Welcome back.


Let’s pray that the Bulls don’t act like a bunch of dumb asses (or is it ThomASSES?) by picking fights with teams that are better than them. We all know what happens when they try to pull that shit.

Speaking of ThomASS, he is in last year of his contract so that’s something to look forward to. I am sure Joakim Noah and Luol Deng are excited about that since their minutes will finally go down if he isn’t brought back though I think Noah is already damaged goods with the bad feet. Thanks a lot, “coach”.


31 Responses to “Welcome back.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Fro…..what is the over/under on how many minutes Rose plays tonight? I’ll put the number at 43. You do know that they aren’t going to limit his playing time, don’t you? Here’s a quote from John Paxson from the Score website.

    “No, not at all,” Bulls VP of basketball operations John Paxson told The Mully and Hanley Show. “I think Derrick did very well in the preseason. We aren’t even thinking along those lines.”

  2. chucky Says:

    By the way, that quote might just qualify Paxson to share a spot on the header along side ThomASS. I won’t be losing any sleep if he’s dismissed, especially when he’s making bullshit statements like that! Let’s throw it around a see if anybody else agrees.

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    Well, we’ll see what happens. Supposedly, ThomASS isn’t getting along with management over the minutes he’s putting on players. Luckily, it’s the last year of his contract. As far as Paxson is concerned, I accept that this is his job forever because he is Jerry Reinsdorf’s “friend” and that he never fires his buddies. I don’t mean to bring up the Jordan era, but come on. The Bulls probably contend for at least, another title or two had Krause been canned in 1996 or 1997. Reinsdorf sat on his hands and did nothing about that situation and Krause chased everyone out the door.

    Then, the fat fuck resigns a few years later while the team is in total disarray.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    While this could change during the second half, here are my first half observations so far. Keep in mind, the Bulls are currently down 31-20.

    – The Bulls get off to a 9-2 lead. That makes it a 29-12 run.
    – The fouls are already racking up.
    – Mike Dunleavy sucks.
    – Derrick Rose continues to shoot three’s and misses them.
    – They had at least five turnovers in the first quarter, alone.
    – Oh yeah. The too many fouls thing. No bueno.

    Well guys. ThomASS has his final year as head coach off to a great start.

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    41-20 now. The Heat are on a 17-0 run. No, that’s not a typo.

    Fire Tom Thibodeou.

  6. chucky Says:

    Ugly, and in a nationally televised game too.

    It’s going to be a long season.

  7. Fro Dog Says:

    Stat time! (Cue Yeti)

    Bulls lose 104-93. Believe me, for the people who watched this disaster, it wasn’t even that close.

    18 turnovers, 7-26 on three-point shooting, 27 personal fouls. Carlos Boozer actually did his part scoring 31 points but everyone else played like horse shit.

    Chucky said it perfectly: It’s going to be a long season Bulls fans.

  8. chucky Says:

    Fro….it might not be a good idea to encourage him. He’ll sit there and argue that Kevin Gregg should play in place of Joakim Noah until his feet heal.

  9. Cubs Suck Says:

    Someone needs to tell the Bulls the preseason is over and it counts now. That was a terrible performance last night in Miami, lets hope the play better at home Vs the Knicks next.

    Speaking of Miami talk about some horseshit fans, half the stadium clears out when they lose and half the stadium clears when they are winning WTF???

    Is it just me or is Tony Snell a really creepy looking dude?

  10. Fro Dog Says:

    Snell is pretty creepy. To be honest, if he can kick ass on the court, I don’t care if he looks like Hannibal Lecter. But he sucked last night too. There was a sequence where he took three shots in a row and missed every one of them.

