather see Tebow with the Rams or this asshole??

  37. Fro Dog Says:


    I am sure if Jimmy D. sees that, he will get a kick out of it.

  38. chucky Says:

    Honestly CS, neither one. But if either one those dorks were signed, I hope their first opponant would be the Redskins. Maybe Merriweather could break one of them in half. THAT I wouldn’t mind seeing. One thing is certain, either one of them would create a media circus of epic proportions that wouldn’t be good PR for the Rams, or the NFL.

  39. Robert Says:

    Someone on cubs .com suggested the cubs bring back dust

  40. Cubs Suck Says:

    Ozzie Guillén was also an honorable mention hahahahaha

  41. genrebuster Says:

    baaaaaaaaaaaaaaah baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


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