Well well….


Cleveland Cavaliers v New York Knicks


9 Responses to “Well well….”

  1. Dan Gilbert Says:

    I’ve always loved Lebron!

  2. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Good for him.. The Cavs sure got a whole lot better this year. Watch for them to stomp a mudhole in the Bulls asses then proceed to walk it dry.

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    We believe you, Dan. Congratulations.

    I wonder how the Bulls are going to counter this signing. My guess is that they bring back Luol Deng and ESPN dedicates the rest of their day showing Deng’s highlights from his first run with the Bulls.

    I can see it now.

  4. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Sounds like they are going after Gasol. In my opinion he blows. He is timid, at the end of his career, and not the answer.

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    Carmelo Anthony is staying New York. Another prime free agent in basketball refuses to come to Chicago.

    Brian Windhorst of ESPN the other day:

    “I don’t know why free agents don’t want to come to Chicago.”

    Well, Brian, I am sure you do a fine job over there and I understand that you may not be as tuned in to the Bulls as we are here at the worst site on the internet.

    But let me tell you why nobody wants to come here. It’s because the owner is a fucking idiot who doesn’t realize that instead of hiring people who are competent at running a basketball team, he hires his friends and refuses to fire them, even after realizing that they are inept of improving.

    Then, incompetent management hires an incompetent coach who doesn’t know his head from his ass by running his only good players into the ground by playing them too many minutes. Last but not least, he refuses to play rookies which leads to injuries of the other players from wear and tear.

    It appears that in Chicago with other teams, this sounds about right in regards to incompetence of owners and management. Fuck them all.

  6. chucky Says:

    CBSS…….You’re right about Gasol. He isn’t the answer. I heard him described on the radio this morning as “Carlos Boozer 2.0”. What’s the point?

    Forgive me, I need to change the subject for a moment. Why in the goddamned hell is Edwin FUCKING Jackson still allowed to stink up baseball stadiums around the country. THIS GUY FUCKING SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD FUCKING DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!! Get this miserable, useless sack of fucking goddamned dog shit out of here. And that motherfucking retard, “Ricky” FUCKING Diarrhea leaves this fucking hack out there to get shelled! And to add insult to injury, Diarrhea also starts Derwood FUCKING Barnyard at second base. Great strategy dipshit. Start a piece of shit at second base who can’t hit batting practice pitching, and start a piece of shit that can only pitch batting practice…….to the opposing team!!!!!!!

    Only the fucking Cubs can do shit like this. Fucking, goddamned incompetent shitstain scumbags.

  7. chucky Says:

    Edwin Jack off, batting practice pitcher #1 is relieved by Carlos Villanueva, batting practice pitcher #2.

    Just fucking wonderful. Thanks for nothing “Ricky”, you fucking dumb ass hack!

    Fuck this team.

  8. dvxprime Says:

    Please, God…please let the Bears have a competitive, winning team this season…PLLEEEEASSE!!!

  9. Fro Dog Says:

    DVX, please see the following link from last year in regards to your prayer.


    I was able to snag up a cheap ticket for the season opener against the Bills. Myself, along with the folks at Fire Ron Turner, will be bringing you another great season of posts and pictures for the sister site, Drunk Bear Fans. It should be dandy.


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