  11. abdallah Says:

    hey Fro Dumbass i you do realize that the two seasons we had asik noah only played 30 minutes. when the idiot Front office let asik go they brought in an old man, and noah had to play more minutes because they had no BACKUP. or is 30 minutes too much for a 28 year old player? deng has ALWAYS played that many minutes. did you know that MJ and Scottie played alot of minutes during the championship years, about 35-40 minutes? bet you didn’t. and btw you idiot jackass, its not thib’s fault that rose was rusty for not playing in more than a year. this roster only has one superstar, and while we have a good starting line, most of the bench are abunch of scrubs. thibs made players like brewer and watson play well, when now they can’t even make it as backups. the bulls are 157-74 under thibs, made it to the playoffs even with mediocre players, and injures. safe to say that the internet has allowed losers who have no idea what their talking about to voice their opinions. and its been 3 games you idiot, its a long season, but chances are we’ll be alot better in a few weeks.

  12. Pie in the Sky Says:

    … What?

  13. Fro Dog Says:


  14. abdallah Says:

    well when you complain about minutes, when a 28 year old is only playing 30 minutes, then your full of shit. your calling tom thibs an idiot, for playing a few of his starters heavy minutes, i pointed out that phil jackson, an 11 time nba champion played his players the same amount of minutes. and i pointed out how when he has a good backup, tom cuts his starters minutes. lebron and deng played the same amount of minutes last year. lebron is the same age, and he won a championship. apparently you edited your comment but i saw the original on the email they sent me. you have on the picture that you want mediocrity out of chicago, i pointed out his record, and how above average he is, thats why i cared. now you said lets fire tom thibs i want you to give me reasons why we should fire one of the best coaches in the nba.

  15. chucky Says:

    abdorkah dipshit

    How about learning some fucking English before coming here and making a dick out of yourself. Fucking dumbass.

  16. abdallah Says:

    first i didn’t make any grammar mistakes. second why don’t you or fro dog give me a reason to fire thibs? you were talking about rose’s minutes, in thib’s two years he averaged about 35-37 minutes in two seasons. he averaged a little more during his first two years. magic johnson and cp3 both have career averages of 37 minutes, same as rose in the thibs era. rose is a 25 year old, not 33. so your argument about his minutes is bullshit. you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about, so you try using the entire “bad grammar” argument. the problem is you still have no credible argument to use. so jackass either give bull fans like myself a real reason to fire thibs or shut the hell up.

  17. chucky Says:

    No mistakes? Try using capitol letters dipshit. They help. Second, YOUR minutes arguement doesn’t fly. It’s not necessarily just the number of minutes he plays, it’s playing him in parts of the game where he shouldn’t be playing. Like playing 40+ minutes in a meaningless preseason game, or playing him in the fourth quarter a couple of minutes left, leading by 20 or 25 points. Or how about Noah never getting past his plantar fasciitis problems? Evidently, you’re just too ignorant to understand that it’s Thibodeau running his players into the goddamn ground. Go be a fucking retard somewhere else, like BleedCubbieBlue. I understand that Al Yellon needs somebody to shovel his driveway this winter. Go make yourself useful for once in your life. Dumb fuck. And don’t ever tell anyone around here to shut the hell up. You need a few more pubes to do shit like that. As for the real reasons to fire that asshole, Fro has link at the top of the page. Have someone read it to you.

  18. genrebuster Says:

    Good post chucky. Perhaps ab-dull-ah approves of Dusty Baker’s usage of players, too.

  19. Dusty Says:

    Dude…what cha talkin about? That’s how players did it in my day. All of the pitchers would throw complete games and there was no such thang as closers…man. Y’all racists! I have proof too. I get letters from fans all the time calling me and my players names.

  20. abdallah Says:

    thats two different things. the amount of minutes thibs plays his players are around 35 minutes, beside deng (who always plays 40 minutes). thats like taking a pitcher out after 100 pitches, vs dusty who plays his pitchers for 140 pitches.

  21. abdallah Says:

    first noah’s plantar fasciitis was due to the type of shoes he was wearing. in the first 2 seasons when we had asik noah played 30 minutes. when we lost asik, gar/pax didn’t get get a real backup, and while they played gibson more, they also needed noah to play more, unless you want 18 minutes of nazr muhammad.

    when did rose play 40 minutes in the preseason? this preseason at most he would play 35 minutes. now that would be high, except he hasn’t played in 500 days. now i will admit he did play rose alot in the first year, due to injuries to several players. in 2012 rose actually played a career low in minutes, about 35. the thing about minutes is they accumulate. so clearly if on some games he played rose a bit too long, he made up for it by giving him more time off the next game. the games rose usually played alot of minutes were games that were close up to the buzzer, or were overtime.

    magic johnson averaged between 36-38 minutes a season when they won championships. guess pat reily ran him into the ground.

    michael jordan averaged about 38 minutes a season in the 6 years of repeats. guess phil jackson ran him into the ground.

    lebron james averaged 38 minutes the past 2 years. guess erik spo is running him into the ground.

    in tim duncan’s first 2 years he averaged about 39 minutes a game. guess pop ran him into the ground.

    kobe averaged about 38-40 minutes a game during his championship years. guess phil jackson ran him into the ground.

    either all these championship coaches are dumbasses, or your argument has no merit. btw there a reason you look at for the season. thats like saying oh this coach played his pitcher too long in one game, but overall his pitcher had less innings than other pitchers. the reason you don’t think it flies here is because facts don’t fly here. if rose plays 40 minutes one game, and 28 the next, the overall amount of punishment is less than someone who plays 36 for 2 straight games.

  22. Fro Dog Says:

    Do I really have to answer this? Good Lord. My eyes are bleeding.

    I am going to be nice as I can here because that’s what is right. First, don’t compare Magic Johnson to any current Bulls player. You talk about how there aren’t any facts on this site?


    Are you telling me the link above isn’t filled with facts? Are you telling me they are opinions? You’re smarter than this.

    Anybody else read that link and see any opinions on there?

    I clearly stated my facts and if you read articles from the last few seasons on certain games, you will see where my frustration lies. You want to disagree, fine. But don’t bring Magic Johnson’s minutes up and think you have an argument. Magic, to my knowledge, didn’t have plantar fascitis in his foot and if he did, he didn’t say anything. It was a different era too of players. That’s just an example.

    By the way, last year, Deng and Noah, at least at one point, led the league in minutes played. Both had health issues for most of the year. Deng had a bad sickness at the end of the season but still, struggled in the regular season I believe.

    I have made my argument well enough to prove to you, that while you are presenting facts (about past players), they don’t blend with what I, or anyone else here is talking about.

    Please, just stop while you are ahead. No need to look more foolish.

  23. Fro Dog Says:

    Bulls lose to the Pacers 97-80.

    Just to let you know, the Bulls are making people like you look really stupid right now. I’ll say this, I would love nothing more than to be proven wrong but changes need to be made and it starts at the top.

  24. abdallah Says:

    we don’t have a backup center. oh and we only played drose and joakim noah 27 minutes a piece. perhaps we should of played them more. its making you look stupid, mr they are playing too much. oh is 27 minutes too much?

  25. abdallah Says:

    first to the list

    1. derrick played 37 minutes in a playoff game. the 76ers were on an 8-0 run, there was a minute 20 left. a pair of three pointers and they are back in it. it was a freak accident, on a move he has done a million times. how many games in the past 10 years played 38 minutes and didn’t tear their acl?

    2. deng is a workhorse player. lebron and durant also played 38 minutes, should their coaches be fired, especially spo who won the championship that year. joakim ended the year 16th in minutes. he played about 36 minutes, and when we had asik noah only played 30 minutes. we need a backup center. its gar/pax’s fault we don’t have a backup, cause tom can’t play the players he doesn’t have.

    3. perhaps there was a reason he played his starters until the second half of the 4th quarter in that game against the warriors, who were the best 3 point shooting team in the league. btw in that game outside of marco, every starter played 34 minutes or less

    4. ah so thats why he did number 3. what was he suppose to do, his bench was weak and he had his starters out there. not to mention, but derrick was usually the guy who handled the 4th quarter.

    5. we won those games. again rose was out. we WON THOSE GAMES.

    6. this point proves your a joke. thibs can only play the guys he has. first you complain about him playing rose, and then you complain about him using cj. WHAT THE FUCK IS HE SUPPOSE TO DO? he can ONLY PLAY THE GUYS HE HAS. of course he’s going to play cj, cause rose can’t play 48 minutes. if you don’t like cj, then your problem was with the bulls FO, cause john lucas and mike james are worse than cj. ok your the coach of the bulls, you got 2 choices, either play rose for extended minutes ( 40-48 minutes) or you play cj. pick on, there is no other option. and when you do pick one, the other point proves you know nothing.

    7. vinny didn’t out coach him, the clippers had a far better team last year. cp3 is a superstar, he basically coached the team last year. no coach could of beaten that clippers team with the players we had.

    8. last year we also beat the knicks 4 times, beat the heat twice (breaking their streak), beat the warriors twice, and alot of good teams. he was given a roster or kirk (who missed 22 games), rip who played 50 games, and was only there for the paycheck, deng who missed 7 games, taj who missed 17 games, noah who missed 16 games, and had no depth, unless nazr muhammad and daquan cook count as rotation players. no one else probably could have won 45 games with such a depleted and injured roster.

    9. noah’s plantar fasciitis was caused by the fact he wore shoes made by a french company that doesn’t make basketball shoes. which is why he signed with adidas this year. also again when we had asik noah only played 30 minutes. blame the front office for not getting us a good backup.

    10. last year we did win a game against the pacers, and the other times we were injured. tough to beat a team like the pacers short handed and without your best player.

    11. they came back and crushed the warriors. your going to have bad loses in a season when half your team is injured.

    12. once again tom played his starters trying to keep the lead. now what player on the bulls last year was a closer. drose is the only SUPERSTAR, (even though noah and deng are great). superstars are the ones that finish the game .

  26. abdallah Says:

    i brought up magic johnson’s minutes because of the rose minutes argument. you kept saying rose played too much, i simply showed how much other point guards play. now about noah, WHEN WE HAD ASIK NOAH ONLY PLAYED 30 MINUTES. once again the bulls FO needs to get us a backup center. deng got sick in the playoffs, it had nothing to do with basketball.

  27. Fro Dog Says:

    I am just going to make one rebuttal out of your last three posts to convince you you’re wrong but regardless. We’ll agree to disagree.

    “when we had asik noah only played 30 minutes. we need a backup center. its gar/pax’s fault we don’t have a backup, cause tom can’t play the players he doesn’t have.”

    The Bulls do have a backup center: Nazr Mohammed. He played 13 minutes. It’s hard to have help when you’re only playing that much. He should get about 20 minutes a game to help out. Also, you’re bitching about how the team doesn’t have depth. If Thibodeou actually used his bench rather than just going six or seven deep, you’re going to lose. A roster is 12 or 13 players. Use them all.

    Last thing I’ll say, David Schuster of 670 The Score reports that while the team still respects the moron for a head coach, they’re starting to turn on him like they did with Skiles. When your own players start to turn on you, it’s time for a change.

  28. abdallah Says:

    in eight minutes nazr muhammad is averaging 1 point, 2 rebounds and a turn over. so in 16 minutes he’ll average about 2 points and 4 rebounds. yesterday we struggled more when nazr was on the floor. if you think that a 36 year old center, who can’t shot block, can’t score, and can barely rebound should play 20 minutes a game, then you clearly know nothing about basketball. and scott skiles, and coaches like him have never made it to the level tom thibodeu has, and are out in the 3rd year. this is year 4.

  29. The Don Says:

    “scott skiles, and coaches like him have never made it to the level tom thibodeu has, and are out in the 3rd year. this is year 4.”

    Scott Skiles = 0 championships
    Tom Thibodeau = 0 championships


  30. Fro Dog Says:

    Stop. Everybody. Just stop. It’s obvious he has a different opinion than the rest of us and he thinks we’re idiots. Fine. We’re idiots. He’s smart. Let’s all move on. Let him comment all he wants. There is no need to waste our time on this discussion anymore. We’re all entitled to our own opinion no matter how asinine it sounds.

  31. abdallah Says:

    actually tom was the defensive coach that helped the celtics win a championship.

    as fro dog said, lets agree to disagree.


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